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Homecoming Saga is a series of science fiction novels authored by bestselling American author Orson Scott Card. Homecoming Saga is patterned on the Book of Mormon, and also some of the names are also borrowed from the same book. The series contains five volumes and is set 40 million years in the future.

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Order of Homecoming Saga Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Memory of Earth ( By: Orson Scott Card) 1992 Description / Buy
2 The Call of Earth ( By: Orson Scott Card) 1993 Description / Buy
3 The Ships of Earth ( By: Orson Scott Card) 1994 Description / Buy
4 Earthfall ( By: Orson Scott Card) 1995 Description / Buy
5 Earthborn ( By: Orson Scott Card) 1995 Description / Buy
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The first to the third series installment takes place on a planet called the Harmony after the Earth is rendered uninhabitable by constant human wars and thus humanity resorted to living in Planet Harmony. There are other forty planets were humanity live, but only two of these are named in the series, one which is Harmony settled by Slavs and Ramadan settled by Arabs.

While in Harmony, the colonists developed an artificial intelligence system known as Oversoul which monitors the planet with an army of small satellites. The system also influences the actions of human beings though it does not prevent them from doing evil, it limits the destruction caused by people by suppressing any thoughts that could lead to things like instant communication or long-distance travel. In Planet Harmony there are basic computers but without advanced internet capabilities, although Oversoul is commonly used for solar-powered energy weapons, and basic data transfers, but there are no wagons or cars.

Oversoul is designed to last for twenty million years, and eventually, it begins to tear down. It then chooses to send an expedition back to Earth to seek advice from Keeper of Earth. The fourth book in the series, Earthfall mainly focuses itself on the journey back to earth and the job of reconciling and establishing a settlement with the human beings and other creatures. The final volume of the series takes place 500 years in the future when the remaining member of the original expedition see the Oversoul mission finally fulfilled and set the changing culture on the right path.


Orson Scott Card has been recognized for his significant and long lasting contributions to you Y.A. literature by the ALA Margaret A. Edwards Award. In 2008, Card won the Lifetime Award for Mormon Writers. The Harold B. Lee Library, in 1978 acquired the author’s papers which included writing letters, notes and his works and in 2007, the collection was officially opened.


These are two best books in Homecoming Saga series by Orson Scott Card, The Memory of Earth (1992) and The Call of Earth (1993).

The Memory of Earth: Soaring high above the planet Harmony is the Oversoul, watching over the earth. The artificial intelligence system, Oversoul, was programmed several millennia ago with a sole purpose of protecting the human settlement in planet Harmony from all forms of threat and most importantly from their greatest threat- themselves. The system has done its job well, and peace prevails in this world far from planet Earth. There are no weapons of mass destructions, and the technology available is so limited such that it cannot result in the creation of weapons of war.

By controlling the databanks, and limited interference of every thought of humans, Overhaul has fulfilled its mission. However, there is a rising problem, while in orbit, Oversoul discovers that it has lost the control to various of its memory banks and some o its power systems are beginning to fail. Moreover, back on the planet, men are starting to think about wealth, power and above all, conquest.
The Memory of Earth, book one in Homecoming saga is an enjoyable read. There are vivid descriptions of the political and the cultural systems used in the setting, and they are different from any other kind that you have probably known of.

The Call of Earth: As the artificial intelligence system, Oversoul grows weaker; a great warrior rises above to challenge its bans. Moozh, the warriors, have taken over the control of an army using a forbidden technology, and now he is aiming his army of ruthless soldiers at the city of Basilica, a strong fortress. The basilica is faced with its problems, and Wetchik and his children are not strong enough to stop the invading army. Will Rasa and his forged alliances form a strong army to defeat him, or will Moozh take over the city and everybody in it?

In The Call of Earth features three main storylines, one being the Nafai and Co’s quest for brides, Moozh quest for the city and Rasa Quest for freedom and peace for Basilica. If you fancy science fiction series set in the future, then Homecoming Saga series by Orson Scott Card is the series that will quench your thirst.

What Is The Next Book in The Homecoming Saga Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Homecoming Saga Series. The newest book is Earthfall and was released on February, 4th 1995.


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