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Mitch Tobin refers to a series of books by Donald E. Westlake. The author is undoubtedly one of the most prolific authors, of the crime fiction genre. Westlake began his writing career in the 1950’s, by penning down various novels for pulp houses. Within a year, Westlake penned more than four novels, using his different pseudonyms. However, it did not take long before he began writing novels using his real names.

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Order of Mitch Tobin Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Kinds of Love, Kinds of Death (By: Tucker Coe) 1966 Description / Buy
2 Murder Among Children ( By: Tucker Coe) 1967 Description / Buy
3 Wax Apple ( By: Tucker Coe) 1970 Description / Buy
4 A Jade In Aries ( By: Tucker Coe) 1970 Description / Buy
5 Don't Lie To Me ( By: Tucker Coe) 1972 Description / Buy
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John Dortmunder is Donald Westlake’s best-known character, who apart from being a ruthless criminal was also an unlucky thief. Westlake’s mode of writing eventually earned him three Edgar awards. One came in the year 1986 for the novel, God Save Mark and in the year 1990, for the novel, Too Many Crooks. Furthermore, Mystery Writers of America also awarded Donald E. Westlake with a Grandmaster Award.

Mitchell Tobin appeared in five novels by Westlake and the series is considered one of the most varied in the private eye genre of books. Tobin is obsessed and compulsive, a disgraced ex-cop and unlicensed private eye. He just wants to hide out in his backyard and build his wall, to keep the world out. He has a dark past, 1 years on the force and a dead partner. Tobin should’ve been there, but he was with his mistress in a hotel room. That cost him his job, now he just wants to get away from the world.

The real world won’t leave him alone though and there are cases that require his help. He starts to take on the occasional case, at the behest of his wife, and proves that he while he may be broken from his past – he’s still a pretty good cop.

Mitchel Tobin Series Awards

Despite the fact that none of the books in Mitchel Tobin book series has been nominated for a major award, author Donald Westlake was awarded more than three literary awards.

Mitchel Tobin Best Books

Kinds of Love, Kinds of Death: This is the first installment in the Mitchel Tobin book series. In this installment, author, Donald Westlake introduces the readers to Mitchel Tobin, a disgraced ex-police officer. After he was fired from the police force, Tobin is now unemployed. Kate, his wife, works at a local restaurant. The wife’s meagre wages and savings are what is keeping this family afloat, during the turbulent economic times. Since he is not employed, Tobin decides to be useful and begins to build up a wall, at his home.

This is a backbreaking work; thus there is a sense that it is not only a mindless distraction but also it is a physical punishment. As he continues to build the wall, Tobin cannot help but wonder, where did he go wrong. Tobin is now 39 years old, after serving in the police force for more than 18 years. During his 14th year in the force, Mitchel Tobin met Linda, who at then was Dick’s wife, a burglar.

One day as Tobin was working on the wall, a lowly intermediary approaches him to one, Ernie Rembek, a well-known gangster. The intermediary was an amiable czar, who had put on, a two hundred dollar suit. It is a little bit obvious that there is a little bit of detective work involved. However, the only problem is that Mitchel Tobin does not have a PI license. Rembek, informs him that he needs someone to do a cop like work. He also informs him, that he is more than determined to employ him due to the detective skills that he possesses.

At first, Tobin is a little bit hesitant and wants to send off Rembek. Upon noticing that Tobin was a little bit hesitant, Rembek decides to make an offer that Tobin could not turn down. Tobin is contracted to locate Rita Castle, who happens to be the mistress to Rembek. Rita Castle is a part-time actress, who had decided to run away with a huge amount of money that belonged to Rembek.

Behind, she decided to leave an extremely cruel note. However, because Rembek is smitten, he is more than determined to have her lover back. Since all the evidence shows that Rita ran away, with a person, who Rembek’s knows about, another member of the corporation. The main reason why Rembek needed Robin’s services was mainly that he needed someone who was going to ask all the delicate questions and be able to keep their mouths shut. As the first book in the Mitchell Tobin book series, this is an extremely strong start to a series.

Murder Among Children: This is the second book in the series and sees a group of young idealistic people in Greenwich Village opening up a coffee shop. They are the ideal of 1960s youth, but their optimism won’t last long when a crooked cop starts demanding bribes. One of the young people, Robin, calls for help from a distant relative: Mitchell Tobin. When Tobin arrives he finds his relative with a knife in his hand and covered in blood. Now, he’s got a case on his hands. Robin swears he didn’t do it and it’s up to Mitchell to clear his name in a nearly impossible task.

Other Book Series That You May Like

The “Parker” book series by David Westlake using his pen name of Richard Stark. The Seventh is one of the best books in the Richard Parker book series that introduces the readers to Parker, an extremely ruthless antihero and one of the most unforgettable characters.

Praised by critics for his unapologetic amorality, razor-sharp prose style, and taut realism, and adored by fans as well, David Westlake is undeniably a master in crime writing. In the novel, Seventh, a heist orchestrated during a college football game goes extremely bad. A crazed and violent amateur steals the take. To retrieve the cash, Parker must outrun both the killer and police as well.

What Is The Next Book in The Mitch Tobin Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Mitch Tobin Series. The newest book is Don\'t Lie To Me and was released on January, 31st 1972.

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