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Dale Brown is an American novel author and aviator born on 2nd November 1956. He is listed as New York Times Best Seller and is known for aviation techno-thriller novels. Mr. Brown was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. He attained a degree in western European education from the Penn State University. In 1978 he was commissioned in the United States Air Force. In the military, he served as a navigator-bombardier which is now known as Weapon Systems Officer (WSO). During his service in the army, he received various awards as well as military decorations. One of his prominent awards in the military includes; Combat Crew Award and the Marksmanship ribbon.

Order of Brad McLanahan Series

# Read Title Published
1 Starfire 2014
2 Iron Wolf 2015

Order of Dale Brown Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published
1 Silver Tower 1988
2 Hammerheads 1990
3 Chains of Command 1993
4 Storming Heaven 1994
5 Puppet Master 2016

Order of Dreamland Series

# Read Title Published
1 Dreamland 2001
2 Nerve Center 2002
3 Razor's Edge 2002
4 Piranha 2003
5 Strike Zone 2003
6 Armegeddon 2004
7 Satan's Tail 2005
8 End Game 2006
9 Retribution 2007
10 Revolution 2008
11 Whiplash 2009
12 Black Wolf 2010
13 Raven Strike 2011
14 Collateral Damage 2012
15 Drone Strike 2014
16 Target Utopia 2015

Order of Jason Richter Series

# Read Title Published
1 Act of War 2005
2 Edge of Battle 2006

Order of Patrick McLanahan Series

# Read Title Published
1 Flight of the Old Dog 1987
2 Day of the Cheetah 1989
3 Sky Masters 1991
4 Night of the Hawk 1992
5 Shadows of Steel 1996
6 Fatal Terrain 1997
7 The Tin Man 1998
8 Battle Born 1999
9 Warrior Class 2001
10 Wings of Fire 2002
11 Air Battle Force 2003
12 Plan of Attack 2004
13 Strike Force 2007
14 Shadow Command 2008
15 Rogue Forces 2009
16 Executive Intent 2010
17 A Time for Patriots 2011
18 Tiger's Claw 2012
19 Price of Duty 2017
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Dale Brown is best known for his book Flight of the Old Dog. It is one of his prolific and well-articulated work. It is an utterly engrossing story of America ambition for technology. The weapons of nuclear missiles in the U.S have completely been gobbled up. The only hope for America is the Old Dog Zero One, a savvy bomber equipped with modern combat hardware.


These are three best of the novels written by Dale Brown;

Flight of the Old Dog; this is the story of a classified and highly modified B-52 on an extempore strike mission in Russia.

It all begins with the B-52 crew training session in Idaho. Shortly after which the Americans fathom the existence of a Soviet ground-based laser located in Kamchatka Peninsula. However, the officials in Moscow deny the claims that the ground based laser weapons are violating the terms of ABM treaty, despite their frequent striking of the indispensable US assets. This shatters the patience by Washington before the UN.

The commander of High Technology Aerospace Weapons Center Gen. Bradley Elliot test the modified B-52 bomber also named as the “Old Dog.” This technology is later adopted into the B-1 bombers which are then sent to attack the Soviet ground-based laser weapon shortly after it destroys the American space defense satellite.

However, the B-1 mission is intercepted by the Soviet military. Elliot and his crew are attacked by terrorist forcing them to launch immediately. They are determined to push ahead with the B-1 mission with the hope of destroying the laser.

After ups and downs, the Old Dog manages to enter the Soviet airspace and manages to destroy the laser weapon.

Several members of the crew are injured, and they realize that there is no sufficient fuel to safely fly them home, the land in Anadyr airstrip in Russia. They can refuel but not without confrontation from the Soviet forces. One of the Gen. Bradley Elliot crew members sacrifices his life to allow Old Dog take off. The Old Dog is able to fly safely home despite the considerable damage to both the crew and the aircraft.

Fatal Terrain: Hell has broken loose in Asia, and it is ready to flex its muscles to the greater regions of Taiwan. The Chinese government attacks Taiwan, and when the United States come to the rescue of Taiwan, they encounter a stunning defeat. China is determined to reclaiming its lost territory in Asia and plans to effect a valiant military plan that is set to debilitate any retaliatory plans by the United States.

However, the United States is determined to give a final shot. Patrick McLanahan, an aerial strike expert and his partner Jon Masters, an aerospace engineer work hand in hand to transforming the war-scarred B-52 into an EB-52 (Flying Battleship). Even though the clock is fast ticking, they are determined to race against relentless time and have an EB-52 dream come true.

With some assistance from a handful of civilians and military colleagues, McLanahan details the EB-52 bombers with a payload of the state of the art cruise missiles. He is resilient and determined to give one final blow to the military rival because failure could lead to a nuclear apocalypse.

Iron Wolf: It is the year 2017 and the US economy is bouncing back under the regime of President Stacy Anne Barbeau, the country’s first ever female president. On the other hand, Gennadiy Gryzlov, Russian President sends his special forces into Ukraine and Moldova. The troops are disguised as the pro-Russian activists.

The former US president approaches Polish president to ensure that Russian actions are justified, and justice served. He proposes a counter attack using the Cybernetic Infantry Device (CID). This results to the launch of Operation Iron Wolf- the operation is started without the knowledge of the US or its counterparts NATO.

The CID attacks are successful, which enrages the Russian president, and propels the US president to seek help for investigation of the attack. However, the alliance between the former president and the Polish president is determined to outmaneuver the Russian.