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The Cingulum is a series of science fiction novels written by John Maddox Roberts. A native of Ohio who grew up in Texas, Maddox moved around a lot as a child, eventually joining the army after his college kicked him out.

Order of The Cingulum Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Cingulum ( By: John Maddox Roberts) 1985 Description / Buy
2 Cloak of Illusion ( By: John Maddox Roberts) 1985 Description / Buy
3 The Sword, the Jewel and the Mirror ( By: John Maddox Roberts) 1988 Description / Buy
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Following a stint in Vietnam, Roberts took up writing in the mid-1970s. During those early years, Roberts primarily wrote science fiction and it was in that period of time that the author published the Cingulum series.

It wasn’t until the late 1980s that the author began to experiment with contemporary and historical mystery fiction, a development that rewarded him with some critical acclaim and recognition.

The Cingulum series tells an insane science fiction story. It takes place in a universe that isn’t wholly controlled by the rules of physics. Human colonies occupy a considerable portion of space and they have thrived for the most part.

Trouble arises when an entity known as the Bahadur Tyranny emerges and begins to either conquer or destroy human worlds.

This John Maddox Roberts saga picks up in The Cingulum, the first novel in the series. A Motley crew of cookie characters has been dispatched to the Cingulum. The Cingilum is a galactic alliance that could rival the strength of the Bahadur Tyranny.

The last bastion of hope in a darkening universe, a section of space that has rather valiantly fought off conquest, the crew of the Eurynome has no idea what awaits them when they first undertake their mission.

They do not know that within the Cingulum is a wide array of bizarre worlds that oppose logic and which boast dangers the likes of which most rational minds have never imagined.

And in venturing into the Cingulum, this collection of disparate individuals has no idea that they will play a much grander role in the times to come, with their actions determining the fate of the universe as they know it.

At the center of this series is Rama, a master criminal and a hybrid of sorts, having been genetically blended with the cat. Then there’s Haakon, a former naval captain who is drawn back into the action because of the difficult nature of the times.

Together, they do what they can to keep the horde of misfits under them together and alive.

The Cingulum series is unlikely to appeal to readers with a preference for serious fantasy. John Maddox Roberts isn’t some secret engineer who uses his expertise in the field to explore fantastical concepts that grounded in reality and who endeavors to tell stories that attempt to prognosticate about man’s future.

Roberts is a storyteller with a crazy imagination. And while the first few pages of the first Cingulum book attempt to toe the line of serious science fiction, things go haywire once the crew of the Eurynome actually begin their adventure, at which point readers are bombarded with everything from mushroom-shaped mountains to dinosaurs and dragons.

These novels are fast-paced and rather wild, designed to entertain with exciting tales filled with action and adventure.

Best The Cingulum Books

The Cingulum series tends to appeal to readers who love the over the top approach that Science Fiction of the 70s and 80s took, with some of the best books in this series including:

The Cingulum: The universe stands at a knife’s edge. The scourge that is the Bahadur Tyranny continues to spread unopposed. Only the Cingulum remains unmoved, the only star system around that has refused to bow to Bahadur Tyranny.

Rama is a feline criminal. She joins a former naval captain called Haakon as they lead a crew of misfits on a mission to infiltrate the Cingulum. Things quickly go wrong when the team ends up in another dimension.

The Sword, the jewel, and the Mirror: The Eurynome is back, and its crew is still trying to maneuver the Cingulum, a region of space choked with all manner of bizarre worlds. Haakon and Rama have taken upon themselves the responsibility of saving a world called Meridian. Their fight will bring them into contention against Pancho Villa and Japan’s Shogun.

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What Is The Next Book in The Cingulum Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Cingulum Series. The newest book is The Sword, the Jewel and the Mirror and was released on May, 1st 1988.

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