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Madison Dupre is a fictional and the protagonist in a series of novels written by Harold Robins, famously known for his literature and fiction books. Born as Harold Rubin in New York, he later confessed that he was a Jewish orphan who had spent his childhood days in Catholic boys home. However, in reality, Harold was the son of well-known Polish and Russian immigrants. Harold first book was Never Love a Stranger (1948) resulted in controversies due to its graphic sexuality.

Order of Madison Dupre Series By: Harold Robbins, Junius Podrug

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Looters ( By: Harold Robbins) 2007 Description / Buy
2 The Deceivers ( By: Junius Podrug) 2008 Description / Buy
3 The Shroud ( By: Junius Podrug) 2009 Description / Buy
4 The Curse ( By: Junius Podrug) 2011 Description / Buy
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Madison Dupre is depicted an Art Investigator, debuted in 2007 when The Looters the first book in the series was published. In a world where ego and money have transformed the quest for art in a playground for affluent where the billionaires battle to possess some of the rarest and the most treasured objects on Earth. In a world where the most priceless art is sold for any price, Madison Dupre follows plots and conspiracies and travels around the world trying to solve these complex mysteries involving the priceless antiques. Junius Podrug breathes life into Robin’s colorful characters and stories in Madison Dupre series.


These are two best books in Madison Dupre series by Harold Robbins, The Looters, and The Deceivers.

The Looters: The Looters is the first book in Madison Drupe series by Harold Robbins. Drupe, a private investigator, finds herself caught in a world of greed, ego where priceless art is sold at any price. The realm of priceless art is a playground for the rich folks, a rarefied atmosphere more ruthless and privileged than owning a sports teams or a champion horse. Love for money and ego have transformed the quest for art into a deadly business in which only those rich battle to possess the rarest and most beautiful priceless objects on Earth.

Sammu-Ramat: the Queen of Babylon and the first warrior queen recorded in history known by many as the Whore of Babylon. Upon her death, Sammu’s golden death mask left a legacy of violence and lust to those who tirelessly fought to possess it.

Then there is Madison Dupre, a custodian for the multi million-dollar Piedmont collection. She fights for her freedom, her career and most importantly her life after she purchases the fifty-five-million-dollar golden mask of the Whore of Babylon. There is also Coby Lewis, a retired Navy SEAL who makes use of his training to dive for the priceless treasure. Even though Madison knows that she cannot trust him, she also finds it impossible to resist him.

For Abdul ibn Hussein, his father perished while protecting the golden mask from robbers. He claims that the mask was stolen when a Museum in Baghdad was looted as the American soldiers entered the city. He further argues that the American troops collaborated with the Iraqis to vandalize the museum.

London, New York, Malaga, and Zurich are the venues as the heart turns on Madison, and as she goes on the run to clear her name and also save her dear life.

The Deceivers: The struggling art expert Madison Dupre gets a knock on her cheap New York City apartment from a Thai Café delivery man. But instead of delivering tasty noodles, the delivery man was in possession of a priceless art from the Angkor War in the thick jungles of Cambodia.

Angkor Wat one of the ancient wonders of the world is considered by many experts to be even more than the exalted Egyptian pyramids. But left unprotected, the site has been a home for treasure thieves who mercilessly cut off art pieces, destroying thousand-year-old sculptures with chainsaws.

Madison knows that there is no way that this artifact was acquired legally. That knock on her door sends her into one of the most dangerous places in the world, Phnom Penh, a capital of the Far East.

Entering into a world of murder and treasure looting, Madison trip takes her from New York to Cambodia, to Thailand as she tries to stay one step ahead of the temple-robbers who find pleasure in killing. She finds some comfort at the hands of a soldier of fortune, gets involved with a Russian model, and also gets entangled with Cambodian Prince with lots of sexual fantasies. But the question is, how much is she willing to sacrifice to protect her priceless antiquities?


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What Is The Next Book in The Madison Dupre Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Madison Dupre Series. The newest book is The Curse and was released on November, 8th 2011.

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