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Carol O’Connell born in New York on May 26, 1947, is an American crime fiction author with a large number of serialized crime books to her name, the first of which she wrote in 1994.

She has attended the Arizona State University and the prestigious California Institute of Arts/Chouinard. She currently lives in New York City.

Carol O’Connell is best known for her crime mystery books that are centered on the character of Kathleen Mallory. The first book in the series is Mallory’s Oracle, which is followed by eleven other titles that have been wildly successful. The Kathleen Mallory series have been some of the most in demand of crime fiction books around the world, selling tens of thousands of books to fans who just cannot get enough of the books. The series was also successfully auctioned in Europe.

Order of Kathleen Mallory Series

1Mallory's Oracle 1994Description / Buy
2The Man Who Lied to Women / The Man Who Cast Two Shadows 1995Description / Buy
3Killing Critics 1995Description / Buy
4Flight of the Stone Angel 1997Description / Buy
5Shell Game 1999Description / Buy
6Crime School 2002Description / Buy
7The Jury Must Die / Dead Famous 2003Description / Buy
8Winter House 2004Description / Buy
9Find Me / Shark Music 2006Description / Buy
10The Chalk Girl 2011Description / Buy
11It Happens in the Dark 2013Description / Buy
12Blind Sight 2016Description / Buy

Order of Carol O'Connell Standalone Novels

1The Judas Child 1998Description / Buy
2Bone By Bone 2008Description / Buy
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While Carol O’Connell is yet to win any awards, she boasts an impressive collection of prestigious nominations. Such nominations include the Edgar Award for Best First Novel by an American author for her very first book, Mallory’s Oracle, and the Barry Award for Best Novel for the same title.


Three of Carol O’Connell’s most critically acclaimed and popular books in the Kathleen Mallory series are her very first book Mallory’s Oracle, her twelfth Blind Sight, and her fourth Stone Angel.

Mallory’s Oracle: The novel announced the entry of Carol O’Connell as one of the top crime fiction writers in the United States. The book was praised as a “charming suspense debut with an enthralling hero” by Ellen Datlow, the editor of Sci Fiction and Omni Magazine. The protagonist Kathleen Mallory is a stunningly beautiful and blonde-haired police officer with immense computer and street smarts masking an amoral interior. After Louis, her adoptive parent is murdered while investigating a series of brutal murders in Gramercy Park; Kathleen decides to find the killer. Without police sanction, she ties to piece together the little information that Louis had gathered before being killed. During her investigation, she comes upon a complicated web of insider trading, séances, and magic that she has to maneuver through. This was such a gripping read that it rightly was nominated for the Edgar Award for Best First Novel by an American author and the Barry Award for Best Novel.

Blind Sight: In her twelfth Kathleen Mallory fiction novel, O’Connell depicts a very realistic and original story. Kathleen Mallory is still the archetypal prickly, scary, tough female detective. The story has a Catholic nun and a blind child who are walking down a busy street disappear without a trace leaving behind the cane. This is followed by the discovery of four bodies the freshest of which is that of Catholic Sister Michael, on the grounds of the mayor’s residence. Kathy Mallory gets down working trying to unravel the mystery of where Jonah Quill could be. This is where O’Connell really shines as she offers a refreshing insight into how the blind see their world as seen through the eyes of the captive boy. While the liars are plentiful and the clues few and far between Mallory stubbornly persists with the case until she starts weaving the lies into a pattern. Blind Sight is a brilliantly written book with a good plot and is definitely one of the best crime fiction books of the series.

Stone Angel: Her fourth book is written in that free spirited evocative manner we all like about O’Connell. In this novel, Sergeant Kathleen Mallory goes back to her Louisiana hometown as the central character in an intriguing mystery tale. A young stranger comes to town at about noon and within the hour she is the victim of assault, and has broken, and bloodied hands. On the other side of the city, Babe Laurie is discovered murdered while Deputy Travis dies the victim of a stroke in his patrol car. The young stranger now sitting in the town’s jail cell is none other than Kathleen Mallory. Having traveled to Dayborn Louisiana as a civilian, she seeks personal revenge for a brutal unspeakable act that happened to her 17 years earlier, changing her life forever. She is, at last, seeking justice and closure and trying to understand the circumstances and mystery behind her mother’s death at the hands of irate villagers. Her investigations through the dangerous creepy layers 17 years deep make for a thrilling read that will have the reader eager to know what happens next.

When Does The Next Carol O'Connell book come out?

Carol O'Connell doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Blind Sight and was released on September, 20th 2016. It is the newest book in the Kathleen Mallory Series.

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