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Fear Familiar is a series of novels written by Carolyn Haines. Even though Carolyn Haines is the actual human being behind these romance novels, most readers will probably associate them with Carolyn Burnes.

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Order of Fear Familiar Series By: Caroline Burnes, Carolyn Haines

# Read Title Published Details
1 Fear Familiar (By: Caroline Burnes) 1989 Description / Buy
2 Too Familiar (By: Caroline Burnes) 1993 Description / Buy
3 Shades Of Familiar (By: Caroline Burnes) 1994 Description / Buy
4 Familiar Remedy (By: Caroline Burnes) 1994 Description / Buy
5 Familiar Tale (By: Caroline Burnes) 1995 Description / Buy
6 Bewitching Familiar (By: Caroline Burnes) 1995 Description / Buy
7 Familiar Heart (By: Caroline Burnes) 1997 Description / Buy
8 Familiar Fire (By: Caroline Burnes) 1998 Description / Buy
9 Familiar Christmas (By: Caroline Burnes) 1999 Description / Buy
10 Familiar Obsession (By: Caroline Burnes) 2000 Description / Buy
11 Familiar Lullaby (By: Caroline Burnes) 2001 Description / Buy
12 Familiar Mirage (By: Caroline Burnes) 2002 Description / Buy
13 Familiar Oasis (By: Caroline Burnes) 2002 Description / Buy
14 Familiar Double (By: Caroline Burnes) 2003 Description / Buy
15 Familiar Texas (By: Caroline Burnes) 2005 Description / Buy
16 Familiar Escape (By: Caroline Burnes) 2006 Description / Buy
17 Familiar Vows (By: Caroline Burnes) 2008 Description / Buy
18 Familiar Showdown (By: Caroline Burnes) 2009 Description / Buy
19 Thrice Familiar (By: Caroline Burnes) 2017 Description / Buy
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Burnes is Carolyn’s pseudonym, this along with Lizzie Hart. As Carolyn Haines, she primarily writes mystery and romance. Interestingly enough, it was her work as a mystery writer that brought Carolyn and her husband together.

Carolyn found the forensic Expert’s skills very useful to her efforts to better understand the mystery genre. And in Carolyn’s efforts to do research for her book, she grew to love the man through whose assistance she was able to deliver so many authentic mystery and romance novels.

Carolyn uses the Burnes and Hart pseudonyms to experiment with other genres such as the paranormal. Carolyn’s mystery novels seem to have a special place in her heart, which is why she works hard to protect them by pursuing her other literary interests under different pseudonyms.

Born in 1953 in Lucedale Mississippi, it was because Carolyn’s town was so quiet and untroubled by the chaos of modernity that she gained an affinity for reading, finding excitement, adventure, and romance on the page. Graduating from college in 1971, Carolyn went on to become a journalist like her parents.

Her Master’s degree in creative writing came in handy when she began writing the Sarah Booth Mystery series and the Fear Familiar novels. The Harlequin Intrigue Imprint novels follow Familiar, a cat who helps a couple solve crimes.

The Fear Familiar books were initially a mini-series before Carolyn chose to transform them into a longer series, with the first book coming out in 1990. Simply called �Fear Familiar’, the book follows a professor called Eleanor Duncan who finds a cat and then suffers all sorts of complications, this including the invasion of her apartment by a crazy dog.

The books juggle romance, adventure, and conspiracies.

Best Fear Familiar Books

These books from Carolyn Haines (or Carolyn Burns) follow a crime-solving cat called Familiar, with some of the best books in the series including the following:

Familiar Lullaby: Police Detective Mel Haskins always thought that he could count on his calm and patient personality to get him through even the most chaotic of situations. However, all that changed when he met Lily Markey.

Mel understood that Lily knew something dangerous, something that might get her killed. However, the reporter refused to tell him what she knew, even about the baby boy that was causing a stir amongst the members of high society.

Mel decided that the best way to resolve the mystery was to stay as close to Lily as possible. The fact that a black cat followed Lily everywhere she went only heightened Mel’s curiosity.

Anyone that doesn’t know anything about the Fear Familiar series might be surprised when they learn that the best characters in this particular book are the cats. Carolyn makes them the most intelligent entities in any given room, giving them interesting personalities and objectives.

The cat in this book, Familiar, is trying to determine the origins of a baby left on someone’s doorstep. The Reporter, Lily, seems to know a lot about the unfolding situation, but she refuses to trust Mel, the police detective.

The romance element of this book is very weak. Lily and Mel fall in love a little too quickly. It’s almost like Carolyn left entire chapters out that might have described the connection between them that suddenly emerges.

The cats are the stars, adding levity in the way they help push the investigation forward.

Familiar Mirage: Because Omar Dukhan was sworn to protect his people’s ancient secrets, he saw fit to stay close to the lovely scientist Beth Bradshaw, acting as her desert guide. And with the help of a strange black cat, he was able to whisk her away to his hideaway when her life was threatened.

This book brings a scientist and a desert king together as they struggle against a difficult situation. Beth finds that she is falling for her mysterious guide, and she will do as he commands so long as he keeps her alive.

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What Is The Next Book in The Fear Familiar Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Fear Familiar Series. The newest book is Thrice Familiar and was released on June, 12th 2017.


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