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“Private” is a crime fiction series written by James Patterson and Maxine Pietro. The first book of the series called simply “Private” was published in 2000. It revolves around Jack Morgan, the owner of one of the most luxurious detective agencies in the world, called Private. Just like many main characters of the crime fiction novels, Morgan has a military past. He was a Marine helicopter pilot performing missions in Afghanistan. After a horrific helicopter crash in which many of his friends got killed, Morgan decides to end his military career and renew Private, a detective agency established by his late father Tom. Tom Morgan was a first-class detective, but lost his reputation and eventually ended up in jail. Now it is upon Jack to clear his family name.

Order of Private Series

1Private2010Description / Buy
2Private London2011Description / Buy
3Private Games2012Description / Buy
4Private: #1 Suspect2012Description / Buy
5Private Berlin2013Description / Buy
6Private L.A.2014Description / Buy
7Private Down Under / Oz2014Description / Buy
8Private India2014Description / Buy
9Private Vegas2015Description / Buy
10Private Sydney / Missing2015Description / Buy
11Private Paris2016Description / Buy
12The Games2016Description / Buy
13Private Delhi / Count to Ten2017Description / Buy
14Princess2018Description / Buy
15Private Moscow:2020Description / Buy
16Private Rogue2021Description / Buy

Order of Bookshots: Private By: James Patterson, Jassy Mackenzie, Rees Jones

1Private Royals (Short Story)2016Description / Buy
2Private: Gold (Short Story)2017Description / Buy
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He does that by setting up an agency with a discreet approach to its clientele and unorthodox, yet efficient investigation techniques. Not everybody can afford Jack’s services, but as he lives in Los Angeles, he is at no risk of being out of a job. Jack lives an extravagant life, filled with beautiful women and wild parties, but also solves cases with great dedication along with his expert team, which covers everything from forensics to deduction, and is not afraid to bend the rules in order to solve the case.

In the first book of the series, Jack is torn up between several big cases as NFL goes through yet another scandal, and 18 schoolgirls are brutally murdered. In addition, Morgan receives a call from his best friend who informs him that his wife was killed. As Morgan himself had a history with the deceased, he is resolute to find her murderer.

Private Books into Movies/TV

In July 2013, it was announced that “Private” was to get its TV adaptation. Patterson was to produce it, with John Mclaughlin, who wrote “Black Swan” as a screenwriter. Brad Furman was supposed to direct the series, and it was announced that such names as Robert De Niro and Jan Rosenthal were to support the project with their “Tribeca Productions”. However, there was a hiatus in the production, and the TV show never came to be filmed.

Best Private Books

Besides “Private” which is considered to be a fine opening novel, the series has other acclaimed titles, such as “Private Suspect” ,”Private Paris”, and “Private Rio”.

“Private Suspect” is a follow-up to the first novel of the series. This time, the focus is on Jack, as his ex-girlfriend is found dead in his bed. Jack soon becomes the main suspect, but this is far from his only concern- he is occupied by dealing with the mafia chieftains who want him to conduct investigation for them, as well as to solve a series of murders in a nearby hotel. Is Jack able to handle these investigations as well as the one centered on him?

“Private Paris” is the tenth part of the series. It continues the tradition of the novel that almost every sequel is set in different attractive world destination. This time it is The City of Lights, as Jack decides to pay a visit to the branch of his agency located in the capital of France. The visit turns into a rigid investigation, as one of the clients hires Jack to find his missing granddaughter who is on the run from vicious drug dealers. On the other hand, Jack has to solve a ritual murder of the some of the prominent members of the French elite, with no other clue than a perplexing graffiti.

“Private Rio” is the eleventh installment of the Jack Morgan saga. In this novel the owner of the Private has a unique chance to experience all the charms of Brazil in the midst of the Olympics. Morgan has to fix the mistakes from the past when he was in charge of the security of the football World Cup. This time, he has to protect those involved in the most important sports event in the world, which is far from an easy task. Together with his team, Jack has to find out the hidden plot whose purpose is to turn Olympics into a gore fest. With millions of people strolling in and around the arenas, did he bit off more than he can chew?

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People who liked “Private” may enjoy reading the “Black Flagged” series by Steven Kokoly, which deals the complicated relations between agents in charge of the covert operations and the government officials in charge of those agents. Readers who liked Patterson’s style of writing may want to check out his other series, especially the “Alex Cross” saga, a highly acclaimed series about FBI agent Alex Cross, who has to deal with some of the toughest cases in Washington D.C. as well as his grief for his family.

What Is The Next Book in The Private Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Private Series. The newest book is Private Rogue and was released on July, 8th 2021.

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