Daniel X Books

The Daniel X series of books from James Patterson is a young adult series that was introduced in 2008. The books are about a unique boy who is also known as the Alien Hunter.

Daniel is a boy who has many amazing secret powers. He holds the ability to create and manipulate all sorts of objects. He also has the ability to recreate images of himself in many forms. These are powers that have helped him to survive through many of the threats that he encounters on a daily basis.

Order of Daniel X Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Dangerous Days of Daniel X 2007 Description / Buy
2 Watch the Skies 2009 Description / Buy
3 Demons and Druids 2010 Description / Buy
4 Game Over 2011 Description / Buy
5 Armageddon 2012 Description / Buy
6 Lights Out 2015 Description / Buy
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Order of Daniel X Graphic Novels Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Alien Hunter 2008 Description / Buy
2 Daniel X: The Manga, Vol. 1 2010 Description / Buy
3 Daniel X: The Manga, Vol. 2 2011 Description / Buy
4 Daniel X: The Manga, Vol. 3 2012 Description / Buy
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As the Alien Hunter, he is seen by the planet Earth as its protector. However, there are people who are out to get him. This comes as his late parents gave him The List, a series of dangerous aliens that he must destroy as a means of protecting the world.

Daniel X’s parents were killed when he was much younger. As he discovers over time, his parents were responsible for protecting the world just like he is today. This leads to many adventures where he goes to learn more about his skills and to protect others.

The stories have become very popular among many young adults who are interested in science fiction. Many of the stories in this line of books have even been adapted into a manga series.

Daniel X Awards

The Daniel X series has been promoted as one of the top young adult series in the field of science fiction. The television news program Good Morning America refers to the Daniel X series as one of the top series of books for young boys to check out as it offer plenty of exciting themes and stories. It has not yet won any awards however.

Daniel X Books Into Movies

In 2008, New Regency Pictures bought the rights to the Daniel X series. There had been plans to potentially make a movie out of the first novel in the hopes of starting a multi-part franchise. However, the project has remained in development hell as it has failed to get anywhere into the production stages. Whether or not the Daniel X books will be made into these movies as hoped is unclear.

Best Daniel X Books

The Dangerous Days of Daniel X: The first book in the series, this 2008 book was co-written by Patterson and Michael Ledwidge. The story introduces Daniel as he works to use his powers for his survival without trying to draw more attention than necessary. As he uses the List, he goes out in the hopes of finding the creatures that killed his parents so long ago.

Watch the Skies: This 2009 book was co-written by Patterson and Ned Rust. A new villain comes out to Daniel’s new town. It is a creature that is hiding within different technological devices all around the town. This strange villain is looking to cause chaos and destroy the world even if it means sacrificing its own life. It is an especially strange being that is eyeing fame and has plenty of other allies on hand to try and stop Daniel and others from defeating it.

Game Over: Patterson and Rust teamed up again in 2011 in a book where Daniel finds out that a duo of aliens is looking to control the minds of kids all around the world. In particular, they are doing this through the video games that they play. They are being controlled as a means of creating a powerful army that cannot be stopped. However, the aliens’ son is looking to rebel as a means of protecting innocent people from harm. The biggest question is whether or not Daniel can actually trust this alien kid to help him.

Other Book Series You May Like

The “Jack Blank” series of books from Matt Myklusch is a popular series among fans of the Daniel X series. The Jack Blank stories are about a superhero in training who is learning to use his powers for good. This all comes amid many invading forces coming out to try and destroy the world.

John Hulme’s “the Seems” series is another prominent one for fans to look forward to. The stories are about a series of young heroes known as the Fixers. As they are sent around the world, they look for a number of different treasures and to stop those from trying to destroy the world.

What Is The Next Book in The Daniel X Series ?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Daniel X Series . The newest book is Lights Out and was released on July, 13th 2015.