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Superintendent Battle Book series is the story about a fictional character, Superintendent Battle. Superintendent battle is best known for his good sense and the careful management of cases as they proceed. Battle relies mainly on the notion that police officers and detectives are not only imaginative but also extremely stupid when he has a great idea of everything happening. Towards the of the last installment, the reader has no idea of Battle’s domestic arrangements, however, according to a comment in the first book, we are informed that he has a wife, five children.

Order of Superintendent Battle Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Secret of Chimneys ( By: Agatha Christie) 1925 Description / Buy
2 The Seven Dials Mystery ( By: Agatha Christie) 1929 Description / Buy
3 Cards on the Table (By: Agatha Christie) 1936 Description / Buy
4 Murder is Easy / Easy To Kill (By: Agatha Christie) 1939 Description / Buy
5 Towards Zero ( By: Agatha Christie) 1944 Description / Buy
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Superintendent Battle Awards

None of the books in this series were nominated for any awards, though they performed extremely well.

Superintendent Battle Books into Movies

After the success of Why Didn’t They Ask Evans in the year 1980, the second installment in the series, The Seven Dials Mystery, was adapted for television and converted into a 2 hours 20 minutes television drama by London Weekend Television. The team, which had worked on Why Didn’t They Asked Evans, which consisted of Jack Williams and Tony Wharmby, were assigned the second book in the Superintendent Battle book series. Due to the success of the second book, the company once again commissioned Partner’s in Crime and The Secret Adversary for a 1983 Transmission.

Best Superintendent Battle Books

The Secret of the Chimneys: One of the best performing books in the Superintendent Battle book series is The Secret of the Chimneys. As one of the best cozy mysteries in the market, The Secret of the Chimneys not only has a grand ancestral house which is filled with secret passages, it also has mysterious deaths, compromising documents, famous thieves, fun characters and disguised identities. Somewhere within the African Continent, two buddies meet and have an exceedingly strange conversation about the memoirs of an exceedingly famous Balkan leader and stolen love letters. Among the two friends is one, Antony Cade, who eventually returns to England with the intention of handing the letters back and also have a look at the biographies published.

However, on one fine day, a strange man visits Clyde wanting the book. Upon looking around, he finds out that the letters are not what he had initially thought. Furthermore, unknown to her, she was going to involve him in an enigmatic murder. The Chimneys is the residence of the Marquis of Caterham and is also an exceedingly great place for political reunions. All the characters in the book are going to end up in the Chimney’s while looking for an exceedingly famous jewelry which was stolen several years ago and is somehow connected to the letters.

When a man is killed, Battle is once again called to the Chimney’s so as to investigate the clues and also establish as to whether he will be able to solve the murder and also unravel the mystery which surrounds the lost jewelry.

Everything in the book happens in an extremely secretive atmosphere and one that is full of political intrigue since everything that happens in the book is influenced by the government of Herzoslovakia. The political events which are mentioned in the book, somehow felt as if they were inspired by what was happening in the Balkans at that point in time. This is excellent.

The Seven Dials Mystery: Another book which performed extremely well in the Superintendent series is the Seven Dials Mystery. The Seven Dials Mystery begins at a house party where the attendants are having an exceedingly great time. As the party proceeds, one of the attendants of at the party makes fun of another, about how he is a late riser. The following morning, the attendant is found dead, due to a drug overdose.

The police rule the death as an accident. A number of days later, Eileen Brent, the daughter of the proprietor of the Chimney, stumbles upon an incomplete later at the mansion. Wade right before his death wrote the letter to his sister. In the letter, Wade talks about the seven dials. Who or what exactly is the seven dial is something of a mystery.

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What Is The Next Book in The Superintendent Battle Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Superintendent Battle Series. The newest book is Towards Zero and was released on June, 1st 1944.

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