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DI Murphy and DS Rossi is a series of crime dramas written by Luca Veste. The books follow the exploits of detectives Murphy and Rossi as they fight crime on England’s most dangerous streets.

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Order of DI Murphy and DS Rossi Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Dead Gone ( By: Luca Veste) 2013 Description / Buy
2 The Dying Place ( By: Luca Veste) 2014 Description / Buy
3 Bloodstream ( By: Luca Veste) 2015 Description / Buy
4 It Never Leaves You (Short Story) (By: Luca Veste) 2016 Description / Buy
5 Then She Was Gone ( By: Luca Veste) 2016 Description / Buy
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Murphy and Rossi are first introduced to readers in Dead Gone. A serial killer keeps stealing victims off the streets of Liverpool and exposing them to infamous, unethical psychological experiments.

When more victims fall to the sadistic tendencies of this twisted mind, Murphy and Rossi are called upon to unravel the mystery, find the culprit and return sanity to Liverpool.

The DI Murphy and DS Rossi series is spent following Murphy and Rossi around as they leap from case to case. Each novel features a new mystery, typically one involving a violent criminal that is targeting a particular section of society.

Because the author has a background in psychology, a lot of emphases is placed on the psyche of the villain and the factors driving his desire to kill. Luca Veste is often commended for the suspenseful nature of his stories which rely as much on the psychological threats to unnerve readers as they do on physical dangers.

Murphy and Rossi are not necessarily the most intelligent detectives around. They just so happen to make a great team. Murphy is the older detective. He is stoic and world-weary. Readers first met him just as he came to terms with the brutal murder of his parents. So he wasn’t in the best head space.

Murphy’s personal relationships were even more complicated. So he spends a lot of time questioning his sanity, the purpose that drives his life, and his ability to effectively do his job despite everything he has suffered.

Rossi couldn’t be more different. She is young and ambitious and she will do anything no matter how uncomfortable to grow as a detective and to advance her career. Hot tempered and known for her colorful swearing, Rossi is very close to her family, to the point where she has been accused of being overly dependent on them.

This series’ strongest aspect is the relationship between Murphy and Rossi, the respect and fondness that begins to take shape between them over the course of their adventures together.

The Murphy and Rossi books are dark. The protagonists endure a lot of physical and psychological battering along the way.

According to Luca Veste, he was inspired to create the Murphy and Rossi series by the novel The 50/50 Killer which Steven Mosby wrote.

Best DI Murphy and DS Rossi Books

Luca Veste has been praised for delivering the familiar with Murphy and Rossi whilst also adding a new spin to the crime fiction genre, with some of the best novels in this series including:

Bloodstream: Chloe Morrison and Joe Hooper are massive celebrities. They used social media and reality television to build their empire, and for a time they seemed to have it all.

Their fairy tale came to a crashing end when the celebrities were found dead, tied to chairs and facing each other. An anonymous call was made to their agent before their bodies were discovered and the brutal crime eventually consumed all of Liverpool.

Initially, Murphy couldn’t be bothered to take the case seriously. But then two more bodies were discovered, posed in roughly the same manner, and Murphy had to consider the possibility that they might have a serial killer on their hands.

Now Murphy and Rossi are determined to get to the bottom of a deepening mystery that involves a killer who is hellbent on violently exposing society’s biggest secrets.

Then She Was Gone: DI Murphy and DS Rossi have two crimes on their hands. A year ago, a man went on a walk with his baby daughter and he came back alone claiming that someone had snatched the girl. The police never believed him.

Now Sam Bryne, who is on the verge of becoming Westminster’s youngest MP, has disappeared. Murphy and Rossi must discover the connection between the two occurrences.

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What Is The Next Book in The Di Murphy And Ds Rossi Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Di Murphy And Ds Rossi Series. The newest book is Then She Was Gone and was released on December, 1st 2016.


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