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Allyson Brathwaite is a renowned author, who is widely known for the Yearbook and Match Trilogy as well as the novel, Freshman for President. After completing her college education, Allyson taught various high schools located in Utah and New York cities. Currently, Ally Condie resides in Salt Lake, with her daughter, three sons, and husband. Born and raised in South Utah, Condie was an avid reader when she was young. Her favorite books were Saint Maybe and Crossing to Safety.

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Order of Matched Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Matched ( By: Ally Condie) 2010 Description / Buy
2 Crossed ( By: Ally Condie) 2011 Description / Buy
3 Reached ( By: Ally Condie) 2012 Description / Buy
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Ally Condie’s mother was an artist, and in the process, Ally Condie was introduced to various famous paintings and artists. Ally Condie has penned the Yearbook trilogy, a freshman for President and Being 16. The book series, Matched Trilogy focuses on one Cassia Reyes, who according to destiny is going to get married to her best friend. Accidentally Cassia Reyes falls in love with a boy who hails from the outer provinces, Ky.

When Ky is sent out to die, Cassia follows Ky through the canyons and along the way, the two join a rebellion that is widely known as the rising. The Rising’s main agenda is to take over the government, however along the way, their plan fails terribly, and it is up to the three main characters Ky, Cassie and Xander to ensure that the group gets back on its track. Condie became a full-time writer, when her first-born son was born. In the year 2002, Ally Condie and her husband decided to adopt her daughter from China.

Best Matched Books

Matched: The first installment in the Matched trilogy by author Ally Condie. In Matched, author Ally Condie introduces the readers to Cassia, who lives in a dystopian society, where the officials decide on everything. Apart from deciding for you, who you love, the society also decides where one dies and when one dies. Ever since she was born Cassia and her parents have always trusted the choices that the officials have always made.

For Cassia, this is something that she is willing to pay for a great job, long life, and an ideal mate. Thus, when Cassia’s best friend is featured on the matching screen, Cassia immediately knows that he is the one. However, as her best friend’s face was being featured on the screen, another face appeared quickly before the screen went black. At this point, Cassia finds herself at crossroads, when she has to choose between Ky and Xander and a life that no one has ever dared follow and a life she has known, between passion and perfection.

Crossed: The second installment in the Matched book series In Crossed, we meet once again with the protagonist Cassia, who is in the outer provinces, looking for Ky irrespective of the consequences. Ky is somewhere in the Outer Provinces, a place he was sent to die, just like several other young men. However, Ky is more than determined to ensure that he does not die. He eventually manages to flee with Vic and Eli into the canyons. Cassia and Indie her new companion, eventually manage to follow then too. While Cassia is looking for Ky, Ky on the other hand is looking for her.

However, when the two finally find one another, things eventually end up being much more complicated than they had expected. With that said, readers are going to love Cassia’s development. Despite the fact that her personality can somehow be annoying, she is still very likable. The reunion between Ky and Cassia is quite breathtaking. In Crossed, the author gives both Ky and Cassia’s points of view. Thus it is finally possible to understand Ky. Apart from being a genius, Ky has an extremely deep personality. However, he is quite broken and has an extremely serious problem in trusting people.

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What Is The Next Book in The Matched Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Matched Series. The newest book is Reached and was released on November, 13th 2012.

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