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The House of Robots book series, by James Patterson, has really started to turn heads as well as turning the pages of the book. It has been noted as one of the best reads on the internet today in children’s books. James Patterson is a gifted and talented writer that is finally getting all of the recognition that he deserves. His creative writing prowess brings the characters in the story to life in a rich and meaningful way. Kids of all ages are singing his praises and cannot seem to get enough of his genius. Hopefully, there will be much more books to come.

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Order of House of Robots Series By: James Patterson, Chris Grabenstein

# Read Title Published Details
1 House of Robots (By: James Patterson, Chris Grabenstein) 2014 Description / Buy
2 Robots Go Wild! (By: James Patterson, Chris Grabenstein) 2015 Description / Buy
3 Robot Revolution (By: James Patterson, Chris Grabenstein) 2017 Description / Buy
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An extraordinary robot signs up for a normal 5th-grade category in this new highly-illustrated series from James Patterson. The truth is that elementary school will not be the same again. Sammy Hayes-Rodriguez finds it difficult to fit into the game. When his clever mother insists, Sammy starts dreading the day to bring her latest creativity to the school. He finally believes that it is a talking and walking robot. The House Of Robots remains a simple novel that is specially written to reveal children’s love of immovable figures to draw them in. The intriguing characters of the story are Sammy and his lovely family. With the help of a clever scientist mother, the book has gained additional credits and as well as the robots that maintain them.

Grabenstein and Patterson are the main authors of the book. They successfully launched and directed the House of Robots series. The story is principally about Sammy Hayes-Rodriguez and his wonderful family. The family of Sammy is amazingly involved in scientific work of robots designed by his mother. The 5th-grade Sammy becomes surprised when his mother told him to bring his friends home to discover her new creativity. The designed robot looks like C-3PO covered with an artificial geek. It contradicts the tutor, sparks a fire and escalates a food fight after his feverish speaking of science fictions overloads Sammy’s circuit boards. The theme of friends remains in the background of the novel’s laughs.

It also consists of Sammy’s family, compassion, especially with respect to his commitment to his younger sister. Sammy’s sister is housebound because of chronic immunodeficiency and strong association with his bro-bot. The disappearance of Sammy’s presence contradicts a splash of secret into the book. Neufeld’s angry comics and cartoons increase with slapstick action, lots of robot-gadgetry and metafictional gags. The story really proved difficult for Sammy to get into play. Through the assistance of his clever mother, it helped to make Sammy fit into the book professionally. At this juncture, Sammy is no longer new to robots. It is simply because Sammy’s house is full of wonderful robots. It has made people in Sammy family to have the mentality of how the robots work.

The House of Robots by James Patterson is an illustrated children’s book about a robot that volunteers for a fifth-grade class project. Since Sammy Hayes-Rodriguez is struggling to fit into the crowd at his school, his loving mother tries to help him by suggesting that he take her latest invention to school with him. He humorously assigns the robot the name E which in his young mind resembles that he is an error.
Sammy has grown up around a wide variety of robots in his home; however, this robot is different in that he truly believes that they are brothers. Sammy has a sister who is sick and he tries his best to provide care for his loving sister, but always feels like he falls short in doing so. Sammy is nervous about how the other kids at school will view the robot, but when he realizes that he has been keeping a secret he becomes more than interested about what will happen next.

Best House of Robots Books:

The book series of the House of Robots are all good books; however, the second and third book in the series seem to draw the most attention as the main characters become highly mischievous in their ways and things begin to come unraveled even though Sammy is doing the best that he can for his sick sister.

House of Robots #2: Sammy Hayes Rodriguez and his new robot friend, that his mother built, are having fun together. The robot E believes he is Sammy’s brother and his sister Maddie is sick at home. Just when things seemed to go so well the robot E begins to have a meltdown in front of everyone. Sammy feels embarrassed by the unwanted actions and feels confused as to what he should do in the given situation. The new robot chooses to capitalize on E’s misfortune and it makes matters worse. Trouble brews when Maddie starts to need extra care and Sammy is nervous about what would happen next. Every twist and turn keep the reader on the edge of their seats, trying to keep up with the story.

House of Robots #3: In book three of the series the robots begin to take charge after Sammy Hayes-Rodriguez continues to think of them as errors, but little does he know that they are systematically plotting their revenge against their friend. They do not like how they are being treated and the temperature starts to rise. Even though Sammy and E are good friends, things start to go wrong when his mother begins to work on a private project. She does not seem to be around as much and there no longer is a set of adult mature eyes watching over their ultimate safety. Things get nutty when the robots start to set booby traps of their own around the house. At first, it seems like silly pranks, but then things start to get out of hand in the house of robots with humans and robots trying to live together in a unified way. A lot is happening and Sammy’s mother does not notice at first that things are getting so out of hand between them as it was known by a number of people.


The are many other books that the reader might enjoy including; Frank Einstein and the Antimatter Motor Book 1 or 2, The Knights of the Kitchen Table #1 (Time Warp Trio), Desmond Pucket Makes Monster Magic and Pinocula – The Creature from the Closet. They are all great options for a good read.

What Is The Next Book in The House Of Robots Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The House Of Robots Series. The newest book is Robot Revolution and was released on January, 16th 2017.

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