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The Geordie Sharp series of books is a series of action thriller books written by the British author Chris Ryan. The character of Geordie Sharp is a member of the SAS, and serves as a sergeant. His background and character traits are based on many of Chris Ryan’s, including the unit he serves in, his rank and the part of the world he is from, as well as the age he joins the army. In total, there are four books in Chris Ryan’s Geordie Sharp series.

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Order of Geordie Sharp Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Stand By, Stand by ( By: Chris Ryan) 1996 Description / Buy
2 Zero Option ( By: Chris Ryan) 1997 Description / Buy
3 The Kremlin Device ( By: Chris Ryan) 1998 Description / Buy
4 Tenth Man Down ( By: Chris Ryan) 1999 Description / Buy
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The first book in Chris Ryan’s Geordie Sharp series is Stand By, Stand By, which was published in 1996. In Stand By, Stand By,we are introduced to the character of Geordie Ryan, who, like the author, Chris Ryan, suffered injuries in the Gulf War which kept him out of action. Upon returning from service, Sharp’s life has fallen apart all around him, and then he is sent to train with the Northern Ireland Troop. While serving in Northern, the Provisional IRA are responsible for the death of someone incredibly close to him. With that hatred now in his blood, Sharp sets out to avenge the death of his family member by stalking the man he holds responsible for the murder, Declan Farrell. Sharp uses all his Special Air Service training to help him, but it’s not that simple, as Sharp finds. In Stand By, Stand By, Chris Ryan uses his own experience and history to write a compelling character and a gripping narrative with a lot of grounding in real SAS tactics.

Following on from Stand By Stand By, the second book in the Geordie Sharp series was published in 1997, Zero Option. It deals with Sharp going on two deniable ops missions, so if anything goes wrong, his handlers and the government will deny all knowledge of his actions. So it’s of the utmost important that Sharp does not fail.

In 1998, the third book in the Geordie Sharp series was published. The Kremlin Device, as you would expect from the title, sees the involvement of Russians in Geordie Sharp’s life. Not only does the Russian Mafia pose a threat to Ryan, but to the security of the city of London.

Tenth Man Down is the fourth and final book in Chris Ryan’s Geordie Sharp series of books, which was published in 1999. As with the other three books in the Geordie Sharp series, Sharp finds himself abroad, this time on the continent of Africa as he is enlisted to train the country’s troops to see off a band of rebels who are trying to take over the county. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as taking down an unorganised militia for Sharp and his men, as the rebels are led by former members of the United States’ elite Navy SEALS. The fights Ryan and his men will face will be like nothing they have ever faced before, and it will take all Ryan’s training and cunning to avoid death, never mind win the war.

Geordie Sharp was Chris Ryan’s first fictional creation, making an appearance in the author’s first ever fiction novel back in the early 1990s. Geordie Sharp is described as a highly capable man with a tragic life.

Geordie was still a teenager when he first joined the British Army. And for the enthusiastic patriot, life in the special Air Service was a dream, availing an opportunity for him to manifest his true potential and pursue a life worth living, even during the worst times.

However, Geordie’s life changed when he participated in the Gulf War, not only sustaining injuries but finding himself a prisoner of war for a brief period. Stand By, Stand By, the first book in the Geordie Sharp series, finds Geordie Sharp returning home after a harrowing experience in the Gulf War to find his marriage in tatters.

When Geordie loses a family member to the Irish Republican Army, he turns his sorrow into rage as he vindictively hunts down every terrorist responsible for his grief.

Chris Ryan doesn’t pull any punches with Geordie, taking the SAS agent through hell as his attempts at finding peace at home and rejuvenating his army career throw Geordie into conflict with a litany of bad guys seemingly begging to die by his merciless hands.

The Geordie Sharp series benefits from Chris Ryan’s personal experience as a former Special Air Service Sergeant. Chris Ryan, whose real name is Colin Armstrong, has made a living out of writing military fiction and providing consultations for television shows.

Chris Ryan survived the Gulf War, the only member of the Bravo Two Zero Mission to make it out alive. Besides military fiction, Ryan has written a number of nonfiction works this along with contributing to the television adaptations of some of his books.

Best Geordie Sharp Books

The Geordie Sharp books made Chris Ryan’s career as a fiction author, giving readers a test of his style of military fiction, with some of the best books in the Geordie Sharp series including:

Stand By, Stand By: Geordie Sharp came back from the Gulf War looking for some peace and quiet. Instead, he returned to a tattered marriage. Things take a tragic turn when Geordie heads off to train with the Northern Ireland Troop, only to lose a family member to the hatred of the IRA.

With the scars of the Gulf War still haunting him, Geordie will stop at nothing to kill the man responsible for his pain.

Chris Ryan’s fans have speculated about how much of his first fiction novel is based on true life and how much came from his imagination.

This book is very technical in its description of weaponry and vehicles and the structure of the military. The book has also been compared to a diary in the way it rambles through the plot, failing in the area of characterization but delivering more than enough action to make up for its many weaknesses.

The stakes are personal, placing the protagonist of the story on a path of bloody vengeance.

Zero Option: A lot is riding on the abilities of Geordie Sharp. Not only is he expected to lead a hit team on a mission to kill an Iraqi who fled to Libya after the Gulf war but the SAS agent must also carry out an assassination on Mainland Britain.

If Geordie doesn’t execute his tasks effectively and stealthily, his young son will die at the hands of the IRA.

Geordie Sharp returns for another adventure that finds him thrust into a difficult position when his child and pregnant girlfriend are kidnapped by the IRA, forcing Geordie to use his skills against the British government. The only way Geordie can secure the lives of his family is to kill the British Prime Minister.

Geordie is very professional throughout his book, so much so that one is hard pressed to get a proper sense of the danger his family is facing.

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Geordie Sharp FAQs

Q: Who writes the Geordie Sharp series of books?

A: The Geordie Sharp series of books is written by the British author Chris Ryan.

Q: What is the first book in the Geordie Sharp series of books?

A: The first book in Chris Ryan’s Geordie Sharp series if Stand By, Stand By, which was published in 1996.

What Is The Next Book in The Geordie Sharp Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Geordie Sharp Series. The newest book is Tenth Man Down and was released on July, 21st 1999.

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