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Grace and Favor is a series of cozy mystery novels written by Jill Churchill the American novelist. Churchill wrote the first novel of the Grace and Favor series “Anything Goes” in 1999. With the series proving very popular, she went on to write several more titles culminating in a sixth title “Who’s Sorry Now” that was published in 2005.

Order of Grace & Favor Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Anything Goes ( By: Jill Churchill) 1999 Description / Buy
2 In the Still of the Night ( By: Jill Churchill) 1999 Description / Buy
3 Someone to Watch Over Me ( By: Jill Churchill) 2001 Description / Buy
4 Love for Sale ( By: Jill Churchill) 2003 Description / Buy
5 It Had to Be You ( By: Jill Churchill) 2004 Description / Buy
6 Who's Sorry Now? ( By: Jill Churchill) 2005 Description / Buy
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The lead protagonists of the series are two siblings Robert Brewster and his sister, a socialite Lily Brewster that have been hard hit by the 1929 Stock Market Crash. The siblings have fallen on hard times that had wrenched them from the exalted echelons of the elite to becoming nothing more than scrounge around poor. But luckily, their great-uncle has just died and left them his estate named Grace and Favor from which they intend to make a living.

In “Anything Goes” the first novel of the Grace and Favor series, the Brewsters learn that they have just inherited a huge mansion in New York. The news of their inheritance somewhat takes off the edge of the loss their upper class lifestyle. What makes it even better is that their uncle also left them a fortune as long as they do not sell the property and live in his house for at least a decade. They move to their new quarters near the quaint and tranquil Hudson River, only to learn that Horatio their great-uncle had been murdered. Being the beneficiaries to the estate the two are the lead suspects that the police are looking into.

In an intriguing twist, they find a corpse in their mansion and now have to clear their names with suspicion rising even higher. They have absolutely no sleuthing skills, yet they know they may have to learn fast if they are not to be the killer’s next victims. It is an explosive novel that shows the exceptional story telling skills of the Agatha and Macavity award-winning Jill Churchill.


Anything Goes: The first novel in the series “Anything Goes” is one of the best novels of the series set in the 1930s. Featuring the Brewster siblings Robert and Lily, it is an excellent cozy mystery that details how the two total rookie detectives solve a murder mystery to clear themselves of some damaging allegations. Culminating in a dinner party in which Lily invites all the suspects and then does the big reveal, it makes for some of the most thrilling of scenes and dialogue to keep the heart pumping.

In the Still of the Night: Another captivating novel of the series is “In the Still of the Night” the second novel. Uncle Horatio had left his house and fortune to Lily and Robert but now that they cannot get access to the fortune they need to get creative. They decide to make money off of their society friends by throwing a party and telling everyone that all the big names in town are going to attend. They have become so good at making up excuses, but they might not have answers to why so many of the celebrity guests are missing when everyone expected them to be present. The party soon degenerates into open hostility and snide barbs among the guest that ends in a whodunit that has one guest missing, another dead ,and Robert and Lily on the trail of a deranged killer.

Someone to Watch Over Me: The third novel of the series is another incredible title among Jill Churchill’s works. Robert is tearing down some building on Grace and Favor when he digs up a mummified and well-dressed corpse. While Lily his sister works with Howard Walker the New York Chief of Police trying to resolve the mystery, Robert follows a lead in Manhattan. But as they are busy trying to identify the first victim, another turns up to further complicate matter. The Brewster siblings now find themselves in the center of a web of betrayal and deception that may just cost them their lives.


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What Is The Next Book in The Grace & Favor Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Grace & Favor Series. The newest book is Who's Sorry Now? and was released on January, 1st 2005.

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