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Known for his unique ability to build up characters slowly and without any fuss, W.E.B Griffin does an exceptional job in creating this exceptional military historical fiction. Since he has previously served in the military, his grasp of military warfare, equipment and tactics are remarkable. A majority of his books, especially in the Men at War series have been praised for historical accuracy. The books in this series are thoroughly entertaining from the first page to the last. They do have one of those storylines that you may want to know to see what happens next to the enjoyable characters. Instead of focusing on the military warfare, the storyline focuses primarily on the intricate relationships between the main characters, their convoluted social relationship, and their social life.

Order of Men At War Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Last Heroes (By: W.E.B. Griffin) 1985 Description / Buy
2 The Secret Warriors ( By: W.E.B. Griffin) 1985 Description / Buy
3 The Soldier Spies / Give Me Liberty ( By: W.E.B. Griffin) 1986 Description / Buy
4 The Fighting Agents / Into Enemy Hands ( By: W.E.B. Griffin) 1987 Description / Buy
5 The Saboteurs ( By: W.E.B. Griffin) 2006 Description / Buy
6 The Double Agents ( By: W.E.B. Griffin) 2007 Description / Buy
7 The Spymasters ( By: W.E.B. Griffin) 2012 Description / Buy
8 The Devil's Weapons ( By: Peter Kirsanow) 2022 Description / Buy
9 Zero Option ( By: Peter Kirsanow) 2024 Description / Buy
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Men at War Awards

Despite the fact that none of the books in the Men at War book series has been nominated for any award, W.E.B Griffin is still a highly accomplished author who has received several honorary doctorates and honorary memberships from several Universities and United States Army Associations.

Men at War Books into Movies

The Men at War book series is yet to be adapted for screenplay.

Best Men at War Books

If you are looking for a high level, military, historical fiction series then you should read the Men at War Series by W.E.B Griffin. The Men at War series is not only engaging but has also been well written. The Secret Warriors, which is the second installment in the Men at War series, is one of the best performing books in the series. As the second installment in the series, Men at War series is filled with some well-developed characters. Despite the fact that the book revolves around Richard Canidy, he still cannot be called the main protagonist. Since the first installment in the series, The Last Heroes, builds up on the characters and environment of the series, the second book has deftly started the incidents rolling out.

Just like the previous book in the series, The Secret Warriors main plot is the Yankees vs. The German Nazis. However, what makes this book stand out from the rest is that it offers a real insight into the lives of the soldiers deployed to war. The transition of boys into men, the charm of military life, men in uniform, monitoring elders, romping romance, brotherhood and friendship and dashes of dry humor are what makes this book a one of a kind read like a fine wine. Thus, instead of rushing through the pages, this book should be sipped and savored delicately. This installment will make you the reader relieve your romance, friendship, patriotism, adventure and relationship with the seniors. The Secret Warriors will make you want to fall in love with a brief journey that all humans undertake called life.

Apart from the Secret Warriors, another installment that performed exceedingly well is the fourth book in the series, The Fighting Agents. Set mostly in the Philippines Islands, the Fighting Agents will be one of best military thrillers that you will ever read. The author’s grasp of the WWI history is similar to that of a professional historian who is able to stitch a story to real events that took place. As it is the case with all his books, The Secret Warriors, has, several storylines, which do not seem to relate are eventually made into a tight braid at the end of the book. With that said, Griffin is an exceedingly talented writer who has the ability to create a masterpiece with much ease.

Other Books Series You May Like

If you loved Men at War, then you are going to love the Corps book series. In this book series, the author does an amazing job of describing the exceedingly famous character and interweaving them with the lower ranking individuals who were created, and, then, consistently described across the series books and stories. The details in this series are exceedingly factual, based on a standpoint of locations, military equipment and tactics. All the books in this series are not about war, but instead, they are about relationships, history, traditions, and culture. In the books, the reader gets to meet the characters in the series and get to see what they do from their various perspective. From time to time, the reader gets to walk in the shoes of the characters as they thrust into new situations.

What Is The Next Book in The Men At War Series?

The next book in the The Men At War Series by W.E.B. Griffin is Zero Option and will be released on July, 9th 2024.

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