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In the world of thriller novels, Brett Battles is a name that always comes into account. He was born and brought up in Southern California. Brett Battles has started writing in the year 2007 with his first novel “The Cleaner”. After that he has written more than 25 novels, series and few short books. Some of his novels have also received awards and we will discuss this part later in this bio. He owned a house in California but he has travelled many countries around the world including Berlin, Bangkok, Angkor Wat, Ho Chi Minh City, Singapore, Paris, Jakarta, Rome and London and all of these countries have a part in his novels. The author is married to an Australian beautiful woman named Shepherd Maggie and they have three children together named Ronan, Keira and Fiona.

Order of Jonathan Quinn Series

1The Cleaner / Hung Out To Die 2007Description / Buy
2The Deceived 2008Description / Buy
3Shadow of Betrayal / The Unwanted 2009Description / Buy
4Just Another Job 2011Description / Buy
5The Silenced 2011Description / Buy
6Off The Clock 2011Description / Buy
7Becoming Quinn 2011Description / Buy
8The Destroyed 2012Description / Buy
9The Collected 2012Description / Buy
10The Enraged 2013Description / Buy
11The Discarded 2014Description / Buy
12Lesson Plan 2014Description / Buy
13Night Work 2015Description / Buy
14The Buried 2015Description / Buy
15The Unleashed 2016Description / Buy
16The Aggrieved 2017Description / Buy
17The Fractured 2018Description / Buy
18The Damaged 2019Description / Buy
19The Unknown 2020Description / Buy
20The Vanished 2020Description / Buy

Order of The Excoms Series

1The Excoms 2016Description / Buy
2Town at the Edge of Darkness 2017Description / Buy
3City of Nope 2018Description / Buy

Order of Logan Harper Series

1Little Girl Gone 2011Description / Buy
2Every Precious Thing 2011Description / Buy

Order of Project Eden Series

1Sick 2011Description / Buy
2Exit 9 2011Description / Buy
3Pale Horse 2012Description / Buy
4Ashes 2012Description / Buy
5Eden Rising 2013Description / Buy
6Dream Sky 2014Description / Buy
7Down 2014Description / Buy

Order of Trouble Family Chronicles Series

1Here Comes Mr. Trouble 2011Description / Buy

Order of Alexandra Poe Series

1Poe 2013Description / Buy
2Takedown 2013Description / Buy

Order of Rewinder Series

1Rewinder 2014Description / Buy
2Destroyer 2016Description / Buy
3Survivor 2017Description / Buy

Order of Mine Series

1Mine 2016Description / Buy
2The Arrival 2016Description / Buy

Chronological Order of Mine Series

1The Arrival2016Description / Buy
2Mine2016Description / Buy

Order of The Night Man Chronicles Series

1Night Man 2019Description / Buy
2Insidious 2020Description / Buy
3Mercy 2021Description / Buy

Order of Brett Battles Standalone Novels

1The Pull of Gravity 2011Description / Buy
2No Return 2012Description / Buy

Order of Brett Battles Short Stories/Novellas

1Perfect Gentleman (Short Story) 2011Description / Buy
2The Assignment 2013Description / Buy
3Quick Study 2014Description / Buy

Order of Harold Middleton Series

1The Chopin Manuscript 2007Description / Buy
2The Copper Bracelet 2009Description / Buy
3The Starling Project: An Audible Drama 2014Description / Buy

Brett Battles Anthologies

1 Shaken: Stories for Japan2011Description / Buy
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As mentioned earlier Brett Battles has started his writing journey in 2007 with the novel “The Cleaner”. In this novel he introduced the famous character Jonathan Quinn. In 2008 he has written the second novel on Jonathan Quinn series named “The Deceived”. Till 2016 there are 10 novels has released on Jonathan Quinn series and some of the name includes “Shadow of Betrayal (2009)”, “The Silenced (2011)’, “The Buried (2015)”, “The Unleashed (2016)” etc.

Another series written by Brett Battles is “The Rewinder”. The first book was published in 2015 and the second book of this series was published in 2016 named as The Destroyer. There is another new series has been introduced by this author in 2016 and the name of this series is “Mine”. The first book “Mine” was published in July 2016 and the second book “Mine: The Arrival” was published in August, 2016.

Apart from the above series he has also written two more series including “The Logan Harper Series” where there are two novels including “Little Girl Gone” and “Every Precious Thing”. There is another series written named as “The Project Hidden Series” which includes 7 novels including “Sick”, “Pale Horse”, “Eden Rising” etc. Brett Battles has also written some short stories including “Perfect Gentlemen (2008)”, “Just Another Job (2011)” etc.

We know that this is not the end of the journey for Brett Battles. We are highly hopeful that we will be getting a lot more interesting stories, series and novels from this author in future like always.

Brett Battles Awards

The beginning of the writing career for this writer was really good and the first novel series “The Cleaner” was nominated for the 2008 Barry Award for Best Thriller. However, that year he did not win the award but his second novel on Jonathon Quinn series “The Deceived” won the 2009 Barry Award for Best Thriller which is a great achievement for Brett Battles. He has also received nomination for his fourth Jonathan Quinn series “The Silenced”.

His short story “Perfect Gentleman” has also been a part of “Killer Year” edited by Lee Child. He is one of the members of the Killer Year group who have found it. Brett Battles is also a member of International Thriller Writers and Mystery Writers of America.

Best Brett Battles Books

Brett Battles has written many excellent novels but some of the best books by the author include the following:

The Cleaner (Jonathon Quinn Series): Jonathan Quinn is a freelance operative who works as a professional cleaner and his job is disposing bodies and some other cleanup if required. The task was very simple for him but the life of Jonathan completely changes with his new task where he has experienced a very long journey of betrayal, violence and revenge. The story is full of twists, thriller, actions and surprises which leave the readers in heart-pounding condition until they complete the full story.

Rewinder (Rewinder Series): In Rewinder the author has described the story of a person named Denny Younger. He has been recruited by an institute for the role of “verifier of personal histories” where he has to research on people by travelling through time. But, very soon he realized that his mission has much deeper reason than what he thought and he reaches to a point where he need to make every decision very wisely to avoid the disastrous consequences.

If you have not read any of the series or novels of Brett Battles then you must read them to enjoy a different and unique taste of thriller stories.

When Does The Next Brett Battles book come out?

Brett Battles doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Mercy and was released on May, 11th 2021. It is the newest book in the The Night Man Chronicles Series.

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