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Belle Andre is a USA Today, New York Times bestselling author who is widely known for the Morrisons series and the Sullivans series. As an accomplished author, Bella Andre has managed to sell more than 6 million copies, most of which have been number one bestsellers throughout the world.

Order of Sullivans Series

1The Look of Love2011Description / Buy
2From This Moment On2011Description / Buy
3Can't Help Falling in Love2011Description / Buy
4I Only Have Eyes for You2012Description / Buy
5If You Were Mine2012Description / Buy
6Let Me Be the One2012Description / Buy
7Come A Little Bit Closer2012Description / Buy
8Always on My Mind2013Description / Buy
9The Way You Look Tonight2013Description / Buy
10Kissing Under the Mistletoe2013Description / Buy
11It Must Be Your Love2013Description / Buy
12One Perfect Night (Short Story)2014Description / Buy
13Just To Be With You2014Description / Buy
14I Love How You Love Me2014Description / Buy
15All I Ever Need Is You2015Description / Buy
16Every Beat Of My Heart (Short Story)2016Description / Buy
17Now That I've Found You2016Description / Buy
18Since I Fell for You2016Description / Buy
19Sweeter than Ever (Short Story)2017Description / Buy
20You Do Something To Me2017Description / Buy
21Every Time We Fall In Love2018Description / Buy
22Falling In Love All Over Again2018Description / Buy
23Your Love Is Mine2019Description / Buy
24There Goes My Heart2019Description / Buy
25When You Kiss Me2020Description / Buy
26Hold on to My Heart2021Description / Buy
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At Amazon, Bella Andre Sullivan has been ranked as number one in a list that included some of the biggest names in the literary world such JK Rowling, Steven King and James Patterson. Apple iBooks have named Bella Andre as one of the bestselling authors of all times.

Best Sullivans Books

The Look of Love: Not only are the characters in the Look of Love highly likable, but they are also quite engaging and hold a certain appeal which will definitely make the readers respect them and the choices that they make as well. In the center of a storm, Chase Sullivan a professional photographer finds one Chole just by the roadside. Thinking that he is doing a great deed, Chase Sullivan decides to pull over and assist the woman who by then was drenched.

Once he pulled over, Chase Sullivan convinces the woman to get into his car and eventually takes the woman to her brother’s winery, where she is expected to spend the night. Due to what she has been through, Chloe has learned to shield her heart like a prison cell. From the look of things, nothing will get through the walls of her heart. However, Chase possesses this rather uncanny ability to tease her and also make her feel safe in his arms.

Sullivan does not in any way try to push her. Instead, he begins by slowly coaxing her in a lethal dose of seduction, which will eventually end Chloe in complete surrender. Author Belle Andre has amped the sexual tension in the Look of Love. There are several scenes, which will make the readers heart pump much faster, and palms sweat.

While the sex scenes between Chase and Chloe was wonderfully done, there are instances when the readers will feel cut off. Bella Andre has the ability to make the readers want more. She has also managed to create the Look of Love characters that are larger than life. One such character is Marcus, the owner of the winery and the brother to chase will make a lasting impression on the readers.

From This-Moment On: In From This-Moment On we meet once again with Marcus, who happens to be the oldest among the brothers. Marcus became the head of the family when their father died and ever since then he has been rock solid. Marcus is the owner of an extremely successful winery and from the look of things has his life already planned out. Furthermore, Marcus also has a perfect fiancée.

Towards the end of The Look of Love, the readers get to see that Marcus’s life is not that perfect and his fiancée was quite bitchy and quite disrespectful. While Marcus was not looking for revenge, his only wish was that someone that was so much better replaced the lying and the cheating partner. It is at this point that author Belle Andre introduces the readers to Nicola, a fast-rising pop star, who from time to time is hounded by both the press and the fans. Nicola loves the music that she makes, her fans as well.

However, Nicola has been burned by love and one man’s rise to fame at her expense. One night, both Marcus and Nico attend the same nightclub. The two of them are looking for a mindless and lust filled night. When Nico and Marcus first meet, their passion is quite evident.

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Helen Hardt’s humiliation is still very ripe and does not expect to find herself attracted to the brother of her best friend. However, things begin to change when the cowboy kisses Jade.

What Is The Next Book in The Sullivans Series?

The next book in the The Sullivans Series by Bella Andre is Hold on to My Heart and will be released on November, 18th 2021.

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