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Ann Cleves is a well-established British crime writer. In the year 2006, Ann Cleves won the inaugural Duncan-Lawrie Dagger, which is the richest prize in the world. Cleeves attended Sussex University, where she majored in English; however, Ann Cleves did not complete her University education.

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Order of Inspector Ramsay Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 A Lesson In Dying ( By: Ann Cleeves) 1990 Description / Buy
2 Murder In My Backyard ( By: Ann Cleeves) 1991 Description / Buy
3 A Day in the Death of Dorothea Cassidy ( By: Ann Cleeves) 1992 Description / Buy
4 Killjoy ( By: Ann Cleeves) 1993 Description / Buy
5 The Healers ( By: Ann Cleeves) 1995 Description / Buy
6 The Baby Snatcher ( By: Ann Cleeves) 1997 Description / Buy
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After dropping out from the University, Ann Cleeves took on various jobs, where she worked as auxiliary coastguard, cook, probation officer, childcare officer and library outreach worker. Currently, An Cleeves resides in Whitley Bay, with her husband and two daughters. The critically acclaimed Vera Stanhope have been adapted into television series as well as the Shetland book series and Jimmy Perez. In the year 2014, Ann Cleves was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by Sunderland University.

In the year 2015, Ann Cleeves served as a programming chair for the Theakston’s Crime Festival. In the year 2015, Ann Cleeves was shortlisted for the United Kingdom Writer’s Association award for the writer’s work in the British libraries.

Inspector Ramsay Awards

Despite the fact that none of the books in the Inspector Ramsay have been nominated in any major literary awards, author Anne Cleeves has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate for her efforts in the literary world.

Inspector Ramsay Best Books

A Lesson in Dying: The first installment in the Inspector Ramsay book series. It is a great old-fashioned murder mystery. When Harold Medburn, the headmaster of a local school is found dead, it appears that every member of the Parents Association and member of staff had a motive to kill him. While Inspector Ramsay has been given the case, he believes that his wife killed Harold Medburn.

However, the school caretaker has his doubts and decides to carry out his investigations, with the assistance of Patty, his daughter. With that said, A Lesson in Dying is a great read that moves at a great pace. Despite the fact that A Lesson in Dying can be read in a single day, the story flows extremely well, turning and twisting and in the process, throwing the suspicion on the various characters, right, left and center.

Murder in My Backyard: Set in the North-East, author Ann Cleeves does a brilliant job of bringing the area to life; the characters who live in the area as well as well as the village setting of the coast. After the events of A Lesson in Dying, Inspector Ramsay, the protagonist was left suffering from a confidence crisis and in Murder in My Backyard; he is more than determined to ensure that he does not jump into conclusions.

In Murder in My Backyard, the readers get to know about Inspector Ramsay’s background, and from the look of things as the series continue, the readers will get to know much more about Inspector Ramsay. As expected, author Ann Cleeves has developed her characters extremely well. Inspector Ramsay, has been presented craftily.

Killjoy: The fourth installment in the Inspector Ramsay book series. Just like Murder in My Backyard, Killjoy features an unbeatable cast of characters as well as numerous disparate elements. The storyline and the mystery were brilliantly done. Author Ann Cleves has ensured that the readers will concentrate on solving the mystery instead of dealing with a lot of blood and gore by ensuring that the storyline is not too suspenseful. In Killjoy, everyone was afraid of one, Gabriella Paston.

One can only wonder why everyone was afraid of Gabriella Paston; is it because Gabriella Paston is extremely beautiful or is it because she is too confident and talented. During the rehearsals for a huge show at the arts center, the extremely beautiful Gabriella Paston is killed. As Inspector Ramsay continues with the investigation, he comes to learn that Gabriella was not only gifted and gorgeous, but she was also extremely ruthless. In a region, where teen-crime was becoming a hazardous problem, murder is one of the various issues that the local police have to deal with.

Other Book Series that You May Like

The “Vera Stanhope” book series is another spellbinding book series by author Ann Cleeves. One of the best books in the Vera Stanhope book series is Harbor Street. As the snow continues to fall on Newcastle, the laughter and shouts of the Christmas revelers spread across the air.

Detective Joe and Jessie, his daughter, are swept through the ever-swelling crowd and finally into the metro. When the train stops due to the terrible weather, all the passengers are asked to leave the train and disappear into the swirling snow. However, as she was about to leave Jessie sees that a passenger was still on the train. Upon looking closely, she discovers that the passenger had been fatally stabbed.

What Is The Next Book in The Inspector Ramsay Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Inspector Ramsay Series. The newest book is The Baby Snatcher and was released on January, 1st 1997.

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