Discworld Books

The Discworld series is a rib-tickling fantasy book series authored by the critically acclaimed writer, Terry Pratchett. This book series is set in the fictional world of Discworld, a flat disc that balances on the backs of four elephants. The four elephants, in turn, balance on the back of a gigantic turtle. The works of J.R Tolkien, H.P Lovecraft, Williams Shakespeare and Charles Dickens, have inspired all the books in this series or been used as parody. Discworld book series also make use of folklore, mythology and fairy tales. All these aspects are then used as satirical parallels with the current political, scientific and cultural issues. The Discworld series proved to be a major success, with over 30 million copies being sold worldwide in more than 37 languages. To this date, at 41 Discworld novels have been produced.

Order of Discworld Series

# Read Title Published
1 The Color of Magic 1983
2 The Light Fantastic 1986
3 Equal Rites 1987
4 Mort 1987
5 Sourcery 1988
6 Wyrd Sisters 1988
7 Pyramids 1989
8 Guards! Guards! 1989
9 Moving Pictures 1990
10 Eric 1990
11 Moving Pictures 1990
12 Reaper Man 1991
13 Witches Abroad 1991
14 Small Gods 1992
15 Lords and Ladies 1992
16 Men at Arms 1993
17 Soul Music 1994
18 Interesting Times 1994
19 Maskerade 1995
20 Feet of Clay 1996
21 Hogfather 1996
22 Jingo 1997
23 The Last Continent 1998
24 Carpe Jugulum 1998
25 The Fifth Elephant 1999
26 The Truth 2000
27 Thief of Time 2001
28 The Last Hero 2001
29 The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents 2001
30 Night Watch 2002
31 The Wee Free Men 2003
32 Monstrous Regiment 2003
33 A Hat Full of Sky 2004
34 Going Postal 2004
35 Thud! 2005
36 Where's My Cow? (Short Story) 2005
37 Wintersmith 2006
38 Making Money 2007
39 Unseen Academicals 2007
40 I Shall Wear Midnight 2010
41 Snuff 2011
42 The World of Poo (Short Story) 2012
43 Raising Steam 2013
44 The Shepherd's Crown 2015
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Order of Discworld Graphic Novels

# Read Title Published
1 The Colour of Magic 1992
2 Mort Big Comic 1994
3 The Light Fantastic 1998
4 Small Gods 2016
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Order of The Science of Discworld Series

# Read Title Published
1 Science of Discworld 1999
2 The Science of Discworld II: The Globe 2002
3 The Science of Discworld III: Darwin's Watch 2005
4 Science of Discworld IV: Judgment Day 2013
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Order of Discworld Stage Adaptations Series

# Read Title Published
1 Guards! Guards! 1992
2 Interesting Times 1995
3 Mort 1996
4 Wyrd Sisters 1996
5 Men at Arms 1997
6 Maskerade 1998
7 Carpe Jugulum 1999
8 Making Money 2001
9 The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents 2003
10 Going Postal 2004
11 Jingo 2005
12 Jingo 2005
13 Monstrous Regiment 2005
14 Hogfather 2007
15 Nation: The Play 2008
16 Lords and Ladies 2011
17 The Rince Cycle 2015
18 All the Discworld's a Stage 2015
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Order of Discworld Companion Series

# Read Title Published
1 TheStreets of Ankh Morpork 1993
2 The Discworld Companion 1994
3 The Discworld Mapp 1995
4 The Pratchett Portfolio 1996
5 Discworlds Diary Unseen University 1997
6 Discworld's Ankh-Morpork City Watch Diary 1998
7 A Tourist Guide to Lancre 1998
8 Nanny Ogg's Cookbook 1999
9 Discworld Assassins' Guild Yearbook and Diary 2000 1999
10 Death's Domain 1999
11 Discworld Fools' Guild yearbook and diary 2001 2000
12 Discworld Thieves' Guild Yearbook & Diary 2002 2001
13 Discworld (Reformed) Vampyre's Diary 2003 2002
14 The New Discworld Companion 2003
15 The Art of Discworld 2004
16 The Discworld Almanac for the Common Year 2005 2004
17 The Ankh-Morpork Post Office Handbook: Discworld Diary 2007 2006
18 The Unseen University Cut-Out Book 2006
19 Lu-Tze's Yearbook of Enlightenment 2007
20 The Wit and Wisdom of Discworld 2007
21 The Folklore of Discworld 2008
22 The Illustrated Eric 2010
23 The Compleat Ankh-Morpork: City Guide 2012
24 The Compleat Ankh-Morpork 2012
25 Turtle Recall: The Discworld Companion. . .So Far 2012
26 Discworld Diary: We r Igors 2015: First and Last Aid 2014
27 Mrs Bradshaw's Handbook: To Travelling Upon the Ankh-Morpork & Sto Plains Hygienic Railway (Short Story) 2014
28 Discworld 2016 Diary: A Practical Manual for the Modern Witch 2015
29 The Compleat Discworld Atlas: Of General & Descriptive Geography Which Together With New Maps and Gazetteer Forms a Compleat Guide to Our World & All It Encompasses 2015
30 Terry Pratchett's Discworld Colouring Book 2016
31 Discworld Diary 2017 2016
32 Terry Pratchett's Discworld Coloring Book 2017
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The first book to be released in the Discworld series was The Colour of Magic, which was released in 1983. As well as being the first book in the Discworld series, it was also the first book in the wizard Rincewind’s series of adventures. As well as being a series unto itself, the Discworld series also features sub-series featuring the storylines of various different characters, which sometimes overlapped. Rinewind’s series continued with The Light Fantastic, then Sourcery, Eric, Interesting Times, The Last Continent, The Last Hero, and finally Unseen Academicals. Rincewind’s story focused on his ineptitude at being a wizard, and the fact that he is pretty much useless in his studies at the Unseen University. He is also followed around by the monstrous Luggage, a massive trunk on legs which has a predisposition for violence.

