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Slough House is a series of spy thriller novels written by Mick Herron. The books follow a group of disgraced spies who have to go to extraordinary lengths to rejuvenate their careers.

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Order of Slough House Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Slow Horses ( By: Mick Herron) 2010 Description / Buy
2 Dead Lions (By: Mick Herron) 2013 Description / Buy
3 The List (Short Story) ( By: Mick Herron) 2015 Description / Buy
4 Real Tigers ( By: Mick Herron) 2016 Description / Buy
5 Spook Street ( By: Mick Herron) 2017 Description / Buy
6 London Rules ( By: Mick Herron) 2018 Description / Buy
7 The Marylebone Drop / The Drop (Short Story) ( By: Mick Herron) 2018 Description / Buy
8 Joe Country (By: Mick Herron) 2019 Description / Buy
9 The Catch (Short Story) ( By: Mick Herron) 2020 Description / Buy
10 Slough House (By: Mick Herron) 2021 Description / Buy
11 Bad Actors (By: Mick Herron) 2022 Description / Buy
12 Standing by the Wall (By: Mick Herron) 2022 Description / Buy
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Slow Horses, the first novel, sets the stage for the rest of the series by introducing the Slough House and its members.

River Cartwright, the protagonist of the novel, was going places. With a seasoned spy for a grandfather, his star in MI5 was expected to ascend into the stratosphere.

But then River did the unthinkable. His actions brought British Intelligence secrets to the attention of the public. His failure should have destroyed any hopes for a future in MI5.

But River had connections. His grandfather was very much retired. But the old man had plenty of clout, and no one would risk crossing him. So, rather than a severe sacking, River was sent to the Slough House, a dumping ground that British Intelligence used to store agents who had screwed up spectacularly.

For spies like River, the Slough House was meant to be a nightmare; a dull, uneventful environment that kept its workers busy with mundane tasks. The objective was to wear these so-called Slow Horses down to a point where they eventually resigned on their own.

River knew he would never survive in the Slough House. He understood that resignation on his part would permit MI5 to sweep his entire scandal under the rug. So they had no intention of making his stay at the Slough House pleasant.

When a young man was abducted and threatened with beheading, River saw the case as his one opportunity to attain redemption. But a cursory investigation into the matter quickly proved to River that he might have bitten off far more than he could chew.

The Slough House series chronicles River Cartwright’s adventures after he realizes that merely sticking his nose into a suspicious abduction is unlikely to erase all his past failures.

While River takes center stage in the first Slough House novel, he isn’t the story’s only protagonist.

Each book throws additional light on the rest of the slow horses, River’s colleagues, fellow agents who British Intelligence discarded.

They include Jackson Lamb, the man in charge of the Slough house, a rude, overweight, unkempt fellow with a keen mind.

Then there is Roderick Ho, the computer enthusiast who uses his expertise to keep his friends and allies in line. You also have Luisa Guy who does virtual surveillance. Along with Catherine Standish, all these men and women are determined to reclaim their past glory.

And more often than not, that involves putting their lives on the line to investigate mysteries, murders, and crimes.

Slough House Awards

Slough Horses was long-listed for a Steel Dagger Award. Deadlines was shortlisted for the Barry and Macavity Awards. It also won the Gold Dagger Award. Real Tigers was shortlisted for Gold Dagger, Steel Dagger, and Theakston Old Peculier Prizes.

It won the Last Laugh Award. Spook Street was shortlisted for Barry, Theakston Old Peculier, and Last Laugh Awards.

London Rules was shortlisted for a Gold Dagger and a Steel Dagger Award.

Best Slough House Books

These novels have been praised for their witty prose and the author’s intricate plotting, with some of the best books in the series including:

Dead Lions: When River Cartwright screwed up, he was sent to the Slough House. Now, like his fellow slow horses, he keeps looking for new ways to revive his career.

When a spy from the cold war dies on a bus, Jackson Lamb, the despicable leader of the slow horses, decides to investigate.

Lamb is certain that Dickie Bow was murdered and if he can prove it, the irascible fellow’s career prospects could change for the better.

Real Tigers: MI5’s disgraced operatives are supposed to spend the rest of their careers in the Slough House, doing all the dull but necessary work that would put most agents to sleep.

When one of the slow horses is kidnapped, Jackson Lamb, River Cartwright and the rest of her colleagues leap into action, breaking into Regent’s Park to acquire sensitive information that could save their friend’s life.

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What Is The Next Book in The Slough House Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Slough House Series. The newest book is Standing by the Wall and was released on November, 1st 2022.

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