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Falconer is a series of historical fiction novels written by Mark Ramsey. The books follow the exploits of a group of knights from the first Crusade who set out on a mission of revenge.

Order of Falconer Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Falcon Strikes ( By: John Maddox Roberts) 1982 Description / Buy
2 The Black Pope ( By: John Maddox Roberts) 1982 Description / Buy
3 The Bloody Cross ( By: John Maddox Roberts) 1982 Description / Buy
4 The King's Treasure ( By: John Maddox Roberts) 1983 Description / Buy
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Mark Ramsey, it should be noted, is a pen name for John Maddox Roberts. Roberts was born in Ohio. His childhood was characterized by a lot of moving. Roberts never finished college.

He was kicked out of his school in the late 1960s, a development that drove him to join the army. After a few years in Vietnam, the author reintegrated into civilization and began to write.

Roberts made a bit of a name for himself by writing science fiction. Though, it wasn’t until he experimented with historical fiction and mystery that the author’s star began to rise.

Roberts is best-known for the SPQR series. In fact, many of his fans only discovered his Falcon series a few decades after it was published. By then, the series had gone out of print and copies of the book had become practically impossible to locate.

The Falconer series follows the exploits of a Knight called Draco Falcon. Considering the fact that it was published in the early 1980s, people tend to dismiss the Falcon series because they believe that it is just another raucous adventure for men.

Adventure books from that era always had a predictable aspect to them, often featuring over the top alpha males who relied on their swords, their muscles, and their misogyny to solve problems.

In truth, the Falcon Series would be more accurately categorized under the young adult genre, though it is far more sophisticated than many of its counterparts in that field and is just as likely to appeal to adult readers.

When he is first introduced to readers in The Falcon Strikes, the first of the Falcon novels, Draco Falcon is a warrior doing his part to support the first crusade. Few other soldiers can fight quite like Draco.

An exceptional knight that revels in the honor and the chivalry and the brutality of the times, Draco wholly believes in the cause of the crusade. He has no mercy for anyone that refuses to fight for their beliefs.

As far as Draco is concerned, anyone that refuses to shed blood to protect what they own deserves to have it taken from them. Driven more by the need to kill and maim and win in battle, Draco’s mettle is challenged when he returns home to find that he was betrayed and his father was murdered.

The Falcon series is spent following Draco around as he tries to get revenge on the people who wronged him and his father. He is joined by a determined crew that willingly follow him across France.

The Falcon series never ended. Roberts, the author, called it quits after four books. The development left a lot of the author’s fans unhappy because his series never gave closure to the Draco Falcon storyline.

He never got his revenge. No one knows why the author stopped writing the books. Though, it has been suggested that they were simply not selling at the time.

Best Falconer Books

The Falconer series is most commonly praised for its rapid pace, imaginative use of historical occurrences and amazing fights, with some of the best books in the series including:

The Falcon Strikes: Most people fought for gold or for their masters or even for their families. Draco Falcon fought because he loved it and that made him the greatest soldier the first crusade had ever seen.

Draco’s love for battle and chivalry and even slaughter is tested when he returns home to find his father murdered. Now Draco won’t stop until the perpetrators pay.

The Black Pope: Draco Falcon went to war and made a name for himself in the first crusade for his prowess, only to find his father dead when he came back home. This book finds Draco continuing his search for his father’s betrayers, crossing France with a determined crew.

Together they face physical, emotional, and political peril.

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What Is The Next Book in The Falconer Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Falconer Series. The newest book is The King's Treasure and was released on March, 1st 1983.


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