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Born on January 1, 1957 at a local hospital in Toledo, Ohio, Christopher Moore is an American author whose mastery of the comic fantasy genre continues to provide booklovers with the much needed entertainment. He is an alumnus of Ohio State University and Brooks Institute of Photography in California. Having grown up in Mansfield, Ohio, Chris Moore took an interest in writing comic fantasy books at an early age as his father would bring him lots of books to keep him busy for he was the only child in the family. Moore published his first novel in 1992 and has continued writing intriguing books in the comic fantasy genre over the years.

Order of Pine Cove Series

1Practical Demonkeeping 1992Description / Buy
2The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove 1999Description / Buy
3The Stupidest Angel 2004Description / Buy

Order of Bloodsucking Fiends/Love Story Series

1Bloodsucking Fiends 1995Description / Buy
2You Suck: A Love Story 2007Description / Buy
3Bite Me: A Love Story 2010Description / Buy

Order of Grim Reaper Series

1A Dirty Job 2007Description / Buy
2Secondhand Souls 2015Description / Buy

Order of Fool Series

1Fool 2009Description / Buy
2The Serpent of Venice 2014Description / Buy
3Shakespeare for Squirrels 2020Description / Buy

Order of Christopher Moore Graphic Novels

1The Griff 2011Description / Buy

Order of Christopher Moore Standalone Novels

1Coyote Blue 1994Description / Buy
2Island of the Sequined Love Nun 1997Description / Buy
3Lamb 2002Description / Buy
4Fluke 2003Description / Buy
5Sacre Bleu 2012Description / Buy
6Noir 2017Description / Buy
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Some books by Christopher Moore include Practical Demonkeeping (published in 1992), The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove (1999) and Secondhand Souls (2015). He has also written a number of short stories that include Our Lady of the Fishnet Stockings (1987) and Cat’s Karma also published in the same year. Although these short stories played a key role in establishing Christopher Moore’s foundation as a great author, it is his later novels that made him a household name in the comic fantasy genre of book writing.

Christopher Moore Awards:

Moore has won several accolades that continue to inspire him to come up with top-notch content for bookworms. Christopher Moore won the Quill Award for Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror (2005) for the book titled, The Stupidest Angel. He was the recipient of the Quill Award for General Fiction in 2006 for A Dirty Job. The book was published by William Morrow in the same year it won the award. Moore also won the Goodreads Choice Awards Best Humor (2010) when he wrote Bite Me: A Love Story.

Christopher Moore Books Into Movies:

A film version of The Stupidest Angel (2005) was allegedly planned for release in October, 2013 but it did not happen. Moore has denied this claim in some of his interviews. Practical Demonkeeping (1992), the first novel by the author was bought by Disney for adaptation into film even before the actual book was published. There is a general feeling among Moore’s fans that the comic fantasy books he has authored over the years should be adapted more into films for home entertainment. Several of his books have been optioned for filming in the future by big movie production companies.

Best Christopher Moore Books:

These are two of the best books written by Christopher Moore. One won him an award and the other was his first novel and therefore worth mentioning.

A Dirty Job: A Dirty Job follows the life of Charlie Asher, whose wife dies in the hospital shortly after the birth of their first child. This unexpected turn of events sees Charlie being chosen to be a “death merchant” who retrieves souls of the dying and protects them from the forces of the underworld. Charlie does all this while managing his store and raising his single child, the daughter whose mother died shortly after birth. The death merchant faces forces of darkness that threaten his existence as he collects souls from the dying. A Dirty Job provides one of the epic fictional tales by Christopher Moore. His creativity is deeply infiltrated into the characters of this novel making it a must-read for comic fantasy booklovers. The book won him Quill Award for General Fiction (2006).

Practical Demonkeeping: This classical novel was the first by Christopher Moore and centers on the main character Travis who finds himself in a big trouble after he accidentally called upon a demon from hell as his servant. Travis, born in 1900 has not aged since 1919 after calling up the demon, Catch. Unable to get rid of the demon, Travis decides to trace the repository incantations that brought the demon to a woman living in a fictional town known as Pine Cove. The story continues with his fascinating encounter with the local townspeople and another demon that is pursuing Catch. Readers are taken through fascinating scenes in this novel as Travis continues with his expeditions so as to get rid of Catch and the spell that has resulted in him not aging. Although Practical Demonkeeping was the first novel by Christopher Moore, his storytelling skills in the book still reflect in his latest publications. Some of Moore’s fictional characters in this novel have appeared in his other publications. For instance, Catch appears in a later book, Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal (2002). Practical Demonkeeping has an amazing storyline that can easily be adapted into film.

When Does The Next Christopher Moore book come out?

Christopher Moore doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Shakespeare for Squirrels and was released on May, 19th 2020. It is the newest book in the Fool Series.

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