Little House on the Prairie Books

The “Little House” books that are written by author Laura Ingalls Wilder is made up of autobiographical stories (which are meant for children) from when her family lived in Wisconsin for three years. The series came about after the Stock Market’s Crash in 1929 made the Wilder family broke. They still had possession of the two hundred acre farm, but invested most of the money they had saved with a broker.

This, her mother and one of her sisters dying in the twenties, and the fact that she wanted to preserve the memory of when she was younger to write a story. It started out as an autobiography that was called “Pioneer Girl”, a book that was rejected by publishers at the time. The book features things that were not appropriate for kids to read about. It was on her daughter’s urging that Wilder reworked a lot of the stories for kids to read.

The series lasted for eight books that were published between the years of 1932 (when the first novel was released) and 1943. A ninth was found after Wilder died and was about the early part of her parents’ marriage. It was published in the year 1971 and is considered a part of the series.


The series of books was loosely adapted into a television series with the name of the same name that aired in the seventies and early eighties.


For those readers looking to get into the “Little House” books written by L. I. Wilder, this section will help with that. It will go over the novels“Little Home in the Huge Woods”, “Little Home on the Grasslands”, and “Farmer Boy”.

Little Home in the Huge Woods: This is the first novel in the “Little House” series and was released in the year 1932. This book is set in the year 1871 and it is here readers meet Laura at age four. She lives in a log cabin that is located at the Big Woods of Wisconsin’s edge. Her ma, pa, Jack (her dog), and Mary and Carrie (which are her sisters), as well as her, make up the Ingalls family.

Living the pioneer life is not at all easy for this family, since they have to catch or grow everything they plan on eating. This is as they are getting ready for the cold winter that is coming up. They make the best of things though. They make their own toys and treats for Christmas, do the planing in the spring and bring it in when fall starts. They even make a trip into the town. They are safe and warm inside the little house they have, and Pa’s fiddle is able to put Laura and her sisters to sleep.

Farmer Boy: This is the second novel in the “Little House” series and was released in the year 1933. This series has little to do with the other books about Laura and her adventures. This is about Almanzo (which is Laura’s husband) growing up on a farm, far from Laura’s place. Almanzo Wilder lives on a huge farm in New York.

He, his sisters and brother help plant in the summer and harvest in the autumn. When it is winter, wood has to be chopped and big chunks of ice have to be cut out of the river and stored. The time for fun is when the quite jolly tin seller comes or when the fair is in town.

Little Home on the Grasslands: This is the third novel in the “Little House” series and was released in the year 1935. Off to Kansas are the Ingalls. They go by covered wagon, and stop once they have found the best place for a small house located on the prairie. Laura and Mary enjoy exploring the territory, especially the rolling hills that surround their new home. The clan has to get to work; it is time for farming and hunting as well as getting food for them and the livestock they have. They may have to move again, because they have found themselves caught in a awful conflict.


The “Ramona” series by Beverly Cleary is another classic. This two time Newbery Honor winning series are humorous kids books that star Ramona Quimby and her family and friends.

Fans will also enjoy the amazing “The Boxcar Children” series by Gertrude Chandler Warner. A classic series of kids books that was written and created by a first grade teacher. It is aimed at readers from grades two through six and there are over 150 books.

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