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Lost Lansdale is a series of novels written by Joe Lansdale and which were published in 1999. The volumes have all sold out and Lansdale fans should not expect them to be re-issued in any physical form.

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Order of Lost Lansdale Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Waltz of Shadows ( By: Joe R. Lansdale) 1999 Description / Buy
2 Something Lumber This Way Comes, Or, the House from Space ( By: Joe R. Lansdale) 1999 Description / Buy
3 Blood Dance ( By: Joe R. Lansdale) 2000 Description / Buy
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Each of the Lost Lansdale books has its own unique origin. The titles do not necessarily follow the structure of the average series. Waltz of Shadows, the first of the Lost Lansdale novels, is a crime thriller.

It tells the story of Hank and Beverly who run a chain of video stores in Texas. Their lives take a turn for the dramatic when Hank’s nephew, Bill attracts the ire of a pair of murderers.

His attempts at seeking his uncle’s help pulls Hank and Beverly into a dark and demented world that finds them framed for the possession of child pornography and ultimately going on the run.

With characters like Fat Boy and Snake, most authors would commend Waltz of Shadows for having all the makings of a great first book in a rapidly-paced series of crime novels.

However, once you get to Something Lumber This way Comes, you would be forgiven for doubting the claim that the volume is actually the sequel to Waltz of Shadows. Something Lumber This Way Comes concerns itself with the adventures of a young boy who decides to investigate a creepy house with the intention of eliminating the evil hiding within.

The book couldn’t be more different from its predecessor. And both titles have nothing in common with For a Few Stories More, the fourth volume in the Lost Lansdale series which is essentially a collection of stories.

So it wouldn’t be inaccurate to suggest that the Lost Lansdale series is a collection of novels which tell rare Joe Lansdale stories that the average individual might struggle to find on the market.

The Lost Lansdale books are primarily marketed to fans of Joe Lansdale who enjoy his work and would love nothing better than to complete their collection of the author’s works.

The series is definitely an acquired taste, featuring all the coarse language, the brutality and the crazy plots that one typically encounters in the average Joe Lansdale novel.

Lost Lansdale Awards

Something Lumber This Way Comes was nominated for a Bram Stoker Prize in 1999.

Best Lost Lansdale Books

The Lost Lansdale novels are definitely written with fans of the author in mind, featuring all the shock and awe for which Joe Lansdale has become known, with some of the best novels in the series including:

Waltz of Shadows: Life was good for Hank and Beverly. Their chain of video stores kept them well fed. The only hiccup was the occasional call Hank got from Bill, his nephew. Bill could never steer clear of trouble, and whenever he called, it was to either ask for money or for help.

When Bill calls once more, Hank expects his nephew to give him the same old story and then ask for money. But things have taken an even worse turn for Bill. He has fallen into the orbit of two particularly vicious killers and he needs Hank’s help.

Hank’s attempts at helping his nephew completely destroy his life. He is drawn into a world of pornography and violence. It will take all the wits Hank has, not to mention the help of his brother to escape with his life.

Something Lumber This Way Comes: Jimmy loves his neighborhood and he cannot help but notice how bad things have become ever since a mysterious house suddenly appeared. No one seems to notice the structure.

This is despite the fact that it doesn’t exactly fit in with the rest of the houses on the block. With even his parents showing little interest in his concerns, Jimmy and his friend make it their mission to discover the secrets of the house.

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What Is The Next Book in The Lost Lansdale Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Lost Lansdale Series. The newest book is Blood Dance and was released on March, 1st 2000.


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