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Ann Granger is a British author that writes cozy and historical mysteries. She was born in Portsmouth in 1939. A former student at the University of London where she studied Modern languages, Granger spent a year teaching English in France before working for the British government at consulates and embassies in places like Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia.

Order of Mitchell and Markby Series

1Say It with Poison 1991Description / Buy
2A Season for Murder 1991Description / Buy
3Cold in the Earth 1992Description / Buy
4Murder Among Us 1992Description / Buy
5Where Old Bones Lie 1993Description / Buy
6A Fine Place for Death 1994Description / Buy
7Flowers for His Funeral 1994Description / Buy
8Candle for a Corpse 1995Description / Buy
9A Touch of Mortality 1996Description / Buy
10A Word After Dying 1996Description / Buy
11Call the Dead Again 1998Description / Buy
12Beneath These Stones 1999Description / Buy
13Shades of Murder 2000Description / Buy
14A Restless Evil 2002Description / Buy
15That Way Murder Lies 2004Description / Buy

Order of Fran Varady Series

1Asking for Trouble 1997Description / Buy
2Keeping Bad Company 1997Description / Buy
3Running Scared 1998Description / Buy
4Risking It All 2001Description / Buy
5Watching Out 2002Description / Buy
6Mixing with Murder 2005Description / Buy
7Rattling the Bones 2007Description / Buy

Order of Lizzie Martin/Inspector Ben Ross Series

1A Rare Interest in Corpses / The Companion 2006Description / Buy
2A Mortal Curiosity 2007Description / Buy
3A Better Quality of Murder 2010Description / Buy
4A Particular Eye for Villainy 2012Description / Buy
5The Testimony of the Hanged Man 2014Description / Buy
6The Dead Woman of Deptford 2016Description / Buy
7The Murderer's Apprentice 2019Description / Buy
8The Truth-Seeker's Wife 2021Description / Buy

Order of Campbell and Carter Mystery Series

1Mud, Muck and Dead Things 2009Description / Buy
2Rack, Ruin and Murder 2011Description / Buy
3Bricks and Mortality 2013Description / Buy
4Dead in the Water 2015Description / Buy
5Rooted in Evil 2017Description / Buy
6An Unfinished Murder 2018Description / Buy
7A Matter of Murder 2019Description / Buy

Order of Ann Granger Standalone Novels

1A Poor Relation 1979Description / Buy
2Summer Heiress 1981Description / Buy
3The Garden Of Azure Dragon 1986Description / Buy
4The Unexpected American 1988Description / Buy
5A Scandalous Bargain 1989Description / Buy
6False Fortune 1989Description / Buy

Ann Granger Anthologies

1 Malice Domestic 92000Description / Buy
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She met her husband during this period. He was also working in the foreign service. The couple lived in Germany and Zambia for a time. Eventually, the author took her children back to England.

When she was a child, Granger thought she would become a veterinary surgeon. A headmistress extinguished her dreams when she assured Granger that, more than likely, she would spend the rest of her life working at a small animals practice.

The notion did not appeal to the author. She liked budgies, gerbils, and other small creatures. But she did not want to dedicate her life to their care. This compelled her to pursue fiction and publishing as a career.

You can blame the author’s interest in animals on her obsession with horses. She couldn’t get enough of the creatures, which explains her fascination with the pony books that writers like Monica Edwards penned.

But that obsession did not last. Later on, she discovered Malcolm Saville, Peter the Whaler, Lorna Doone, Sherlock Holmes, and more. By her late teens, Granger was reading the works of Erle Stanley Gardner and Ngaio Marsh. Their books cemented the author’s interest in crime fiction.

People that read Ann Granger’s crime novels might be surprised to learn that she started by writing historical romance. She was still living in Germany when she wrote her first romance novel.

She remembers struggling through a long period of winter. Getting around with two small children was quite the challenge. On one occasion, her pram got stuck in the snow.

It took the help of strangers to get her free. Fortunately, she got her hands on a sled and it allowed her to travel to the local shops and back. Granger had a friend who gifted her with a collection of Georgette Heyer’s romance novels.

She read them all and took inspiration. She was surprised to learn, later on, that Georgette had also written crime novels. Granger’s writing career keeps thriving because the interest in crime fiction has endured.

The author attributes the success of the genre to the fact that it tackles greed, envy, hatred, violence, and other themes that have fascinated readers for centuries. Even though they explore dark and gritty concepts, crime novels emphasize the triumph of good over evil.

Readers flock to the crime fiction genre because they want to see the sort of justice they rarely encounter in the real world.

Best Ann Granger Books

The author published her historical romance novels using the ‘Ann Hulme’ pen name. Granger’s best novels including:

The Companion: Lizzie Martin came to London in 1864. Any expectations she had about the trials she would encounter as a lady’s companion went out the window when she saw the remains of a young woman.

Things got worse when she reached her new home. Apparently, Madeleine, her predecessor, had vanished. People had blamed her disappearance on her immoral behavior. But Inspector Benjamin Ross found shocking proof that showed otherwise.

Now, Lizzie is determined to find out what happened to Madeleine. She isn’t alone. Benjamin is obsessed with justice. He won’t stop until he solves Madeleine’s case. By combining their forces, they hope to find the killer before he turns the tables on them.

Mud, Muck, and Dead Things: Lucas Burton couldn’t stand the countryside. It had nothing but mud and muck to offer him. But he had a business deal to make. When he made the trip to a deserted farm, Lucas had no idea that he would discover a dead body.

When he drove away, he did not realize that Penny Gower had seen his car leaving the crime scene. Now, Lucas’ future is bleak. The only person that can help him is Jess Campbell. The inspector is investigating the case. But she doesn’t have any leads.

Ian Carter, the new superintendent is exerting undue pressure on her. She has to catch the killer before more people die.

When Does The Next Ann Granger book come out?

Ann Granger doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is The Truth-Seeker\'s Wife and was released on July, 8th 2021. It is the newest book in the Lizzie Martin/Inspector Ben Ross Series.

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