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Ed Eagle is the lead character in the Ed Eagle series of novels by American novelist Stuart Woods. The first novel that introduced Eagle to readers was Santa Fe Rules that was published in 1992. Set in Santa Fe in New Mexico the books are within the mystery detective genre.

Order of Ed Eagle Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Santa Fe Rules ( By: Stuart Woods) 1992 Description / Buy
2 Short Straw ( By: Stuart Woods) 2006 Description / Buy
3 Santa Fe Dead ( By: Stuart Woods) 2008 Description / Buy
4 Santa Fe Edge ( By: Stuart Woods) 2010 Description / Buy
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Ed Eagle is a hotshot attorney based in Santa Fe, New Mexico from where he represents difficult and often vindictive clients. His take no prisoners approach has made him many enemies, who often come back looking for revenge. At the beginning of the series, Ed Eagle is a divorced attorney with plenty of experience dealing with organized crime, corruption, and murder both south and north of the border.

The first title in the series, Santa Fe Rules, begins with the story of a successful Hollywood producer whose life is turned upside down when a man is brutally murdered in his house. As the prime suspect in the murder, he turns to Ed Eagle, one of the country’s top attorneys to help him prove his innocence. Soon after, the producer is arrested, only for another gruesome murder to complicate his life further.

It is now up to Ed Eagle and a motley crew of characters that include do Wold a beautiful ex-convict, and a sociopathic biker nicknamed Spider, to unravel the peculiar mystery. What follows is an intricate web of intrigue and compelling narrative that goes along at breakneck speed, culminating in an explosive finale that demonstrates the skill that won the writer the Edgar Award for Best First Novel.


Two of Stuart Woods books have been made into a TV series. Chiefs, which was published in 1981 to widespread popularity was adapted into a CBS miniseries under the same name. It starred Charlton Heston in the lead role of Ed Eagle with Stuart as the lead scriptwriter. The miniseries won three nominations for the Emmy Awards and one for the Eddie Awards. The 1989 published novel Grassroots, was adapted into a TV miniseries of the same name that aired on CBS in 1992. The script was written by Derek Marlowe with Corbin Bernsen starring in the lead role of Will Lee.


The Santa Fe Rules, which is the first book on the Ed Eagle series, is overall regarded as the best book in the series. It portrays Eagle trying to solve one of the most complex of cases, that in all probability seems impossible to win. With a client that claims not to have any memory of a triple homicide in which he is heavily implicated, coupled with an unidentified body, things could not get any more complex for Ed Eagle.

The third book in the Ed Eagle series, titled Santa Fe Dead is one of the most popular, in addition to being one of the most dynamic. In the novel Ed Eagle the hotshot attorney finds himself witness against his bitter ex-wife Barbara Eagle, who has committed a grievous crime. Unfortunately, for Eagle, Barbara is acquitted and soon comes after him with double crosses, hit men, private detectives, and billion dollar bank accounts. With his life turned into a living Hell, Eagle has to follow every lead and call in every favor. until he unravels Barbara’s plans for him.

Another popular book in the Ed Eagle series is the fourth book in the series, Santa Fe Edge. Eagle is the man to see if you have any case that no other lawyer in Santa Fe would touch. When a new client brings him a puzzling case of a murder in his hacienda, Ed immediately gets to work. While he is busy unraveling the intricate web of false identity, money, and sex in the case, he forgets to guard his flank, and a formidable foe from his past is now looking to take him down. This time, she will take nothing less than all out retribution, and for Ed Eagle and his crew, it is hunt or be hunted if they are to get out of this alive.


Many fans of the Ed Eagle series of novels also enjoy the “Spenser” series of novels by Robert B. Parker. These books are detective mystery series that feature Spenser, an ex-state police officer, ex-boxer, turned private detective who will do anything, including kill to get the job done for his clients.

Ed Eagle fans also like the “Martha Vineyard Mystery” series by Philip R. Craig. These mystery thrillers feature J.W. Jackson an ex-cop whose life on an idyllic island of Martha Vineyard is constantly threatened by enemies from his past that want him dead.

What Is The Next Book in The Ed Eagle Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Ed Eagle Series. The newest book is Santa Fe Edge and was released on September, 21st 2010.


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