Alexander McCall Smith Books

Alexander McCall Smith is a renowned author who has wrote several books with some of the books making into TV series. He was born is Zimbabwe and worked as a professor of law upon graduating at Scotland.

He has written several books including picture books and children’s novels as well as short stories. Some of the books written by McCall smith include Other Tales From Africa and The Girl who Married a Lion.

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# Read Title Published
1 Alix and the Tigers 1988
2 Suzy Magician 1990
3 The Tin Dog 1990


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Alexander McCall Smith Awards

Throughout his career, McCall Smith has won many awards. The Tears of the Giraffe written in 2000 entered the Guardian’s top ten fiction books. In 2003, The Full Cupboard of Life won was awarded the Saga Award. Moreover, McCall Smith won the British Book Awards Author of The Year award. In addition, the Times Literary Supplement awarded The No.1 Ladies Detective as one of the international book of the Millennium.

Alexander McCall Smith Books into Movies

The No.1 Ladies Detective was adapted for TV broadcast in 2008. This novel talking about an amateur who turned into professional detective was aired on BBC 1. The novel has become popular worldwide and has now been translated into many languages.

Another novel that made into Television series is Corduroy Mansions. This novel has gained wide popularity across the world. Corduroy became the New York Times best seller and was broadcasted as Television Series on the BBC in 2008.

Another book that became popular and broadcasted in Television is The Saturday Big Tent Wedding. The series has been translated into 45 languages. Moreover, over 20 million copies have been sold. The first episode of the series was directed by Anthony Minghella and produced by Weinstein Company. The series was aired in March 2009 on HBO.

The Sunday Philosophy Club is another series that appeared in 2004. It talks about Isabel Dalhousie who is an intriguing woman. Upon broadcast on Television, The Sunday Philosophy Club became one of the best sellers around the world.

Best Alexander McCall Smith Books

McCall Smith wrote several books, but some of them became more popular around the world. Here are three of the best books by Alexander McCall Smith.

44 Scotland Street: this novel tells a story of Pat – a student who becomes a tenant at 44 Scotland Street during her second gap year. She is the main source of worry to her parents. At her new residence in Edinburg, she meets various neighbors. She falls in love with Bruce- a self centered surveyor. Another neighbor wanted to date her, but pat is not attracted to him. Things become more complicated when Bruce takes the painting that pat was keeping for Matthew at her house. Bruce takes the painting to a fundraising auction. After this, many other events unfold in this story.

Tears of a Giraffe: the story talks about Precious Ramotwse – the only female detective who is given the most challenging task of finding out what happened to the American who disappeared in Kalahari. As she is investigating the case, her fiancé and her housemaid are planning other things. Her fiancé, Matekoni, adopts two orphans without informing Ramotwe. He is worried that precious may send the orphans away. Meanwhile, the housemaid wants to get rid of her so as to continue seeing the male friends in Matekoni’s house. Meanwhile her secretary is promoted to become assistant detective who helps in the investigation. Ramotswe investigates the case using knowledge of human nature and common sense.

The Sunday Philosophy Club: this novel, which was published in 2004, features a protagonist named Isabel Dalhousie. She is a philosopher who is in her early forties and lives in an old house in Edinburg. Fortunately, she had big inheritance from her late mother. She now works as an editor of Applied Ethics Review. Isabel has a close friend known as Cat- a young beautiful woman who operates a delicatessen. She also has another friend called Grace- a bold woman who is interested in spiritualism. Isabel is secretly attracted to Jamie, Cat’s ex-boyfriend. On the Isabel’s garden lives an urban fox known as Brother Fox.

As Isabel was going to the theatre, she sees a young man falling to death. As the young man is falling, Isabel manages to catch his eyes and sees the expression of the shock on the face of the man. This suggests that police verdict on suicide is totally wrong. Isabel decides to know exactly what happens to the man.