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William Lowell Kane and Abel Rosnovski are the lead protagonists in the Kane and Abel series of novels by world-renowned British author Jeffrey Archer. The first novel in which Kane and Abel made an appearance was the 1979 published title “Kane and Abel”, which went on to achieve international popularity. The novels in the series are best classified as mystery thrillers.

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Order of Kane and Abel Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Shall We Tell the President? ( By: Jeffrey Archer) 1977 Description / Buy
2 Kane and Abel ( By: Jeffrey Archer) 1979 Description / Buy
3 The Prodigal Daughter ( By: Jeffrey Archer) 1982 Description / Buy

Chronological Order of Kane and Abel Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Kane and Abel ( By: Jeffrey Archer) 1979 Description / Buy
2 The Prodigal Daughter ( By: Jeffrey Archer) 1982 Description / Buy
3 Shall We Tell the President? ( By: Jeffrey Archer) 1977 Description / Buy
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When we are first introduced to the two protagonists, they are disparate men from very different worlds. Apart from being born on the same day in 1906 and their shared passion for success at any cost, they have nothing in common. Abel Rosnovski is a Polish immigrant that comes from a family of great poverty, while William Lowell Kane comes from a powerful and wealthy Brahmin family from Boston.

The first novel is an interesting narrative of the two lead characters born on the same day at the turn of the century. Brought together by the quest for a dream in the United States, the two powerful and ambitious men are in a constant struggle to build an empire driven by a fierce competitive spirit. The novel takes place over 60 decades and pits Abel and Kane, through disaster, fortune, and marriage in a battle that only one man can win.

Jeffrey Archer develops the two men throughout their childhood, teenage years all through to their adult years. It tells how the important happenings in history, from Europe to America. In a novel that defies the demarcations between genres by being both a contemporary mystery and historical fiction. Jeffrey tells a thrilling narrative that is testament to his excellent story-telling skills, which have made him one of the preeminent writers in the world.


Kane and Abel, Jeffrey Archer’s debut and most popular novel to date was made into a seven hour three-part miniseries in 1985. The mini-series produced by CBS was filmed in Canada, France, and England, aired between November 17 and 19, and starred Peter Strauss as Abel Rosnovski and Sam Neil as William Lowell Kane.


For many fans of the Kane and Abel novels, the bestselling first novel in the series, “Kane and Abel” is one of the best works that Jeffrey Archer has ever written. The novel was the only one made into a movie and is a historical, a contemporary fiction, drama, mystery and thriller that takes the reader on a thrilling ride right from the first page to the last.

The Prodigal Daughter: The second novel in the Kane and Abel series is a sequel to the first novel in the series, “Kane and Abel”. The lead characters in the series are Richard Kane and Florentyna Rosnovski. Rosnovski is Abel’s daughter and a Polish immigrant, who just like her father, has a dream for a better future, and a belief in human ideals such as equality and opportunity for all, which the United States promises. Richard Kane was born the son of a banking magnate and as such, he has enjoyed the utmost luxury for most of his childhood and adult life. Nonetheless, he is a handsome and successful man in his own right who is determined to expand his horizons and build a future with a special woman. But a blood feud fueled by deception and betrayal through the generations reaches out from the past, threatening to destroy all that Richard and Florentyna have worked for.

Shall We Tell The President?: The last novel in the Kane and Abel series of novels is a gripping novel that tells the story of Florentyna Kane, who has finally achieved her dream to become the president of the United States. But she never planned for having to deal with powerful forces that have already put in motion a plan to take her down immediately she is sworn in as the first female president. While she now has the resources of the FBI, this conspiracy may be too intricate even for the bureau. After an informant and all the investigating agents, but one are killed within the hour, it is left to Mark Andrews, the lone survivor to protect the president of the US.


Many Kane and Abel fans also love the “Emma Harte Saga” series by Barbara Taylor Bradford. These novels are light thrillers that celebrate the indomitable spirit of Emma Harte, who rises from humble beginnings to become the leader of a thriving international company. Many fans of the Kane and Abel series of the novels also enjoy the “Mickey Haller” series of novels by Michael Connelly. Mickey Haller is a criminal defense attorney born to a famous attorney who starts out working from the back seat of his car, and makes a name for himself as one of the best attorneys in Los Angeles.

What Is The Next Book in The Kane And Abel Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Kane And Abel Series. The newest book is The Prodigal Daughter and was released on January, 1st 1982.


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  1. Talk about a blast from the past! I hadn’t thought of this book in years since I randomly stumbled upon it on this website. I just re-read it again and I can honestly say that it holds up and that Jeffrey Archer is a true master. This is just one of those books that make you think that you could never be an author because you could never come up with a story this good! There are a ton of characters in this book, but it never becomes overwhelming to keep track of them. Before I was even done with the book, I bought the next two! It was that good.

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