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Catherine grew up in Cameron, Texas on a horse ranch. She wrote her first two books at the tender age of fourteen. She later wrote poetry while at the University of Texas as a freshman. Coulter also went to Boston College for a Master’s degree in European history. She later worked as a speechwriter for a Wall Street Senior Manager. Her husband was a medic, therefore, on most nights Catherine was left alone reading romantic tales. She developed an interest to write when on one night, she read a terribly written romantic book. He husband challenged her to the task of writing a better book. The two later plotted out a romantic gothic storyline.

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Order of Historical Regency Romances Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Rebel Bride ( By: Catherine Coulter) 1979 Description / Buy
2 The Countess/The Autumn Countess ( By: Catherine Coulter) 1979 Description / Buy
3 Lord Deverill's Heir/The Heir ( By: Catherine Coulter) 1980 Description / Buy
4 Lord Harry's Folly/Lord Harry ( By: Catherine Coulter) 1980 Description / Buy
5 The Generous Earl/The Duke ( By: Catherine Coulter) 1981 Description / Buy
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Her debut published novel was The Autumn Countess, written in 1978. After the success of her first book, Catherine quit her job to concentrate on full-time writing in 1982. She has written over 42 New York best sellers in the last 25 years. Catherine has been rewriting her previous Regency romances, turning them into lengthier historical novels.

Regency Awards

None of the books in the Regency book series has been nominated for any major literary awards.

Regency Books into Movies

None of the books in this series have been adapted for screenplay.

Best Regency Series Books

Regency Series: The Countess: Andrea Jameson is not a regular upper-class lady. She is youthful, wealthy, and pleasant, and loves her adorable terrier doggy, George. She is not looking find a husband, settle down and start a family. Andrea still vividly recalls her many painful memories from her childhood. But she has a plan. She struck a deal with an old widowed earl whose promise was marriage in name only. He will never demand anything from her. Later on, she met her husband’s nephew who keeps showing up in town lately. He soon captured her eye and thought it was too quick for her to delve into an arranged union. She may have erred in quick judgment. Andrea discovers that someone is trying to kill her. She is clearly torn apart between her loveless marriage and the man of her dreams. Will she live on to marry him? It’s all so terribly confusing. She’s not interested in a love marriage, but she finds John incredibly intriguing.

The Rebel Bride: Lady Katharine Brandon was a gorgeous beauty, with her rich reddish-brown hair, amazing green eyes, flawless face, and figure. But Katherine disregarded her beauty. She was apparently uninterested in her physical form. She dressed in a young man’s attire, practiced gun fighting with pistol and sword fighting with blades, gambled with poker cards, disobeyed her father’s instructions and dodged all suitors.

Katharine’s was taken aback when the superbly wealthy, infamously outgoing Julien St. Clair, Earl of March, insisted that Katherine is his wife. She was equally dismayed when her father arranged for the whole ordeal, and also received his worth for giving her away to this man. But in all of England, no one could ever imagine that a wealthy Lord would be denied, and a woman could refuse to be mastered. The preconceived marriage turned into a game which took far more than love to overcome all.

The Duke: The story is about Ian the Duke of Portman, who finds that he has inherited an earldom in Scotland. All is not well when he decides to go to Scotland, instead of staying through the season with his fiancé Felicity. He travels to Scotland to check his lands and his newly found relatives. Upon arriving; he finds illegal heirs, disowned males, and a Dowager Countess who has yet to come to terms with a stranger inheriting her kingdom. Ian also meets three lovely sisters. Brandy, the oldest of the three sisters, is still a teenager blossoming into a woman. She wishes she could stay forever young.

The Scottish family is quite peculiar, but Ian finally understands them and uses his wealth and power to make their castle home stand out. Ian grows to love Brandy despite her defiance and insecurities. In the end, they marry and live out the rest of their days in the magnificent castle. The Duke is a beautiful modern regency with many colorful characters like Grandma Adella, Brandy, her siblings Constance and Fiona, Ian, Felicity and much more. Brandy’s insecurities make her innocence seem unusual because her cousin Percy mercilessly picks on her. Despite her ignorance in physical features, she grows to love Ian day by day.

The duke’s plot was thrilling enough, ensuring that you were never bored. The dialogue was great too, actually the best part; the pacing and characters also well thought out. It was hard enough concluding the book in the end. The Duke is a mixture of love, romance, action and tons of drama. It is a good read.

What Is The Next Book in The Historical Regency Romances Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Historical Regency Romances Series. The newest book is The Generous Earl/The Duke and was released on April, 2nd 1981.

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