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The “Freedom” series (or “Catteni”, as it is also called) is a series of four novels (or tetralogy) from the science fiction genre written by award winning and bestselling author Anne McCaffrey. In the world of “Catteni”, the Catteni are humanoid creatures that have human slaves. The series features the relationship that is forged by a slave (who is named Kristin) and a rogue Catteni (who is named Zainal).

Order of Freedom Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Freedom's Landing ( By: Anne McCaffrey) 1995 Description / Buy
2 Freedom's Choice ( By: Anne McCaffrey) 1997 Description / Buy
3 Freedom's Challenge ( By: Anne McCaffrey) 1998 Description / Buy
4 Freedom's Ransom ( By: Anne McCaffrey) 2002 Description / Buy
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The series comes from a short story that McCaffrey wrote (called “The Thorns of Barevi”) that was released in the year 1970. It featured pornographic elements, but McCaffrey thought that she could re-work some parts of the story to make it fit into a novel. She said that pornographic stories sold pretty well in the sixties, and decided that she should try her hand. The story features a slave that escapes and is able to evade capture. She finds an injured man, and helping him it makes it hard for her to stay hidden. This was used as the beginning of “Freedom’s Landing”, book one in the series.


For those looking to get into the “Freedom” series by Anne McCaffrey, this list will talk about some of them. It will look at the novels “Freedom’s Landing”, “Freedom’s Choice”, and “Freedom’s Challenge”.

Freedom’s Landing: This is the first novel in the “Freedom” series and was released in the year 1995. Kristin Bjornsen was living her normal life, until the spaceships came into view over Denver. Humans were taken as slaves aboard the ships, it was then that Kristin realized that her old life was over and the fight she was supposed to make had only just begun. Catteni, the alien race that took all of the humans, value two things: strength and intelligence in their slaves. Kristin is able to survive her enslavement, but she is a lucky one among many who have not survived. It has just begun for her, though, because she is now a part of a new large experiment. The aliens want to see if this new planet they found is habitable, and they plan on dumping a bunch of their slaves there. Just to see what happens to them. They routinely round up some of the slaves, who make trouble for themselves, on empty planets to see if any of the planets they are dropped on are habitable.

Freedom’s Choice: This is the second novel in the “Freedom” series and was released in the year 1996. Kristin’s peopple have found out that the Catteni are only mercenaries, hired by Eosi (a parasitic race). Botany, the planet the humans have been dumped is being farmed by a remote species. The species might even be sympathetic for the colonists’s to get free. The so called Farmers do not join the humans as they rebel, but they do agree to use all of their technological advantages to shield the planet from any and all of their enemies. This is to buy Kristin and the other slaves time to get their forces built up and be able to liberate their world.

Freedom’s Challenge: This is the third novel in the “Freedom” series and was released in the year 1998. Now that Kristin knows that the real enemy is the Eosi Race, she has started the rebellion with her own people to free Botany’s settlers from the yoke of their parasitic oppressors. Zainal is there to aide Kris and the other colonists; they are able to steal some warships. They are able to find some dissidents on some of the other Eosi controlled worlds that are out there. If all of these races can join together, they will have a force big enough to win back their freedom and get their worlds back. The liberation war has started.


“Stardoc” series by S.L. Viehl. The series was praised by Anne McCaffrey and is about a doctor that leaves Earth and goes to accept a physician at a Free Clinic in Kevarzanga’s-2. She is a female surgeon who is needed real bad to work on many different sentient species.

“Mageworld” series by Debra Doyle and Jim Macdonald. The first three books make up the original trilogy of the series. It is a space opera series. It started out as a “Star Wars” fan fiction story, and is about a fictional galaxy that is made up of the Republic and the Mageworlds.

What Is The Next Book in The Freedom Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Freedom Series. The newest book is Freedom's Ransom and was released on May, 1st 2002.

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