Andrew Clements Books

Andrew Clements, who is an American national, is an author and doubles up as an editor and teacher. Clements’ niche is especially juvenile literature and his literary work encompasses both standalone books and series of books. Clements, who is a sexagenarian, was born in May 1949. Clements’ birthplace is Camden upon New Jersey, in the United States.

Order of Jake Drake Series

Order of Benjamin Pratt Series

# Read Title Published
1 We the Children 2010
2 Fear Itself 2011
3 The Whites of Their Eyes 2011
4 In Harm's Way 2013
5 We Hold These Truths 2013

Order of Pets To The Rescue Series

Order of Things Series

# Read Title Published
1 Things Not Seen 2002
2 Things Hoped For 2006
3 Things That Are 2008

Order of Reading Program Series

Order of Real Monsters Series

Order of Slippers Series

# Read Title Published
1 Slippers At School 2004
2 Slippers At Home 2004
3 Naptime For Slippers 2005
4 Slippers Loves to Run 2006

Order of Andrew Clements Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published
1 Bird Adalbert 1975
2 Big Al 1988
3 Santa's Secret Helper 1990
4 Temple Cat 1991
5 Noah and the Ark and the Animals 1991
6 Big Al and Shrimpy 1991
7 Mother Earth's Counting Book 1992
8 Billy and the Bad Teacher 1992
9 Who Owns the Cow? 1995
10 Bright Christmas 1996
11 Frindle 1996
12 Phillip's Birthday Book 1996
13 Double Trouble in Walla Walla 1997
14 Music Time, Any Time 1997
15 Snowden and the Christmas Joy Parade 1999
16 Workshop 1999
17 The Landry News 1999
18 Look Who's In The Thanksgiving Play! 1999
19 The Secret Father's Day Present 2000
20 The Christmas Kitten 2000
21 Circus Family Dog 2000
22 The Janitor's Boy 2000
23 Air from Other Planets 2000
24 Mouse Family 2000
25 Allegra's Window Board Book 2000
26 The Jacket 2001
27 The School Story 2001
28 A Week in the Woods 2002
29 Hey Dad, Could I Borrow Your Hammer 2002
30 The Report Card 2004
31 The Last Holiday Concert 2004
32 Lunch Money 2005
33 Because Your Daddy Loves You 2005
34 A Million Dots 2006
35 Room One 2006
36 A Strange Day in Mayville 2006
37 The Big Gust 2006
38 Dogku 2007
39 No Talking 2007
40 Lost and Found 2008
41 Extra Credit 2009
42 The Handiest Things in the World 2010
43 Troublemaker 2011
44 Because Your Mommy Loves You 2012
45 About Average 2012
46 The Map Trap 2014
47 Because Your Grandparents Love You 2015
48 The Losers Club 2017
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In his early age, Andrew Clements resided in Cherry Hill and Oaklyn, a township and borough in New Jersey, respectively, till he was a sixth grader. Thereafter, Clements’ family relocated from New Jersey to Springfield upon Illinois. Clements’ parents were bibliophiles and instilled in him the urge to read. Presently, Clements is domiciled in Maine.

For his O levels, Andrew Clements went to Springfield High School. For his undergraduate studies, Clements attended the Evanston-based Northwestern University wherein he majored in literature and later on received his bachelor’s degree in English Literature. For his postgraduate education, Clements enrolled at the Chicago-based National Louis University whereby he received his Master’s in Teaching degree.

Thereafter, Andrew Clements had a seven-year long teaching stint in Chicago schools; Clements taught fourth graders, eight graders, and high school students. Clements opines that he liked brainstorming sessions together with his pupils and students.

Andrew Clements: Early Writing Career
While still in Springfield High School, his teacher of English complimented him on a poem that he penned earlier and commended on its possible publication. Clements imagined himself as a writer and was greatly encouraged when Northwestern University professors further complimented his essays.

After witnessing a decline in the number of pupils and students enrolling and experiencing retrenchment twice, Andrew Clements quit teaching definitely. He relocated to New York and had a short-lived stint writing songs. Even then the ill-fated songwriting stint instilled in Clements a penchant for sitting to conjure things up.

Andrew Clements plunged into the publishing industry after he gave up on songwriting. He was acknowledged for his participation in the publication of the 1983 book entitled A County Christmas Treasury. However, his greatest inspiration for writing was during the time he worked for Picture Book Studio whereby his interaction with authors and book illustrators prompted him to publish his own picture books.

Andrew Clements, who prefers writing while keeping from the distractions of modern conveniences such as television and phone, debuted in 1996 and his debut book is called Frindle, a standalone. However, an earlier series that Clements wrote is called Things. The first edition of the first book in this trilogy was initially published in March 2002, titled Things Not Seen. This book is shelved under the young adult, fiction, fantasy, and science fiction genres.

Bobby Philips is the featured central character in Andrew Clements’ book Things Not Seen. Meet protagonist Bobby Phillips. Phillips is a normal teenage boy who attends a preparatory school. His father and mother are a physicist and English professor, respectively.

The turning point in Andrew Clements’ first book in the serialized Things, Things Not Seen, is the moment when Bobby Phillips becomes invisible out of the blue and his parents keep it under wraps. The invisible Phillips chances upon and befriends a blind girl called Alicia as his parents race against time to troubleshoot his invisibility in this Schneider Family Book Award-winning book.

Andrew Clements Awards

Andrew Clements has won many awards for his books. In 2004, Clements’s book Things Not Seen clinched Schneider Family Book Award and was nominated for the Rebecca Caudill Young Reader’s Award. In 2016, Clements’ book Frindle bagged the Phoenix Award. In 2006, Andrew Clements’ 2006 entitled Room One was nominated for the Agatha Award, in the Best Children’s Young Adult category; in 2017, the said book clinched the Edgar Award in the Best Juvenile category.

Between 1998 and 2001, Andrew Clements clinched many other contemporary awards ranging from choice awards to honor book awards. For instance, in 2009, Andrew Clements’ 2007 book No Talking clinched the Pennsylvania Young Readers’ Choice Award and Charlie May Simon Children’s Book Award.

In 2007, Andrew Clements’ 2007 book Lunch Money clinched the Keystone to Reading Book Award and Simon Honor Book Award. In 2006, Clements 2004 book titled The Report Card clinched the Charlie May Simon Children’s Award. In 2001, Clements’ 1999 book The Landry News clinched the Simon Honor Book Award. In 2005, Andrew Clements’ 2002 A Week in the Woods clinched the Keystone to Reading Book Award and Iowa Children’s Choice Award.

Best Andrew Clements Books

The following are the best books authored by Andrew Clements. The first is the aforementioned Things Not Seen.

Room One: It features a fifth grader called Ted Hammond who sees a mysterious face in a neglected farmhouse whose owners supposedly left two years previously.

Frindle: The third is titled Frindle. It features a troublemaker and lazy fifth grader called Nicholas Allen; in a bid to distract a teacher, Allen renames the pen–calling it frindle–and becomes famous nationally.

Other Books You May Like

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