Patrick McLanahan Books

The Patrick McLanahan series by author and aviator Dale Brown is the series that he writes the most. He has also written the series the longest; as the series dates back to the late 1980s (since the first two novels were written before 1987, when the first book came out). The series of novels is considered techno-thriller. Any gaps that happen in this series are covered in the Dreamland series (which is the spin off to this series). Most of Brown’s work takes place in the universe created in this series. He had a career in the Air Force before starting his writing, winning some awards. He would leave before he saw any combat. Later, he would publish eleven bestsellers in as many years. His work is published in well over seventy countries around the world.

Order of Patrick McLanahan Series

# Read Title Published
1 Flight of the Old Dog 1987
2 Day of the Cheetah 1989
3 Sky Masters 1991
4 Night of the Hawk 1992
5 Shadows of Steel 1996
6 Fatal Terrain 1997
7 The Tin Man 1998
8 Battle Born 1999
9 Warrior Class 2001
10 Wings of Fire 2002
11 Air Battle Force 2003
12 Plan of Attack 2004
13 Strike Force 2007
14 Shadow Command 2008
15 Rogue Forces 2009
16 Executive Intent 2010
17 A Time for Patriots 2011
18 Tiger's Claw 2012
19 Price of Duty 2017
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Even when it was published, Dale Brown did not think that Flight of the Old Dog would sell. It would wind up getting many reprints in paperback over the years since it has been published. Brown did not even think that he would write more than three novels. He originally planned that Day of the Cheetah was meant to be the final book. The events of that novel meant that he would have to work out certain issues, write some prequels to get the time line just right in later books. The original title for the novel was Flight of Old Dog Zero One. It was also the second piece of fiction that he wrote, the first being Silver Tower, book two in this series. Since aviation military techno-thrillers were hot around 1986 and 1987, he chose to release Flight of the Old Dog first.


This next section is for those readers looking to get into the Patrick McLanahan series that is written by Dale Brown. It will go over the novels Flight of the Old Dog, Sky Masters, and Night of the Hawk.

Flight of the Old Dog: This is the first novel of the Patrick McLanahan series by Dale Brown and was released in the year 1987. An anti-ballistic missile laser, Soviet in origin, obliterates US strategic assets. Meanwhile, Kremlin argue about the legality of the system before the UN. Bradley Elliott (an United States Air Force Lieutenant General) puts a team together that is made up of officers. They are going to fix up a modified B-52 bomber that was once called Old Dog. There is a raid done on Dreamland, their base, and someone finding a B-1 strike team on the Soviet laser, makes the crew of the Old Dog take the mission. David Luger, one of the crew, risks his life to keep the bomber from being destroyed. An heroic act.

Sky Masters: This is the second novel of the Patrick McLanahan series written by Dale Brown and was released in the year 1991. The US pulls its forces out of the Philippines in the year 1994, which makes the Chinese’s plans to go in and occupy Spratly Islands and Mindanao. They get connivance from the Filipino Communist vice-president. The vice-president helps them by declaring a coup. McLanahan, with the heavy bombers from the United States Air Battle Force, leads the American’s counterattack over Davao City.

Night of the Hawk: This is the third novel of the Patrick McLanahan series written by Dale Brown and was released in the year 1992. In Lithuania late in the year of 1992, a simple defector extraction raid is done that helps expose evidence that David Luger (a crew member of the Old Dog crew) is still alive. He did not die like people believed he did. He was made (after some brainwashing) to build a brand new stealth bomber. David built the bomber in Vilnius, working out of a top secret facility. With all of the political problems going on, General Elliott, John Ormack, and McLanahan join some American Marine contingent in taking down the facility and getting Luger back is performed.


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