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The “Magisterium Series” is a series of young adult fantasy novels written by Cassandra Clare and Holly Black. The first novel of the series was “The Iron Trial” that the duo wrote in 2014. The novel achieved much success and critical acclaim and made the New York Times bestselling list.

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Order of Magisterium Series By: Cassandra Clare, Holly Black

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Iron Trial (By: Cassandra Clare, Holly Black) 2014 Description / Buy
2 The Copper Gauntlet (By: Cassandra Clare, Holly Black) 2015 Description / Buy
3 The Bronze Key (By: Cassandra Clare, Holly Black) 2016 Description / Buy
4 The Silver Mask (By: Cassandra Clare, Holly Black) 2017 Description / Buy
5 The Golden Tower (By: Cassandra Clare, Holly Black) 2018 Description / Buy
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Set in an underground school that trains apprentice mages, the lead character of the series is Callum Hunt, a twelve-year-old child who was under the tutelage of her father Alastair Hunt a former mage. After the death of Sarah his wife during the Great Mage war Alastair had quit the world of magic and does not want Callum to do any magic. Other characters in the series include Master Rufus, Jasper DeWinter, Aaron Stewart, Tamara Ravaji and Calls Pet Havoc.

“The Iron Trial” the first novel in the series introduces Callum Hunt, who unlike many of the kids wants to fail the Iron Trial. His father had always warned him against involving himself in any kind of magic. He believes that if he passes the Iron Trial and gets into the Magisterium, nothing but bad can come of it. So Callum actually does the most he can to fail though he fails at this too.

The Magisterium, a place sinister and sensational with its twisted path into his future and dark ties to his past is waiting for him. What follows is the biggest test of his life in which the Iron Trial is just the first of many trials. It is an excellent novel that launched one of the most fascinating fantasy series ever written by the dynamic duo of Clare and Black.


“The Iron Trial” series of novels is set to be adapted into a film with Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures acquiring the rights. “The Bronze Key” the third novel of the series has been made into a TV series by Disney-ABC Domestic Television.


The Copper Gauntlet: The second novel is one of the best in the Iron Trial series. Callum Hunter is not having a summer break like those of kids his age. His father thinks he has secretly become evil, his best friend is Havoc a Chaos-ridden wolf, and he has to go back to Magisterium the magical world in the fall.

It gets even worse when he learns that his father could be preparing to destroy him and his dog. He leaves to go to Magisterium, but things get more intense when he learns of the theft of a copper gauntlet named Alkahest, that is the only thing that can control magical power. In the search for the guilty party they attract the fury of some very evil persons who would do anything including kill to ensure the truth does not come out.

The Bronze Key: This book, which was made into a TV series is undoubtedly one of the series’ best. Students usually find safety at the Magisterium, where they are taught safe ways to employ magic under the careful watch of experienced mages. But now the chaos may be more than what they bargained for making it hard for Aaron, Tamara and Call to focus on things like magic contests and pop quizzes.

One of their classmates gets murdered and leaves them to track down a mysterious man who seems to read their minds, evading them at every turn. It is a novel in which the kids discover that magic can be used for either good or evil and that truth can only triumph if persons that love good do everything to find it.

The Silver Mask: The fourth novel of the series is an incredible novel that sees the revival of the quest to bring back the dead. Constantine Madden is an ancient mage that had come very close to achieving the elusive quest. After his death more than two centuries past, he had come back and now lives in Callum Hunt, a young child. Now Call has to deal with a dizzying array of accusations including death and mass murder that gets him into a prison cell.


Many fans of the “Iron Trial” series of novels also love the “Pip Bartlett” series of novels by Jackson Pearce. These are fantasy series featuring Pip a girl with a gift for talking to magical creatures who often consults a reference work on magic known as “Jeffrey Higgleston’s Guide to Magical Creatures” in dealing with chaos.

“Iron Trial” fans also like the “Luck Uglies” series of novels by Paul Durham. The series protagonists are four tweens who style themselves as the Luck Uglies. Led by Rye, they fight magical enemies as they learn about their village’s lies, secrets, villains, beasts, and rules.

What Is The Next Book in The Magisterium Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Magisterium Series. The newest book is The Golden Tower and was released on September, 11th 2018.

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