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Tyler Locke is the lead character in the Tyler Locke series of novels by renowned American thriller novelist, Boyd Morrison. Morrison first introduced the chief protagonist, Tyler Locke in the first novel of the series, The Ark, first published in 2009.

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Order of Tyler Locke Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Ark ( By: Boyd Morrison) 2009 Description / Buy
2 The Vault / The Midas Code ( By: Boyd Morrison) 2011 Description / Buy
3 The Roswell Conspiracy ( By: Boyd Morrison) 2012 Description / Buy
4 The Loch Ness Legacy ( By: Boyd Morrison) 2013 Description / Buy
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Tyler Locke is a highly decorated former Army combat engineer that quit the military a few years back, and now works as a consultant on a variety of missions that require specialized skills. The series begins with archeologist Dilara Kenner getting a call from an old family friend Sam Watson, who claims to have important information about her father, who has been missing for several years. But before they can have a meaningful conversation, Walton collapses, and in his dying breath asks her to find Tyler Locke.

Meanwhile, Tyler Locke is consulting on an oil rig near Newfoundland. Dilara immediately gets on a helicopter and heads down to Newfoundland, where the crew nearly dies trying to land on the rig. Using his army combat training, Locke rescues the crew, but Dilara suspects that this was no ordinary accident.

She manages to convince Tyler of her suspicions and he agrees to join in the search for the perpetrators. What they unearth is an intricate web of conspiracy by religious fanatics that are dead set on destroying the world. Boyd Morrison writes such a thrilling tale with such an explosive end, that it is no wonder that he has become one of the most popular thriller mystery writers in recent times.


The Ark: This is the first novel in the series, is also one of Boy Morrison’s most popular novels and a series favorite. One of the biggest archeological discoveries in modern times threatens to destroy humanity, and it is up to Dilara Kenner and Tyler Locket to prevent this from happening. When an old family friend is murdered right in front of her eyes, Kenner an ambitious young archeologist is forced to flee for her life. She is now the key to unearthing an ancient historical artifact in the hands of the fanatics called the Noah’s Ark. The artifact has the power to recreate Noah’s flood. Locke Tyler is the only person with the special skills and wherewithal to help track down the ancient order of fanatics that are conspiring to unleash the artifact on an unsuspecting world. The group tries everything to try to stop them, including trying to drown them and crashing their plane in the Mojave Desert. In an investigation that takes them to Arizona, they discover that they only have a week to find the Ark and its secrets, if they are to prevent the destruction of the world, as we know it.

The Vault: Another popular novel in the Tyler Locke series is the second in the series, The Vault. Locke is having a very bad day as an anonymous caller tells him that there is a bomb on the boat and that his father is taken hostage. Teaming up with Stacy Benedict, who had also received a similar message, the criminal responsible for the crime demands that they find the wealth of the legendary King Midas or the hostages die. With just five days to decipher an ancient manuscript Stacy and Tyler travel through Greece, Germany, Italy, and the mean streets of New York trying to find answers to an ancient two millennia old puzzle.

The Loch Ness Legacy: Another incredible novel in the Tyler Locke series is the fourth novel, The Loch Ness Legacy. When a young Charles Darwin encounters a terrifying and mysterious creature in the Loch Ness that was the spark for his theory of evolution, he does not know that two centuries later, what he saw could dictate the future of humanity. Fast forward to the present and Tyler Locke is fighting dark conspiracies that require the utmost in intuition, detective work, and judicious application of state of the art weapons to protect the residents of Paris. What Tyler is unaware of is that Paris is only the beginning of a conspiracy that could cause World War III. It all ties in to Darwin’s old secret, which he must unravel by finding an old manuscript whose whereabouts have been a mystery since Victorian times.


Many Tyler Locke fans are also fans of the “Chess Team Adventure” series by Jeremy Robinson. These series of novels feature Jack Siegler a Special Forces Delta operative, who together with his team finds and neutralizes modern, ancient, human, and inhuman threats to the United States.

Tyler Locke fans will also love the “Ale Hunter” series of novels by Greig Beck. Alex Hunter is a special ops officer who together with his team works to unravel the causes of bizarre happenings around the world that threaten to destroy humanity.

What Is The Next Book in The Tyler Locke Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Tyler Locke Series. The newest book is The Loch Ness Legacy and was released on January, 30th 2013.


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  1. Our book club recently read a Clive Cussler book and I was a big fan of it. One of the gals in da club told me that if I liked this, I should check out “The Ark” by Boyd Morrison. Always on the lookout for a good read, I did and I really enjoyed it. How this book eluded me, I don’t know but I am forever thankful to her for recommending it.

    This series is an absolute page turner and the villains are true epitomes of evil. The Ark will always hold a special place in my heart, but the whole series is worth checking out.

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