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Meredith Gentry is a series of novels featuring the lead character Meredith Gentry, authored by Laurell K. Hamilton, a bestselling urban fantasy fiction writer. The first novel of the Meredith Gentry series of novels featuring the character was the 2000 published “A Kiss of Shadows”.

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Order of Merry Gentry Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 A Kiss of Shadows ( By: Laurell K Hamilton) 2000 Description / Buy
2 A Caress of Twilight ( By: Laurell K Hamilton) 2002 Description / Buy
3 Seduced by Moonlight ( By: Laurell K Hamilton) 2004 Description / Buy
4 A Stroke of Midnight ( By: Laurell K Hamilton) 2005 Description / Buy
5 Mistral's Kiss (By: Laurell K Hamilton) 2006 Description / Buy
6 A Lick of Frost ( By: Laurell K Hamilton) 2007 Description / Buy
7 Swallowing Darkness ( By: Laurell K Hamilton) 2008 Description / Buy
8 Divine Misdemeanors ( By: Laurell K Hamilton) 2009 Description / Buy
9 A Shiver of Light ( By: Laurell K Hamilton) 2014 Description / Buy
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Meredith Gentry, otherwise known as Merry Gentry is a fairy princess turned amateur sleuth in a fantasy world where fairies are fashionable and popular. She lives in Los Angeles, California, and hides from her family under the assumed name of Merry Gentry. She works for “Grey’s Detective Agency”, a premier investigations agency in the city.

“A kiss of Shadows” the first novel in the series opens to Meredith asserting the reasons why she dare not use her real name. She fears that if her real name were known, it would not be long before word traveled to her dreaded aunt, who styles herself as the Queen of Darkness and Air that is looking to kill her. Having fled the royal court a few years past, she is currently working at a detective agency and uses her magical abilities sparingly so as not to attract attention. Back home she is known as Princess Meredith NicEssus, and is presumed dead.

She has been very careful to keep her identity secret from anyone she meets on the mean streets of Los Angeles. Now the shadows have found her and what follows is an adrenaline-charged narrative as the running ends only for the biggest fight of her life to begin. “A Kiss of Shadows” is an excellent novel rich with dangerous magic, fantasy, folklore, and erotica, which are the signature elements of one of the best urban fantasy writers of the century.


A Kiss of Shadows:The first novel in the series is one of Laurell K. Hamilton’s best novels. It is rich and sensual tale that combines erotica, fantasy, thriller/suspense, and science fiction in an explosive narrative. The novel is an atypical romance set in a fantasy world, where fairies are accepted and fashionable.

The world is full of political intrigues and paranormal creatures that the author describes vividly making them full of color and life. Moreover, the novel excels in the creation of an intriguing and strong female protagonist that knows what she wants, and never lets up in her quest for it.

Swallowing Darkness: The seventh novel in the series is another fan favorite with one of the most exciting of story lines. Meredith the fairy princess is at last pregnant with twins by one of her royal guards. Her uncle Taranis lays claim to her unborn children and brands the guards a threat to the heirs to the kingdom. Taranis is not the only threat to her unborn children as her aunt is also looking to kill her and her children, as they are a threat to her son’s claim to the throne.

Even as she is surrounded by enemies, she finds a small band of friends among the sluagh and goblins, who will protect her and the yet to be born children. On her part, Meredith will do anything in her power to protect herself and wreak vengeance on anyone who declares themselves her enemy.

A Lick of Frost: The sixth novel in the Meredith Gentry series of novels is one of its darkest and most riveting. Meredith Gentry finds herself under the mercy of the dark Queen Andais her aunt, who commands her to bear a child who will be heir to the Unseelie throne. Never one to take orders from anyone let alone her evil aunt, Meredith escapes from the place she has known as home for years. The half-faerie half-mortal fairy princess makes her return to Los Angeles, only for her lovers and herself to find themselves trapped between human law, and the light and dark faerie courts.


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What Is The Next Book in The Merry Gentry Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Merry Gentry Series. The newest book is A Shiver of Light and was released on June, 3rd 2014.

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