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The Donovan Legacy is a series of Fantasy Romance novels written by Nora Roberts. The books follow the exploits of a group of witches whose supernatural adventures take a steamy turn when they fall head over heels in love.

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Order of The Donovan Legacy Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Captivated ( By: Nora Roberts) 1992 Description / Buy
2 Entranced ( By: Nora Roberts) 1992 Description / Buy
3 Charmed ( By: Nora Roberts) 1992 Description / Buy
4 Enchanted ( By: Nora Roberts) 1999 Description / Buy
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Captivated, the first novel in the series, introduces readers to Morgana Donovan. Morgana is a witch. But few acknowledge her gifts and she is more than happy to maintain the façade of an ordinary woman pretending to wield supernatural power.

Morgana never expected Nash Kirkland to weasel his way into her heart. They had a business arrangement. Nash was a successful screenwriter and he has stumbled upon his latest idea for a big budget blockbuster.

But he needed help fleshing out the supernatural aspects. So he found and asked Morgana to consult on the project. Nash thought Morgana was playing pretend. And at first, he didn’t care.

All he wanted was her knowledge of the beliefs and customs that had persisted in the Wiccan community. But then he began to fall for her and everything changed. Morgana was thrown into a corner where she had to choose to either expose the true nature of her life to Nash or retreat from the spark that had ignited between them.

The Donovan Legacy series starts with Morgana’s story but it doesn’t end with her. She isn’t the only Donovan with special powers. And once her story ends, Nora Roberts unravels the lives of her cousins.

Like Morgana, Sebastian, Anastasia, and Liam are witches. They each possess a unique set of gifts. Some of the Donovans take a secretive approach to their powers. They have no interest in exposing what they can do to the world.

Others are happy to flaunt their powers. Though, in many cases, only a select few believe in their gifts.

Each installment in the Donovan Legacy series follows a particular Donovan cousin. Roberts first delves into the lives they have lived up to that point as witches, and then she upends their existence by introducing a love interest.

The man or woman is reluctant to believe in the power claimed by the Donovan Cousin. And the Donovan cousin in question doesn’t actually care enough to prove their authenticity, at least not initially.

But then a situation binds the protagonists, placing them in circumstances during which they have no choice but to bond. And as their spark grows, the Donovan cousin is forced to reveal their supernatural origins.

Even with the supernatural angle, these books follow the basic tropes of the average romance novel. For instance, the protagonists fall for one another from the moment they meet.

But a conflict keeps manifesting and pushing them apart. One or both protagonists are reluctant to pursue a romantic relationship, and it takes extraordinary circumstances to bring the walls around their heart crashing down.

Roberts, the author, has written over two hundred romance novels under a variety of pen names.

Best Donovan Legacy Books

These novels use their supernatural angle less like a driving force and more like a backdrop to the romance at the heart of each story, with the best novels in the series including:

Captivated: Nash Kirkland wanted to write a movie script featuring witches. So she randomly chose Morgana out of a book and asked the self-professed witch to consult on the project.

Nash thought Morgana was a fake. But he was still blown away by her beauty. Morgana for her part couldn’t stop Nash from sneaking his way into her heart. Now she must decide how much of her heritage she should reveal to him.

Enchanted: Sebastian is a real psychic. But Mary, private investigator thinks he’s a fraud. However, she has a tough case on her hands and Sebastian might be the only person capable of helping her.

When she first tentatively seeks him out, she doesn’t expect Sebastian to penetrate her tough façade.

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What Is The Next Book in The Donovan Legacy Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Donovan Legacy Series. The newest book is Enchanted and was released on July, 2nd 1999.

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  1. I am so glad to see that there will be more of the Donovan series. I have just finished Captivated and Entranced ..again. They are totally wonderful. Thank you for all your wonderful stories…I loved the Three Sisters Island series and many more. I love to reread them.

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