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Frank E. Peretti is a bestselling American author that writes Christian fiction. Some people call him the father of the Christian thriller genre. Born in 1951 in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, a cystic hygroma ruined the author’s childhood.

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Order of Darkness Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 This Present Darkness ( By: Frank E Peretti) 1986 Description / Buy
2 Piercing the Darkness ( By: Frank E Peretti) 1989 Description / Buy
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The facial tumor disrupted Peretti’s speech, forcing him to undertake speech therapy following the tumor’s removal. He took to storytelling soon after, entertaining the neighborhood kids with his monster tales.

A former student at UCLA, where he studied English, screenwriting, and film, the author played the banjo for a while, joining forces with a bluegrass group to entertain his friends and neighbors.

For a time, he helped his father, who pastored a small Vashon Island church. But he couldn’t pay his bills, so he turned to construction. The author made some waves after writing ‘The Door in the Dragon’s Throat.’

Although, it wasn’t until Peretti published ‘This Present Darkness’ that his career exploded. Surprisingly, multiple publishers rejected the manuscript before Crossway Books came along and bought it.

Initially, some people dismissed the novel as a poor investment for the publisher because it failed to gain traction. But then positive word of mouth began to spread, and sales grew. Once celebrities like Amy Grant added their voice to the author’s promotional campaign, Peretti became a household name.

The author’s religious beliefs shape his books, hence the emphasis his manuscripts place on spiritual warfare. Peretti has revealed in many interviews that his novels accurately portray his thoughts and opinions.

The subjects that occupy his mind at any given moment influence the stories he writes. For instance, ‘Prophet’ came from his certainty that nefarious forces in contemporary society were twisting the concept of truth.

‘Oath’ emerged from the author’s concern for Christian friends that had fallen prey to sinful behavior that contradicted their faith. ‘The Visitation’ tackled the author’s struggles with doubt and disillusionment.

On occasion, Peretti will wait for God to reveal the message he should tackle in an upcoming novel. Despite the author’s desire to spread meaningful messages, Peretti is just as determined to entertain.

This is why his stories are so fast-paced. The author takes a screenwriter’s approach to storytelling. He reveals a character’s attitudes and mindsets through their actions and reactions as opposed to exploring their internal monologue.

He wants readers to visualize the story as a film unfolding in their imagination. This explains the author’s close involvement in the adaptations of his books. Peretti has praised the filmmakers that adapt his work for showing a willingness to work with him.

Frank E. Peretti Awards

Peretti has won Gold Medallion Book Awards.

Frank E. Peretti Books Into Movies

‘House’ (Co-authored with Ted Decker), ‘The Visitation,’ and ‘Hangman’s Curse’ have received live-action film adaptations.

Best Frank E. Peretti Books

Peretti is one of the biggest Christian authors in the world. Some people call his Christian fiction’s Stephen King. Although he rejects that description because Stephen King’s supernatural characters are typically evil. Peretti’s best novels include:

This Present Darkness: Ashton isn’t quite what it seems on the surface. A skeptical reporter and a diligent pastor will find this out the hard way when they discover a New Age plot to bring the town to its knees.

Their enemy is the Universal Consciousness Society. Even though the fraternity embraces eastern Mysticism, its membership has grown significantly in recent times. While they’ve successfully hidden their relationship with the town’s most respectable members, the group’s unsavory practices are starting to ruffle some feathers.

Fortunately for Ashton, two spiritual warriors have entered the fray. But the angelic entities are ill-equipped to overcome the demonic elements working behind the Universal Consciousness Society to spread Satan’s influence on earth.

Piercing The Darkness:
A school director’s life is about to implode. His trials begin when he attempts to cast a demon out of a student at a Christian school. When the girl’s mother learns of the incident, she sues the school, and the director loses his job. To make matters worse, the local authorities swoop in and remove his children, placing them in foster care.

Meanwhile, a convicted felon leaves prison only to survive an attempted assassination. She kills the assassin and recovers a signet ring from his body along with an envelope of money.

Sally and Tom’s lives and hardships are seemingly unconnected. And yet, a powerful destiny binds them.

What Is The Next Book in The Darkness Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Darkness Series. The newest book is Piercing the Darkness and was released on January, 1st 1989.


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