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Christopher Stewart who writes as Chris Stewart is an American author. Chris is a bestselling novelist and retired ace pilot who has written a series of highly popular military techno thrillers. Chris has been writing since 1997 and has over 17 novels. Before becoming a professional writer, Stewart was a pilot for 14 years, where he piloted rescue helicopters and B-1 Bomber for the US Air Force. As the pilot of the B-1S bomber, he earned the MacKay trophy when he set three speed records flying nonstop around the world. He is the president a nationally recognized security training and consulting company known as the Shipley Group. He is also sits on the board of the Renaissance Organization a private gathering of leaders from all over the world that meets to discuss the development of the Renaissance spirit.

Order of Wrath & Righteousness Series

Order of The Great and Terrible Series

# Read Title Published
1 Prologue: The Brothers 2003
2 Where Angels Fall 2004
3 The Second Sun 2005
4 Fury & Light 2007
5 From the End of Heaven 2008
6 Clear as the Moon 2008

Order of Chris Stewart Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published
1 Shattered Bone 1997
2 The Kill Box 1998
3 The Third Consequence 2000
4 The Fourth War 2005
5 The God of War 2008
6 Winter Sky 2016

Order of Chris Stewart Picture Books

# Read Title Published
1 A Christmas Bell for Anya 2006

Order of Chris Stewart Non-Fiction Books

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Chris Stewart is best known for The Great and Terrible series of novels though he has also written several other series and freestanding novels. The Wrath and Righteousness series is his other main series of novels and has just as many titles as the Great and Terrible. His military techno thrillers have been published in twelve different countries and selected as readers by The Book of the Month Club. In addition to his series of novels, he has also several standalone novels that have been just as popular and commercially successful.


Fury & Light: The novel is one of the Chris Stewart’s masterpieces as it takes the reader on a rollercoaster ride following a devastating attack on Washington DC. With most of America’s leaders taken out by the first attack, King Abdullah is preparing for the ultimate strike that will destroy the US for good. The characters are now embroiled in the biggest fight for their lives in which defeat is not an option. Sara Brighton takes her sons Ammon and Luke and heads West in a dangerous attempt at reaching the relatively safe Salt Lake City. Meanwhile Sam Brighton who had been out of the country comes back home hoping that the government will soon be back in control. But he arrives home to find an empty house with his family nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, family members countrywide search for missing relations in a crisis that is life or death. With no one in Washington taking the reins of leadership, the US as they know it is on the brink of collapse.

From the End of Heaven: The fifth novel of The Great and Terrible series, it continues with the same Armageddon themes that Stewart tackles so well. Life in the United States has just been turned on its head; violent mobs rampage the streets as millions stare starvation right in the face. While some have clearly lost hope in the quagmire that is now their world, some continue to hope for better times. Sara Brighton is one of the hopeful ones determined to help set up a shadow government to bring things back to normal. Meanwhile Sam Brighton her husband and his friend Bono embark on one of the most treacherous of quests. They trek the ragged mountains of Pakistan and Iran seeking a key that they have been informed is instrumental in saving the world. Coming up against the most improbable odds, hope is the only thing that keeps them going even as doomsday seems ever closer.

Clear as the Moon: The sixth novel of The Great and Terrible series is a thrilling finale that is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat. The United States is devastated by a nuclear attack that has been unleashed upon Washington DC. The attack also disabled the EMP putting most important electric installations and small gadgetry out of commission. Unscrupulous leaders who had always sought to rule the world with an iron fist now have managed to toss out the constitution and are on the way to making their dreams come to full fruition. But one thing they never took into account is the courage and bravery of a few men who will stand for human ideals. A small band of the brave come together and conceives a daring plot to put the deposed president back to his position and to bring justice to the originator of all the chaos – King Abdullah. The future of the world now hinges on the skill and boldness of Sam and Sara Brighton and their motley crew of believers who will do anything, to ensure they get their world back.