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Calle J. Brookes is an American author that writes Romance (Suspense and Paranormal) and Mystery novels. She spent her childhood in various small towns in Southern Indiana. The experience was eye-opening because the communities in which Brookes and her family lived had two thousand people or less.

Order of Dardanos, Colorado Series

1Awakening the Demon's Queen 2011Description / Buy
2The Wolf God and His Mate (Short Story) 2013Description / Buy

Order of PAVAD: FBI Case Files Series

1#0001 Knocked Out (Short Story) 2015Description / Buy
2#0002 Knocked Down (Short Story) 2015Description / Buy
3#0003 Knocked Around (Short Story) 2016Description / Buy
4#0004 White Out 2018Description / Buy
5Buried Secrets 2020Description / Buy

Order of PAVAD: FBI - Prevention & Analysis of Violent Acts Division Series

1Watching 2012Description / Buy
2Wanting 2012Description / Buy
3Second Chances 2013Description / Buy
4Hunting 2013Description / Buy
5Running 2013Description / Buy
6Redeeming 2014Description / Buy
7Revealing 2014Description / Buy
8Stalking (Short Story) 2014Description / Buy
9Beginning (Short Story) 2015Description / Buy
10Waiting 2015Description / Buy
11Ghosting 2015Description / Buy
12Burning 2015Description / Buy
13Gathering 2016Description / Buy
14Falling 2016Description / Buy
15Hiding 2017Description / Buy
16Seeking 2018Description / Buy
17Searching 2021Description / Buy

Order of Finley Creek Series

1Her Best Friend's Keeper 2016Description / Buy
2Shelter from the Storm 2016Description / Buy
3The Price of Silence 2016Description / Buy
4If the Dark Wins 2017Description / Buy
5Wounds That Won't Heal 2017Description / Buy
6Hope for Finley Creek (Short Story) 2017Description / Buy
7As the Night Ends 2018Description / Buy
8Before the Rain Breaks (Short Story) 2019Description / Buy
9Lost in the Wind 2019Description / Buy
10Walk Through the Fire 2020Description / Buy

Order of Masterson County Series

1Seeking the Sheriff 2017Description / Buy
2Discovering the Doctor 2017Description / Buy
3Ruining the Rancher 2017Description / Buy
4Denying the Devil 2018Description / Buy
5Facing the Fire 2021Description / Buy
6Trusting that Tyler 2021Description / Buy

Order of Small-Town Sheriffs Series

1Holding the Truth 2019Description / Buy
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It gave her the opportunity to study the people around her, to understand who they were, what made them tick, their similarities and differences. You can tell that she is fascinated by people because her stories are character-driven.

She spends a lot of time exploring the connections between her protagonists regardless of whether they are mortal or immortal. The author was nine years old when she wrote her first story.

Influenced by writers like Nora Roberts, Linda Howard, and Sharon Sala, Brookes had a teacher that tasked the class with writing a story based on a photo she would show them. The teacher in question gave Brookes a picture of a whale in an ocean.

From this image, she produced a three-page story. She did this in just a few hours. It gave her a rush and she knew that she had discovered a new passion. Later on, her grandmother gave her some great news. The older woman told Brookes that she could spend the rest of her life writing stories if she wanted to.

It was all the encouragement the author needed to pursue writing and publishing. Her decision to become an indie-published author was not intentional, not at first.

Brookes loves her family. They are her first priority. She appreciates the fact that self-publishing allows her to spend every single day at home. She can work alongside her husband whilst also doing her part to homeschool their daughter.

She also works with her mother to manage the various aspects of their publishing business. Before she fell into a comfortable rhythm, Brookes was just another struggling mother with a sick infant.

She had to stay home to look after the child because her family lived far away and none of the daycare centers in their small town would accept the infant. Because she couldn’t work, Brookes tried publishing her novels with a small press.

But it did not take her long to realize that she was better off publishing the novels herself. She did not regret the decision. As a control freak, Brookes loves the freedom indie publishing offers.
She can write at any pace that suits her. Though, Brookes is far from complacent. She makes it a point to dedicate at least 20 days out of every single month to her books.

The author starts writing at 10 in the morning. She keeps writing until 6 PM. She does not plan her books. She knows how long she wants them to be and the duration it will take her to write them but she doesn’t know how the story will play out until she sits down to write it.

Unlike her colleagues, she doesn’t do much in the way of marketing either. Besides occasionally paying for ads, she spends most of her time writing.

Best Calle J. Brookes Books

When she isn’t writing, you will find the author cooking, swimming, and hanging out with her family. Brookes’ best books include:

Seeking the Sheriff: To Sheriff Joel Masterson, the Tylers were troublemakers. He had no interest in wearing out his welcome in Tyler Township. But Phoebe had complicated matters.

As the eldest daughter, she was expected to keep her younger siblings in line whilst also keeping their struggling ranch above water. The last thing she wanted was for Sheriff Masterson to march in and sweep her off her feet. But that was what he was threatening to do and Phoebe was shocked to find that she did not mind.

Watching: Hellbrook and Georgia had a job to do. Their team was tasked with finding a killer with a long line of female victims in his past. The fact that the killer’s victims bore a striking resemblance to Georgia did not intimidate her.

Georgie couldn’t wait to leave Hellbrook’s unit. But the transfer wouldn’t happen until they caught the killer. For his part, Hellbrook never wanted Georgia on his team. But now, they are spending so much time together that Hellbrook cannot ignore the passion brewing between them.

When Does The Next Calle J. Brookes book come out?

Calle J. Brookes doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Trusting that Tyler and was released on October, 18th 2021. It is the newest book in the Masterson County Series.

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