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The name Lennox refers to a series of crime fiction novels written by Craig Russell. Lennox is also the name of the series protagonist.

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Order of Lennox Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Lennox ( By: Craig Russell) 2009 Description / Buy
2 The Long Glasgow Kiss ( By: Craig Russell) 2010 Description / Buy
3 The Deep Dark Sleep ( By: Craig Russell) 2011 Description / Buy
4 Dead Men And Broken Hearts ( By: Craig Russell) 2012 Description / Buy
5 The Quiet Death of Thomas Quaid ( By: Craig Russell) 2016 Description / Buy
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Craig Russell loves history, in particular, Post-War German History. The British-born novelist who is also fluent in German tends to write historical fiction. He has a preference for dysfunctional characters with tragic backgrounds that use unconventional means to enforce the law.

Lennox, the hero of the Lennox series, does not necessarily enforce the law but he definitely fits the archetypes that Craig, a former police officer, is known for.

The Lennox series takes place in the 1950s in Glasgow. Lennox takes center stage as a Canadian ex-soldier with a lot of baggage. Lennox’s time on the battlefield scarred him dearly.

By the time the veteran comes to Glasgow, the city is still struggling to recover from the dark times. Dirty and grimy, Glasgow’s streets are now filled with crime and corruption and there is almost no difference between the criminals and the law enforcement agents who chase them.
The City has been painted in cold and harsh colors, and it just so happens that Lennox is the perfect cold and harsh operator it needs. By the time he rolls into town in Lennox’, the first book in the series, Glasgow is under the control of 3 gangsters that govern the criminal underworld.

Because of these mobsters crime has persisted in Glasgow. However, their presence has also allowed a modicum of sanity to prevail. Yet, because of the nature of crime, these three parties do not necessarily see eye to eye, and neither do they trust one another.

The war might be over but Lennox quickly realizes that his fighting days have only just begun. The veteran opens a private eye office in Glasgow and begins to prowl the city in search of desperate souls.
It doesn’t take Lennox long to run into trouble. First, he attracts the attention of the ruling mobsters who begin to view him as a sort of intermediary. Then all the case that Lennox takes on, all the clients that come begging for help drag the private investigator into a world of violence, mayhem, and pain.

Fortunately for Lennox, he is made of much tougher stuff than most. Craig Russell writes his protagonist as an anti-hero. Lennox will take work from anyone that can pay, and that includes the Three Kings.
But Lennox isn’t without a conscious and there are certain lines that he will not cross. Though, the protagonist has no qualms about bending the law were necessary to get what he wants.

The Lennox series essentially tells Lennox’s story as he maneuvers the crime-ridden city of Glasgow.

Craig Russell has been commended for his vivid description of Glasgow in the 1950s, not to mention the authenticity of his characterization of the people living in the city.

Lennox Awards

Craig Russell was a finalist for Ellis Dagger prize in 2013 for the fourth Lennox novel.

Best Lennox Books

The Lennox novels tend to stand out because of the way they incorporate historical occurrences and events into the mysteries at play, with some of the best titles in the series including:

The Dark Sleep: No one bats an eye when human remains are found in the River Clyde. But then it is revealed that the dead man is Strachan and the underworld is set alight. Joe made a name for himself as one of the most successful armed robbers in Glasgow.
Joe has two daughters who see fit to hire Lennox.

Rather than solving their father’s murder, they are more interested in finding out the identity of their benefactor, a man that keeps sending them money in sizable quantities. Lennox takes the job unaware that he has attracted the ire of a dangerous enemy.

The Death of Thomas Quaid: Everyone liked Thomas, even Lennox, this despite Thomas being a career thief. It helped that Thomas never once used violence to get what he wanted. And he never made a fuss when the police caught him.

Everyone thought they knew Thomas Quaid. But then he turned up dead and showed the city how wrong they were.

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What Is The Next Book in The Lennox Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Lennox Series. The newest book is The Quiet Death of Thomas Quaid and was released on August, 4th 2016.


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