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Angela Marsons is an author based out of the United Kingdom. She is best known for the DI Kim Stone series of books. This is a series of mystery novels that have become very popular for being fast-paced, exciting and unique for all people to look forward to.

Angela Marsons is a writer who started writing while in primary school. She has always written stories and has done everything she can to make her work stand out. She even entered various publication contests in the Writer’s News journal.

Order of D.I. Kim Stone Series

1Silent Scream 2015Description / Buy
2Evil Games 2015Description / Buy
3Lost Girls 2015Description / Buy
4Play Dead 2016Description / Buy
5Blood Lines 2016Description / Buy
6Dead Souls 2017Description / Buy
7Broken Bones 2017Description / Buy
8Dying Truth 2018Description / Buy
9Fatal Promise 2018Description / Buy
10Dead Memories 2019Description / Buy
11Child's Play 2019Description / Buy
12First Blood 2019Description / Buy
13Killing Mind 2020Description / Buy
14Deadly Cry 2020Description / Buy
15Twisted Lies 2021Description / Buy
16Stolen Ones 2021Description / Buy

Order of Angela Marsons Standalone Novels

1My Name Is / The Forgotten Woman 2013Description / Buy
2The Middle Child / Dear Mother 2014Description / Buy
3If Only 2021Description / Buy

Angela Marsons Anthologies

1 Dead Simple2017Description / Buy
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Her truest interest is in crime fiction and in solving mysteries. She is especially fascinated by detectives as they try to work hard and find a variety of different answers to many cases. She has particularly become popular after signing a book deal with Bookouture, thus making her the first crime author from the group.

Marsons is particularly inspired by a number of different crime thriller novelists like Alex Kava, Karin Slaughter and Val McDermid. The stories that she has created are certainly impressive and worthy of many of these writers.

Marsons had a unique path to becoming a professional writer that could be followed by many young writers in the future. After years of trying to write manuscripts that featured locations that she didn’t know with characters and storylines that she felt would be popular, each receiving kind rejection letters from publishers. She eventually decided to just write a story for herself, setting the book in her hometown area and avoiding anything glamorous or outrageous, instead choosing to stay true to the characters.

She passed the book to her partner who gave her good reviews and she ended up self publishing. From there her book was read by a top literary agent who then passed it to a publisher called Bookouture. They enjoyed the work and signed her to a deal. The digital publisher signed her to a four-book deal which she would quickly fulfill. Not without some drama though as her work introduced mandatory overtime while she was working on the second Kim Stone book and she was forced to make a choice. She chose writing.

Silent Scream hit #1 on the Amazon charts just two days after release and stayed there for a month. She later signed a print only deal with Bonnier Publishing for the first three Kim Stone books which saw her books appear in stores. She signed a follow-up deal for four books and then extended for another eight books. She was able to quit her day job and focus on writing full time. Angela Marsons is a true, inspirational story of success and shows the true power of what e-books have become.

The work of Angela Marsons is certainly fascinating and has become very popular in recent time among many different mystery fans. Her work has gotten to the top of the Amazon Kindle charts and has especiall been impressive for all to look forward to.

Angela Marsons Awards:

Angela Marsons has received support from Writer’s News and has gotten many of her short stories published in the prominent journal. These have helped her to get more exposure.

Marsons’ work has also received acclaim from many prominent literature publications like the Laughing Librarian, Northern Crime the Letter Book Reviews. Her work has especially resulted in many strong reviews from many different readers and organizations and continues to be very popular.

Best Angela Marsons Books:

Many of the books that Angela Marsons have written are in the DI Kim Stone series. Here are a few of the many different books that she has particularly made popular in recent time.

Silent Scream: This is the first book in the Kim Stone series. A series of murders have shocked the Black Country with there being no real stop over how the killings are taking place. Kim Stone goes out to try and find the killer only to discover that this could all be part of a trend that has been going on for decades and has been run by the same person. However, much of the case starts to bring back personal demons from Kim’s past.

Lost Girls: The third book in the Kim Stone series is a surprising thriller about two nine-year-olds who go missing. It turns out that there were both kidnapped. As the abductors continue to leave shocking messages to the childrens’ parents, Kim gets on the trail to find them. However, it turns out that the abductors have killed many in the past and have been willing to do anything they can to get what they want. It is up to Kim to save the kids and keep them from being harmed although the chances of them being found will start to get slim as time goes along.

The Middle Child: Angela Marsons has written other stories outside of the Kim Stone series. This 2014 book is about three sisters who are brought together after their mother dies. Their mother was known for being highly abusive and hostile. The middle child does not have too many memories of her abuse but as she thinks about her death, this leads to a review of the hostile behaviors that she got into. This leads to the three siblings try to discover the truth about their mother and to discover each other. However, it is unclear if they are all going to make it out alive.

The Forgotten Woman: This other book from Marsons is about two women from radically different backgrounds who get together to try and get over their addictions to alcohol. While the two are very different from each other, they know that in order to make it through in their lives that they have to think about what they can do to survive. This especially comes as temptations and their own pasts come out to haunt them.

When Does The Next Angela Marsons book come out?

The next book by Angela Marsons is Stolen Ones and will be released on November, 11th 2021. It is the newest book in the D.I. Kim Stone Series.

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