Walt Longmire Books

Walt Longmire is a character featured in the Walt Longmire novels series by Craig Johnson. The Cold Dish was the first novel in the series released in 2004. His novels cater to the genre crime, mystery, detective, and fiction.

Order of Walt Longmire Mysteries

# Read Title Published
1 The Cold Dish 2004
2 Death Without Company 2006
3 Kindness Goes Unpunished 2007
4 Another Man's Moccasins 2008
5 The Dark Horse 2009
6 Junkyard Dogs 2010
7 Hell Is Empty 2011
8 As the Crow Flies 2012
9 Divorce Horse 2012
10 A Serpent's Tooth 2013
11 Spirit of Steamboat 2013
12 Any Other Name 2014
13 Dry Bones 2015
14 An Obvious Fact 2016
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Order of Walt Longmire Short Stories

# Read Title Published
1 Christmas in Absaroka County 2012
2 Messenger 2013
3 Wait for Signs: Twelve Longmire Stories 2014
4 The Highwayman 2016
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The character Walt Longmire is a native of Durant, Wyoming. He graduated from the University of Southern California and was then drafted in the Marine Corps. He received many notable gallantries in the Marine Corps and then returned to his native town. He was elected as the Sheriff of Absaroka County Sheriff in November 1998. Walt is a widower and his wife of 25 years, Martha died of cancer. He has a daughter named Cady who is an attorney in Philadelphia and Walt’s closest friend is called Henry Standing Bear.

The book “Cold Dish” mentions that Longmire has served as a sheriff for 24 years and plans to contest a reelection. The plot revolves around the death of a local boy who is found dead in the mountains of Wyoming. The dead boy and three others were accused of raping a Cheyenne girl. They were later released as found not guilty. Another boy among them is killed. The Sheriff Longmire steps in to investigate the case and safeguard the remaining two boys.

Walt Longmire Awards:

Several of the books in the Walt Longmire series have earned the New York Bestseller title. These include As the crow flies, Hell in Empty, Wait for Signs, A Serpent’s Tooth, the Johnson’s collection-of short stories and Any Other Name. The Dark Horse received the Publisher’s weekly award in 2009. This book along with the Cold Dish was the finalist for Dily’s awards. The Wyoming-Historical Association award for the ‘Book of the Year’ was awarded to Death Without Company.

Another Man’s Moccasins has received acclaimed awards from The (WW)Western Writers-of America and The Mountain and Plain association. Hell is Empty was awarded by the Library Journal and the Spirit of-Steamboat was introduced in 63 libraries and acclaimed by the State-Library of Wyoming. The Walt Longmire series books have earned awards from the Left Coast Crime. An excellent crime novel, As the crow flies has received the Rocky award. The Junkyards dog was a gripping mystery novel that won the Watson-Award.

Walt Longmire Books Into Movies/TV:

The Longmire A&E TV series was aired on TV in 2012. It was later available on Netflix. It stars Robert Taylor as Sheriff Walt Longmire.

Best Walt Longmire Books:

Kindness Goes Unpunished: This is an incredible work in the Walt Longmire series, published as book-3 in the series. This story is about Walt’s mission of discovering his daughter Cady’s brutal attackers. This story is set in a big city. Cady’s boyfriend, the prime suspect, dies suspiciously. He goes to Philadelphia to investigate the assault and discovers his daughter’s association with Salvadoran narcotics smuggling operation. Victoria Moretti, a deputy, and Walt’s friend Henry, help him in the solving the mystery.

Another Man’s Moccasins: This was the fourth book of the Walt Longmire series. A Vietnamese girl is found dead on the Wyoming highway. A homeless Indian and Vietnamese vet is found near the crime scene. He has a purse which carries the dead girl’s photograph. Longmire tries to establish a link between the two cases and carries the investigations further. Longmire had previously carried out expeditions in the Vietnamese jungles as a marine cop. His old foes surface to thwart his efforts in solving the case.

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