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Frank Patrick Herbert is a renowned author who was born on 8 October 1920. Herbert was widely known for the novel Dune and its sequel. Despite the fact that Frank Herbert was widely known as a writer, he also worked as a photographer, newspaper journalist, book reviewer, lecturer, ecological consultant and book reviewer.

Order of Dune Series

1Dune1965Description / Buy
2Dune Messiah1969Description / Buy
3Children of Dune1976Description / Buy
4God Emperor of Dune1981Description / Buy
5Heretics of Dune1984Description / Buy
6Chapterhouse: Dune1985Description / Buy
7House Atreides1999Description / Buy
8House Harkonnen2000Description / Buy
9House Corrino2001Description / Buy
10Fremen Justice2001Description / Buy
11The Butlerian Jihad2002Description / Buy
12The Machine Crusade2002Description / Buy
13The Battle of Corrin2004Description / Buy
14Hunters of Dune2006Description / Buy
15Sandworms of Dune2007Description / Buy
16Paul of Dune2008Description / Buy
17The Winds of Dune2009Description / Buy
18Sisterhood of Dune2011Description / Buy
19Mentats of Dune2014Description / Buy
20Red Plague (Short Story)2016Description / Buy
21Navigators of Dune2016Description / Buy
22The Duke of Caladan2020Description / Buy
23The Lady of Caladan2021Description / Buy

Chronological Order of Dune Series

1The Butlerian Jihad2002Description / Buy
2The Machine Crusade2002Description / Buy
3The Battle of Corrin2004Description / Buy
4Sisterhood of Dune2011Description / Buy
5Mentats of Dune2014Description / Buy
6Red Plague (Short Story)2016Description / Buy
7Navigators of Dune2016Description / Buy
8House Atreides1999Description / Buy
9House Harkonnen2000Description / Buy
10House Corrino2001Description / Buy
11Fremen Justice2001Description / Buy
12The Duke of Caladan2020Description / Buy
13The Lady of Caladan2021Description / Buy
14Dune1965Description / Buy
15Paul of Dune2008Description / Buy
16Dune Messiah1969Description / Buy
17The Winds of Dune2009Description / Buy
18Children of Dune1976Description / Buy
19God Emperor of Dune1981Description / Buy
20Heretics of Dune1984Description / Buy
21Chapterhouse: Dune1985Description / Buy
22Hunters of Dune2006Description / Buy
23Sandworms of Dune2007Description / Buy

Order of Legends Of Dune Series By: Kevin J. Anderson, Brian Herbert

1The Butlerian Jihad2002Description / Buy
2The Machine Crusade2002Description / Buy
3The Battle of Corrin2004Description / Buy

Order of Great Schools Of Dune Series By: Brian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson

1Sisterhood of Dune2011Description / Buy
2Mentats of Dune2014Description / Buy
3Navigators of Dune2016Description / Buy

Order of Dune: Red Plague Series By: Brian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson

1Red Plague (Short Story)2016Description / Buy

Order of Dune: House Trilogy Series By: Brian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson

1House Atreides1999Description / Buy
2House Harkonnen2000Description / Buy
3House Corrino2001Description / Buy

Order of Dune: The Caladan Trilogy Series By: Kevin J. Anderson, Brian Herbert

1The Duke of Caladan2020Description / Buy
2The Lady of Caladan2021Description / Buy

Order of Heroes Of Dune Series By: Brian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson

1Paul of Dune2008Description / Buy
2The Winds of Dune2009Description / Buy

Order of Dune Chapbooks By: Brian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson

1Fremen Justice2001Description / Buy

Order of Dune Graphic Novel Series By: Brian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson

1Dune: the Graphic Novel, Book 12020Description / Buy

Order of Dune Collections By: Brian Herbert, Frank Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson

1The Illustrated Dune1965Description / Buy
2The Dune Encyclopedia1984Description / Buy
3Songs of Muad'dib1992Description / Buy
4Songs Of Muad'dib1992Description / Buy
5The Road to Dune2005Description / Buy
6The Road to Dune2005Description / Buy
7Tales of Dune2011Description / Buy
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Frank Herbert’s Dune saga has been set shortly and takes place over millennia. This novel deals with exceedingly complex themes like evolution, human survival, an intersection of politics, power, and religion as well as survival.

Dune is currently the best-selling science fiction novel, and the series is considered to be the landmarks of the science fiction genres. While growing up, Frank Herbert had to run away in the year 1938 and live with an uncle and aunt, in Salem, Oregon, due to a poor home environment. After completing his primary education, Frank Herbert joined Salem High School, where he graduated in the year 1939.

To land his first job at the local Glendale Star, Herbert had to lie about his age. In the year 1940, Herbert returned to Salem, where he worked for another leading local newspaper, the Oregon Statesman newspaper. During World War I, Herbert served in the United States Navy for more than six months as a photographer. Later that year, Herbert was given a medical discharge. In the year 1940, Frank Herbert married one Flora Parkinson in the town of San Pedro, California.

Dune Series Awards

None of the books in the Dune Series Books has been adapted into a screenplay.

Dune Series Books into Movies

Dune was adapted into a feature film in the year 1984 and features Kyle MacLachlan and Virginia Madsen as the lead characters.

Best Dune Series Books

Dune: This is a classical science fiction novel that has both miniseries and classical adaptations. In the distant future, an intergalactic feudal Empire rules the human race. In this instalment, the author, Frank Herbert introduces the readers to Duke Leto, who has just taken control over Arrakis. Arrakis is a desert planet that is popularly known as Dune. The planet Arrakis is the only source of a substance widely known as Spice. The author slowly reveals the importance of Spice as the story progresses.

Previously, Dune used to be the stronghold and also the major source of wealth for one Baron Vladimir, Duke’s sworn enemy. With that said, Dune deals with a lot of politics, intrigues, secret societies, as well as survival on a planet that has never seen a drop of rain and a planet where wealth is counted by the amount of water that one owns.

Dune is one of the best examples of a protagonist’s journey in fiction. A
majority of authors need several books to tell an larger-than-life coming of age narrative.

However, author Frank Herbert has achieved this in only one novel, while in the process creating an interesting and unique setting. Part of Frank Herbert’s genius was his ability to infer so much about the world that he had created than what he showed.

Dune Messiah: Twelve years have passed ever since the events of the first installment. Paul has now been appointed as the leader of the thousands of the planets, while the prophecy that had been made is now underway. An exceedingly treacherous plan to overthrow Paul is now underway, something that he has already overseen.

However, certain people and events are still uncertain. The Jihad, which had been predicted in the first installment, has now been unleashed on the Imperial Galaxy. The war resulted in the death of more than 6 billion people. Paul, on the other hand, has risen to a near-God status. Paul rules through a theocracy, which in turn reveres him as a quasi-god. Paul’s mother, on the other hand, is likened to the Virgin Mary, while his sister is likened as a demonic force of nature. As this happens, the ecological forces of nature have just begun. With that said, the Dune Messiah is another excellent read, which will keep any lover of the series fully entertained.

The author, Frank Herbert has done an excellent job of ensuring the characters are developed fully. Some of the characters are discussed through the thoughts of the other characters and their thoughts as well. Furthermore, some of the characters who were introduced in the previous installment make a comeback in this highly entertaining series.

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What Is The Next Book in The Dune Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Dune Series. The newest book is The Lady of Caladan and was released on September, 21st 2021.


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