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The family of an oil tycoon, a security consultant and battle-hardened man, terrorists, and a racketeer and killer are among the protagonist, contagonists, and antagonists featured in the “Hector Cross” series of books penned by South African scribbler Wilbur Smith. The aptly named series, as the title proclaims, predominantly features Hector Cross. Even though there are more than forty five editions of the first book in the serialized “Hector Cross” featuring protagonist Hector Cross, the first edition of the earliest book contained therein was initially published in early 2011. It is titled Those in Peril and this series is shelved under the thriller, adventure, and crime fiction genres.

Order of Hector Cross Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Those in Peril ( By: Wilbur Smith) 2011 Description / Buy
2 Vicious Circle ( By: Wilbur Smith) 2013 Description / Buy
3 Predator (By: Wilbur Smith, Tom Cain) 2016 Description / Buy
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The various characters in the Hector Cross series hail from different social backgrounds and have varied occupations. They range from contagonist Hazel Bannock, who is a wealthy business magnate and sports personality, to antagonist Johnny Congo, who is psychotic and murderer. By and by, Johnny Congo, who has resolved to make Cross’s marriage and personal life a nightmare, is incarcerated in a maximum security prison in the run up to his execution. Protagonist Hector Cross is formerly served in The Special Air Service, a British Special Forces organization. Both Hazel and Hector have children who have been targeted by people who bear ill-will.

The first book in the Hector Cross series, Those in Peril, involves Hazel Bannock whose cossetted teenage daughter, called Cayla, has been targeted by Somali pirates running a kidnapping scheme. The kidnappers are demanding a whooping 20 billion dollars for them to release Cayla. Unfortunately for Hazel, the bureaucracy associated with the diplomatic intervention leaves her to her own devices. Protagonist Hector Cross notably comes in this context; Cross has a hitherto indirect role in Hazel’s personal affairs because he is, through his security firm called Cross Bow Security, mandated to offer security services to her company called Bannock Oil Corporation. Chagrined by the unhelpful authorities, Hazel resorts to Cross’s expertise to rescue Cayla. The ensuing action is hard evidence of Wilbur Smith’s writing prowess; he is a recipient of a sport shooting prize.

Hector Cross Awards

Author Wilbur has greatly contributed to the welfare of sport hunting enthusiasts. And for his efforts, WFSA gave him the Sport Shooting Award in 2002.

Hector Cross Books into TV Shows/Movies

Various novels penned by Wilbur Smith have film adaptations. The 1968 movie called The Mercenaries is based on an epic novel published three years previously, and starred film stars Rod Taylor and Yvette Mimieux. The 1974 movie called Gold in which Roger Moore and Susanna York starred, is based on his 1970 novel called Gold Mine. The 1975 movie named The Kingfisher Caper, where Hayley Mills starred, is based on Smith’s 1971 literary work named The Diamond Hunters. The 1994 film called Wild Justice is adapted a 1979 also titled Wild Justice, and starred Roy Scheider.

Isabella Gelinas starred in the 1991 film called The Burning Shore which is based on a correspondingly titled 1985 novel. Sean Patrick Flanery starred in the 2001 TV series called The Diamond Hunters. Roy Scheider also starred in the TV adaptation of Wild Justice. Moreover, Scheider starred in another 1999 TV series based on both River God and The Seventh Scroll books.

Best Hector Cross Books

Those In Peril: Two of the best books in the Hector Cross series are Those in Peril and Vicious Circle. The former has been described above.

Vicious Circle: This is the second book in that series. Hereby, Hector Cross has settled down to family life with the now pregnant Hazel. She survives an assassination attempt while in London consulting her go-to gynecologist. And thus provoked, Hector Cross marshals a team of buddies and embarks on the quest for tracing the conspirators.

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What Is The Next Book in The Hector Cross Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Hector Cross Series. The newest book is Predator and was released on March, 24th 2016.


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