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Hover Car Racer is a series of Science Fiction/Action/Sports novels written by best-selling Australian novelist Matthew Reilly. The series was originally released as a free fortnightly online serial, but Pan MacMillan later published it in 2004. The series is about Hover Car Racing according to the novels is a sport developed during the early 21st century.

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Order of Hover Car Racer Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Hover Car Racer (Compilation of below books) ( By: Matthew Reilly) 2004 Description / Buy
2 Crash Course ( By: Matthew Reilly) 2005 Description / Buy
3 Full Throttle ( By: Matthew Reilly) 2006 Description / Buy
4 Photo Finish ( By: Matthew Reilly) 2007 Description / Buy
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There is a mention of a fictional technology of the Magneto Drive that uses the Earth’s magnetic field act against gravity. The Magneto drive technology is used in all modes of transports from cruise liners, buses to cars and a new breed of racing cars believed to have evolved from the Formula 1 cars.


Disney purchased the rights to the film when the series was still only a manuscript, and the screen writing process began almost immediately. However, it is unknown when the movie will start production even though the rights are still with Disney as of 2010. In 2012 it was announced that Dan Harris was working on the film script and the film would be titled Hovercar.


These are two best books in the Hover Car Racer series by Matthew Reilly, Crash Course (2005) and Photo Finish (2007).

Hover Car Racer: This series features a Jason Chaser, an independent Hover car racer alongside with autistic brother commonly known as “the Bug” are competing in regional races with the hopes of reaching the Pro circuits but have very slim chances of doing so.

During a local competition, Scott Syracuse, a man representing the International Race School is highly impressed with Jason Chaser skills, and despite the damage to Argonaut that places them in the last position, Jason is offered a position at the IRC for the next season. Jason accepts the offer, and he and his adoptive brother find themselves in Tasmania alongside with the best student in the racing world. Jason is paired with Mech Chief Sally McDuff, the man who will look after their pit crew, equipment and Tarantula, a robot that will perform most of the actual pit work. The pit work includes activities such as replacing the compressed gas for steering, changing the magneto drives, and changing the coolant to prevent the magneto drives from overheating and melting.

During the first few races of the competition, Jason is bullied and outclassed both off and on the track by other racers whom all consider him an inferior driver. Furthermore, even for Jason and his teammates, the equipment seems to be against them as they suffer more than a fair share of faulty sub standard coolant, faulty magneto drives and failures on the part of their robot-Tarantula. However, despite this, they begin to rise in their rankings until it all becomes clear that they both have a chance of attaining position 2 of the four top rated racers who are destined to take part in the New York Masters.

Jason and Ariel forge a friendly relationship which eventually becomes sour when Jason is critical after Ariel decides to use her body to gain advantage and become a part of Fabian, a lethal and yet influential pro racer. After Fabian dismisses her, Jason rekindles their relationship, and later the friendship consolidates after Jason overhears Smythe and LeClerq planning on sabotaging Ariel’s pit robot and also at the same time admitting to having been the reason for their previous equipment failures.

Jason warns Ariel and the attempt to destroy the pit robot backfires which result in the disruption of the entire power grid thus all the pit robots fail to work. This forces all the racers to perform manual pit stop and due to the previous experience that Jason and Ariel had, they not only win the race but also ensure a place in the New York Masters. The brave Jason also attracts the attention of two individuals, Dido, a charming Italian girl and Umberto Lombardi a billionaire and the owner of Team Lombardi.

Before the New York Master, Jason is involved in a fatal crash which destroys his Hover Racer and most importantly his confidence, but with the help of Bug and Sally, he can regain his nerve. However, is the confidence he gains robust enough to win him the ultimate prize?

Hover Car Racer series by Matthew Reilly is aimed mainly at teenage demographic, and it bears few resemblance to Harry Potter or Orson Scott Card, Enders Games.

What Is The Next Book in The Hover Car Racer Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Hover Car Racer Series. The newest book is Photo Finish and was released on April, 1st 2007.


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  1. Matthew Reilly is a great author and on a whim I decided to check out his children’s book. I am an adult reader, but I am interested in just about anything and am always looking for good books to recommend for kids. Spoiler alert: I found one!

    You can see that Reilly doesn’t hold anything back in this series and writes it just like he would his more adult works, just with an aim at 14-year old boys. The action is a bit over the top (bordering on ridiculous), but it’s good pulpy fun and I imagine a younger reader would go crazy for it.

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