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Tim Rackley is the chief protagonist in the Tim Rackley series of novels by Gregg Andrew Hurwitz. The Rackley character made his debut in the first novel of the series, The Kill Clause published in 2003. The novels are generally classified as crime mystery thrillers.

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Order of Tim Rackley Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Kill Clause ( By: Gregg Hurwitz) 2003 Description / Buy
2 The Program ( By: Gregg Hurwitz) 2004 Description / Buy
3 Troubleshooter ( By: Gregg Hurwitz) 2005 Description / Buy
4 Last Shot ( By: Gregg Hurwitz) 2006 Description / Buy
5 Dirty Weather (Short Story) ( By: Gregg Hurwitz) 2015 Description / Buy
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Tim Rackley is a deputy U.S. Marshal, and a man of honor who does his work diligently. The novel begins after the death of his daughter at the hands of a killer, who later gets out on a legal technicality. The incident shatters his faith in the legal system making him quit his job to join a group of vigilantes seeking justice for victims like his daughter.

The first novel in the series introduces Tim Rackley, a furious, devastated, and dangerous man who feels betrayed by a flawed judicial system, after his daughter’s killer walks on a legal technicality. Now seeking to exact righteous vengeance, he is exploring options, most of which are in the shady area between the law and justice. He is soon talking to a group of vigilantes known as the Commission, who are very willing to let him in. The vigilante group is full of people like Rackley – persons that have at one time or another lost a loved one and seen the killer walk due to the failings of the system. The Commission’s stated aim is to face up to the mistakes of the legal system by permanently, efficiently, and covertly eliminating predators let loose by the system.

But as he becomes more involved in the murderous justice and hidden agendas of the shadowy group, Rackley finds that the task of playing God is a fearsome and excruciating one. A few months into his new secret life, things start going wrong at an alarming speed as he struggles to save the most important things in his life. He is now fighting for his life, his marriage, his career, and even his soul.


In 2012, TNT in conjunction with show runner Shawn Ryan and Greg Hurwitz teamed up to adapt the Tim Rackley series of novels into a movie. Shawn Ryan who is based at Sony Pictures TV will act as executive producer, alongside Gregg Hurwitz who will also serve as the scriptwriter.


Troubleshooter The third novel in the Tim Rackley series of novels is one of the most high regarded in the series. Driven by his legendary thirst for justice and a sense of morality, Rackley takes on Den Laurey, the head of one of the most vicious of biker gangs in the state. Rackley should have been in prison, but he engineered one of the most daring escapes in law enforcement history, that left several marshals dead. Even with the backing of the Los Angeles law enforcement community, he has to navigate a dangerous world full of undercover cops and criminals, drugs, lies and deception that would have broken a lesser man. But with time running out and the stakes rising, he needs to find the dangerous biker before he unleashes his violence on the streets of Los Angeles.

The Program: The second novel in the Tim Rackley series of novels is another fan favorite. The action packed thriller sees Tim of the U.S. Marshals service charged with saving the daughter of an influential Hollywood director from the clutches of a mind control cult. This is not the usual job that Rackley has been used to, as he faces a motley crew ranging from the messianic and charismatic cult leader, and the highly vulnerable though intelligent Leah. With terror, manipulation, and lies the name of the game, his very own sanity is at stake.

The Last Shot: Another excellent novel in the series is the fourth novel, The Last Shot that has one of the most exciting of chases for the chief protagonist Tim Rackley. When Walker Jameson an imprisoned Recon Marine makes a seemingly impossible escape from one of the most secure prisons in California, it is left to Rackley to track and apprehend the dangerous character. But this is not the ordinary criminal he is used to as Jameson has a single-minded determination, and possesses cunning and lethal skills that make him almost a mirror image of Tim.


Many fans of the Tim Rackley series of novels also love the “Kate Mckinnon” series by Jonathan Santlofer. These mystery thrillers feature Kate McKinnon a former cop who now doubles as socialite, impresario, and philanthropist that also helps the police in tracking down violent killers. Tim Rackley fans also enjoy the “Frank Clevenger” series of novels by Keith Ablow. Clevenger is a forensic psychiatrist that has dedicated his life to the search for justice and truth, regardless of the risk and consequences

What Is The Next Book in The Tim Rackley Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Tim Rackley Series. The newest book is Dirty Weather and was released on April, 14th 2015.


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