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Alex Michaelides is a British author that writes psychological thrillers. A native of Cyprus, Alex’s father was Greek. His mother was English. He attended Trinity College (Cambridge University) from where he pursued English literature. As a child, the author was fortunate to have a mother that read a lot.

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1 The Silent Patient 2019 Description / Buy
2 The Maidens 2021 Description / Buy
3 The Fury 2024 Description / Buy
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She had a decent collection of books that included the works of authors like Margaret Atwood and Evelyn Waugh. Alex was 12 years old when he came across Agatha Christie. He couldn’t get enough of her books. Eventually, he decided that he wanted to write stories just like the ones that had entertained him so much.

‘The Silent Patient’, his first novel, was inspired by Agatha Christie’s work. However, it had complex psychological elements that Alex chose to explore after acquiring some first-hand experience with the field of psychotherapy.

Initially, the author was just a patient. Then he began to study the subject of psychotherapy. His sister, a psychiatrist, got him a place at a unit that treated teenagers. Back then, Alex had no idea that his time at the secure unit would influence the novel he would write in the future.

But the experience was still impactful. The author isn’t afraid to admit that it changed his life. He only left because he wanted to take his writing more seriously. The author had spent so much time in his position at the unit that he was on the verge of accepting long-term patients, a development that would have taken him away from his writing.

Additionally, Alex met some less than pleasant people during his studies that tainted his love for psychotherapy. Once he sat down to write ‘The Silent Patient’, he was confident in his ability to write about psychiatric units, patients, and therapists.

The novel was a massive hit that dominated the New York Times Bestseller list. But it wasn’t the first story he wrote. Before he started writing novels, Alex Michaelides was a screenwriter. His resume includes movies like ‘The Devil You Know’ with Rosamund Pike and ‘The Con Is On’ with Uma Thurman.

Screenwriting taught Alex a multitude of lessons that came in handy later on when he decided to turn his attention to novels. He was always aware of the fact that he needed to maintain a steady pace. He had to keep things moving. People like Billy Wilder reminded him that every scene had to have a plot point. Otherwise, it was wasted.

Uma Thurman told him that he had to include an iconic image in every scene. That piece of wisdom helped him on his journey. Alex appreciates the vast differences between novels and screenplays.

More specifically, he loves the freedom associated with novels. The process of writing a novel is far less cluttered because it is a solitary undertaking. With films, Alex was the least important person on the team. The screenplays he wrote had to go through so many hands before they became movies. Novels are simpler. He is free to take his story in any direction he wants. No one can tell him otherwise.

Alex Michaelides Awards

Alex won the Goodreads Choice Award in 2019. He received a Barry Award nomination in 2020.

Best Alex Michaelides Books

The author avoids modern thrillers. He doesn’t read them because he doesn’t want the books to subconsciously influence his stories. Alex’s best books include:

The Silent Patient: Alicia Berenson was a famous painter. As far as anyone could tell, she was perfectly happy. Her decision to shoot her husband in the face made no sense. She fired the gun five times. Once the deed was done, she went mute. She did not speak another word.

Her case turned Berenson into a star. While the public debated her motive, the value of Berenson’s art skyrocketed. When Theo Faber decided to visit her, his only goal was to discover the truth behind her violent actions. The criminal psychotherapist did not expect the mystery to consume him.

The Maidens: Edward Fosca was a celebrity. A professor at Cambridge University, he had a long line of adoring fans. That included The Maidens, a secret society of female students that admired Fosca.

Mariana’s interest in The Maidens was rooted in the fact that her niece, Zoe, had a friend in the secret society. When she died, Mariana decided to investigate. The therapist was certain that Fosca had committed murder. But she couldn’t figure out why.

When Does The Next Alex Michaelides book come out?

Alex Michaelides doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is The Fury and was released on January, 16th 2024.

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