Perhaps the other beloved character in the Discworld series is that of Sam Vimes and his City Watch. Vimes epitomises the every-man in his role as a guard in the City Watch, before he rises through the ranks due to his bravery and courage, as well as his great ability to solve crimes. The City watch first feature in Guards! Guards! Men At Arms is the next book to feature Sam Vimes and the City Watch, followed by Feet of Clay and Jingo. The Fifth Elephant and The Truth are the next books in the City Watch series, then The Last Hero and Night Watch. The final books in the City Watch series, and the storyline of Sam Vimes are Monstrous Regiment, Thud!, Snuff and Raising Steam.

There are other characters that get their own series of adventures in the Discworld series, such as Death, The Witches, The Wizards and Tiffany Aching. In fact, the last book to be publish in the Discworld series is The Shepherd’s Crown, featuring Tiffany Aching. The book was completed in the middle of 2014, and was released posthumously after the death of author Terry Pratchett in September 2015.

Sadly, after Pratchett’s passing, his daughter, Rhiannon announced that although there would be spin-offs and tie-ins that may be released in the future, there would be no more books released in the Discworld series. However, with over 40 books in the Discworld series alone, along with other related products such as maps, science books and companions, fans of the Discworld series are never short of reading material.

The Discworld series of books are a series of fantasy books written by the late Terry Pratchett which take place on the realm of the Discworld – a planet the shape of a disc floating through space, supported by four elephants, floating through space on the back of a giant turtle, the Great A’Tuin. The series of books have often comic in style, although they also deal with more serious topics and darker themes.

Sir, Terrence Pratchett was an English writer of fantasy novels especially comic books. Pratchett sold his very first novel when he was only thirteen years of age. The money that he obtained from the novel, he used it to purchase a second-hand typewriter. Collin Smythe published Pratchett’s first novel, a satirical fantasy that, was titled Carpet People, in the year 1971. Pratchett has worked for several years as a press officer and a journalist, writing during his spare time. During this period, Pratchett published a number of novels including the first installment in the Discworld book series, The Color of Magic that was published in the year 1983. Five years after releasing The Color of Magic, Terry Pratchett became a full-time writer.

Discworld Series Awards

Regarded as one of the top English language satirists, Terrence Pratchett is one of the most decorated authors who has not only scooped numerous literary awards but has also been named as a British Empire Officer for his contribution to literature. The 29th Installment Nightwatch in the book series Discworld, scooped the Prometheus Award while the 28th Installment in the series, The Amazing Maurice, a children’s book won a Carnegie Award. Other books in the Discworld series that have won several awards include Going Postal, which won the Best Young Book at the Locus Awards, A Hat Full of Sky, Shepherds Crown, and Wee Free Me scooped best Young Adult Books in the year 2007, 2004 and 2005.

Because of his outstanding work in the Discworld book series and his contribution to literature in general, Pratchett has received honorary doctorates from the University of Portsmouth, University of Warwick, University of Bristol, University of Dublin and many others. In the year 2010, Terry Pratchett was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Discworld Books into Movies

Due to the complexity of the Discworld series, it has been exceedingly difficult to adapt the entire series into a film. Nonetheless, there are several installments in the book series, which were successfully adapted. In the year 1996, Cosgrove Hall adapted two books in the series for channel four into six, 30 minutes short films. A fan movie adaptation for Mort was adapted into a 26 minutes film by Orange Cow Productions. Lords and Ladies were adapted by a German based production house, Almost No Budget Films in 2005. Sky One, which is based in the UK commissioned approximately 6 million pounds for the creation and adaptation for Hogfather. David Jason was selected to play the role of Albert. Other books in the series, which were adapted for a screenplay, include Run Rincewind Run, Going Postal and the Color of Magic. Novels that have been planned for adaptation include Troll Bridge, Wee Free Men, and the Watch.

Best Discworld Series Books

One of the top performing books in the Discworld series is the Color of Magic which is the first installment in the series. The Color of Magic is a quick and fun read. You will undoubtedly enjoy reading about the somewhat cartoonish world which is populated by intriguing and unlikely characters. The author has successfully been able to create an interesting and original multiverse and mythology. Hidden in silly actions and tongue in cheek humor is an insightful and intelligent view of a mythological world and our world as well. Many of the references in the book are actual magic and occult concepts. However, the author has managed to portray all these in a loose, entertaining and humorous manner. By including real world concepts, the author has managed to make this book an interesting read.

Another book that has performed extremely well is Mort which is the fourth installment in the series. In this book, the author introduces Mort to the reader. He is an exceedingly lovable character, who is not only distant but also sensitive, a big fan of cats and immovable. Since he has been working for quite some time, Mort begins to suffer from some understandable languor. Thus a solution, Death comes and picks up young Mortimer at a fair job and all of a sudden we are off to an adventure with the Death’s gangling teenage trainee. With that being said, the plot can at times prove to be a little bit jolting and disjointed at times. Nonetheless, the author has still managed to create an exceedingly interesting story which is filled with laughs and some pretty interesting characters.

Discworld FAQ

Q: Who wrote the Discworld series?

A: The Discworld series was written by the late, great Terry Pratchett.

Q: What is the final book in the Discworld series?

A: The final book in the Discworld series is The Shepherd’s Crown, which features the character of Tiffany Aching.

Q: What is the first book in the Discworld series?

A: The first book in the Discworld series is The Colour of Magic, which was released in 1983.