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The “Doona” series is written by prolific Irish author Anne McCaffrey and is a science fiction and fantasy series. The series has been published in many different languages in different countries. The sequels, like a lot of McCaffrey’s later novels, were written with a co-author; in this case, Jody Lynn Nye (a prolific author, who worked with other authors on their books and someone that McCaffrey has worked with on other projects of hers). A pair of civilizations in almost identical circumstances (too large, lethargic, and a bad history with sentient aliens) wind up trying to colonize the same planet on accident. The humans find out that the other colonists have better technology than they and are not the nomadic types they originally thought they were. The aliens do not think the same way about the humans, however. They size them up right away, and are correct.

Order of Doona Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Decision at Doona ( By: Anne McCaffrey) 1969 Description / Buy
2 Crisis on Doona (By: Anne McCaffrey, Jody Lynn Nye) 1992 Description / Buy
3 Treaty at Doona / Treaty Planet (By: Anne McCaffrey, Jody Lynn Nye) 1994 Description / Buy
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Anne McCaffrey went to play of her son’s while he was in the fourth grade, and he said that he was told to lower his voice while she was in the auditorium. It was here that she was inspired to write this series of novels. The series opens with a crowded planet where just talking at a certain volume can make someone a social outcast. She would later dedicate the first novel to her son, Todd after this.


For those readers looking to get into the “Doona” series by Anne McCaffrey, this next section will help you with that. It will go over the novels: “Decision at Doona”, “Crisis on Doona”, and “Treaty at Doona”.

Decision at Doona: The first novel in the “Doona” series that was released in the year 1969. Earthling kids were raised to always be quiet, play games without much physical interaction, not to yell, and never make sudden moves. The last time the humans contacted the Siwannese, it ended with mass suicide; the Terrans put a law in place that forbade more contact with sentient aliens. Their own planet was too crowded, they look to make a colony on Doona. Then they find Hrubbans, which gave them some options. They could kill the cat-like Hrubbans or they could try and co-exist with an alien race. This is what is known as the Decision at Doona.

Crisis on Doona with Jody Lynn Nye: The second novel in the “Doona” series that was released in the year 1992. Almost three decades ago, Earthlings arrived on Doona (a gorgeous and unspoiled planet), and did not realize that it was already settled by Hrrubans. A twenty-five year contract comes up for renewal. It is the deal that allows the humans to live with Hrrubans. The deal is put in jeopardy when an unknown force works to thwart this deal and this, up to know, successful alliance.

Treaty at Doona with Jody Lynn Nye: The third novel in the “Doona” series that was released in the year 1994. Once again, the peace that has lasted for thirty years between humans and the cat-like aliens is put in jeopardy. It is because of the Gringgs, a race of aliens, propose two things: friendship and trade. The gigantic black ship seemed to be unarmed and does not look like it will pose a threat. It is menacing to some because of its size and presence. Something says that it looks like a ship that was abandoned a hovering over a planet ravaged by war. It causes Doona’s leaders wonder why they would give them such a great deal. One of the humans, Todd, and his Hrruban friend, find that the ship could allow the two species to branch out to another species. It is a threat to some and they will not stop to sabotage Todd’s wanting to communicate with the ship.


“Phule’s Company” series by Robert Asprin. This series is made up of comic military science fiction novels. It takes place hundreds of years in the future when other species and humans come together and make the Interplanetary Alliance. It has a military with Space Legion, the Regular Army and Starfleet.

“Stratification” series by Julie Czerneda. This series is a prequel series that comes before the “Trade Pact” trilogy. It is part of the bigger “Clan Chronicles” series. It focuses on where the Clan refugees come from. It has some technology advanced who want to keep the peace by banning change of any kind.

What Is The Next Book in The Doona Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Doona Series. The newest book is Treaty at Doona / Treaty Planet and was released on September, 1st 1994.

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