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Boyd Morrison is an American author, engineer, actor and jeopardy champion, who was born on 17th February 1967. He writes mainly in the thriller, adventure, action, mystery and fiction genres. He has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rice University, as well as a PhD in Industrial Engineering from Virginia Tech. He began his career working on NASA’s space station freedom project at Johnson space center. A few years later, he left NASA and earned his PhD from Virginia Tech after which he moved to Seattle to work for Microsoft. Morrison left Microsoft in the year 2005 to fulfill his lifelong dream of being a full-time writer. Some of his hobbies include scuba diving, white water rafting, bungee jumping and skiing. He currently lives with his wife in Seattle.

Order of Oregon Files Series

1Golden Buddha ( By: Clive Cussler, Craig Dirgo) 2003Description / Buy
2Sacred Stone ( By: Clive Cussler, Craig Dirgo) 2004Description / Buy
3Dark Watch ( By: Clive Cussler, Jack Du Brul) 2005Description / Buy
4Skeleton Coast ( By: Clive Cussler, Jack Du Brul) 2006Description / Buy
5Plague Ship ( By: Clive Cussler, Jack Du Brul) 2008Description / Buy
6Corsair ( By: Clive Cussler, Jack Du Brul) 2009Description / Buy
7The Silent Sea ( By: Clive Cussler, Jack Du Brul) 2010Description / Buy
8The Jungle ( By: Clive Cussler, Jack Du Brul) 2011Description / Buy
9Mirage ( By: Clive Cussler, Jack Du Brul) 2013Description / Buy
10Piranha ( With: Clive Cussler) 2015Description / Buy
11The Emperor's Revenge ( With: Clive Cussler) 2017Description / Buy
12Typhoon Fury ( With: Clive Cussler) 2017Description / Buy
13Shadow Tyrants ( With: Clive Cussler) 2018Description / Buy
14Final Option ( With: Clive Cussler) 2019Description / Buy
15Marauder ( With: Clive Cussler) 2020Description / Buy

Order of Tyler Locke Series

1The Ark 2009Description / Buy
2The Vault 2011Description / Buy
3The Roswell Conspiracy 2012Description / Buy
4The Loch Ness Legacy 2013Description / Buy

Order of Boyd Morrison Standalone Novels

1Rogue Wave 2010Description / Buy
2The Catalyst / The Adamas Blueprint 2011Description / Buy
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Boyd’s first book, The Ark (The Noah’s Ark Quest) was self-published before it was published later by Simon and Schuster. The Ark is the first in his Tyler Locke series. The series has a total of 4 books, released between 2010 and 2013. He has also co-authored two books – Piranha and The Emperor’s Revenge – with New York Times bestselling fiction writer, Clive Cussler.


Boyd’s debut book, The Ark, was nominated in 2010 for Best First Mystery by RTBook Reviews. The same book also was also among the top 15 bestsellers in the UK in 2010.


Let’s look at 2 of the best Boyd Morrison books from his Tyler Locke series:

The Ark: This the first book in the series. Dilara Kenner, an ambitious and brilliant young archeologist, is contacted by an old family friend, Sam Watson telling her that he has key information on the whereabouts of her missing father. Dilara abandons what she was doing and heads to Los Angeles to meet the friend. However, when they meet at the airport, Sam starts talking instead about Noah’s Ark – an artifact which her father had been searching for so long. But before he could even finish what he is saying, he collapses and dies. Before dying in her arms, he gasps some cryptic words about the availability of a huge conspiracy to hide the amazing historical artifact and urges Dilara to seek help from Tyler Locke, a former Army combat engineer that she has never heard of.

After two days, she manages to track Tyler Locke down on a North Atlantic oil rig platform off Newfoundland. The helicopter transporting Dilara suffers from a mechanical failure, forcing it to go down near the rig. A quick-thinking Tyler acts fast and manages to rescue Dilara and other passengers on board before they freeze to death in the frosty waters.

After the daring rescue is completed successfully, Dilara convinces Tyler that the crash was not accidental. She believes someone somewhere wants to stop her from finding the Ark. He then agrees to assist her to unearth the mystery behind Noah’s Ark and her father’s disappearance. When the two head to Arizona, they make a chilling discovery. Some religious fanatics have managed to recover a weapon from the Ark, which will enable them to recreate the biblical flood. Locke and Dilara soon realize that they only have 7 days to locate the Ark and its secret contents before it is used to once again wipe out humanity.

The Vault: In this fascinating sequel to The Ark, Tyler Locke receives a chilling anonymous call while on his routine commute on a Washington State ferry. The call claims that Locke’s father has been kidnapped and there’s a truck bomb on board that has been set to detonate in about 20 minutes. He then rushes to the boat’s car deck where the bomb is, only to find Stacy Benedict, a classical languages expert waiting for him. Apparently, her sister has also been kidnapped, and she has received the same anonymous call as Tyler.

To disarm the bomb, the two have to work together to solve an engineering puzzle that is written in Ancient Greek. However, preventing the explosion is just one of the things they need to do. They discover that a ruthless criminal is behind the whole setup and that they must go on a mission to uncover the lost legendary riches of King Midas.

Stacy and Tyler have only 5 days to find the gold. They begin their quest to unravel the 2000- year-old mystery armed with an ancient Greek manuscript. In order to save the lives of their friends and family members and stop their captors from recovering the lost treasure (which they will use to finance unspeakable destruction), they go to Italy, Greece, Germany and New York City in a bid to find the truth about King Midas.

When Does The Next Boyd Morrison book come out?

Boyd Morrison doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is The Loch Ness Legacy and was released on January, 30th 2013. It is the newest book in the Tyler Locke Series.

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